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In fact, plenty of people never cared for Peeps, putting it lightly. The Firework Oreos caused a popping sensation whenever a bite was taken of the cookies. After all, you can't beat a classic. has everything you want from your favorite brand - recipes, OREO cookies, Personalized gift, merchandise, and brand purposed We're not sure if it's a positive or negative assessment, but hey, at least there's an Oreo that pairs perfectly with sushi? These are all the cream-filled cookies you can buy online right now. One reviewer couldn't get over how "pleasantly spicy" it was, but they also confirmed that "chocolate and a buffalo wing definitely don't go well together." 9 are different flavors of cookie, the other 10 are various deviations from the main cookie type. The Tripe Double Oreo. You might just book a flight to go visit one now. But this time we try weird but really cool Oreo flavors! Around the Halloween season of 2012, they came up with Candy Corn Oreos. Birthday Cake Golden Oreo Fudge Cremes. "The whole family enjoyed them. Truth be told, it's hard to keep up. Great! Oreo has introduced a wild selection of flavors, and each new addition is a little bit more surprising than the last. Mar 6, 2016 - Strange pictures from Japan. Nabisco seems pretty intent on turning other classic American desserts into Oreo flavors, like these Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Oreos, inspired by the ice cream truck classic. Released in summer 2017, Fireworks Oreos featured popping candy in an attempt to create the sensation of July 4th fireworks right in your mouth. See more ideas about weird food, oreo flavors, food humor. It says a lot about Oreo that we’ve eclipsed the century-mark for different flavors, but it wasn’t until now that any garbage human like myself compiled a list with definitive rankings for 100-plus. What's interesting about this flavor of Oreos is that the strawberry filling comes with the classic chocolate cookie, not the golden cookie, which seems more fitting for the fruit flavor. However, this flavor of Oreo cookies received criticism. Pancake and waffle lovers would likely take to the Waffles And Syrup Oreos quite well. Surprisingly, this combination worked for some. These are a bit unconventional, sure. Another taste test video! The weird and wonderful world of Oreos can leave you feeling a little bit perplexed sometimes, and that’s the position we find ourselves in here. In other words, they were hinting it did not taste very good. There's just something comforting about nostalgic foods, which could be why Oreos are one of the 10 Packaged Foods Making a Strong Comeback During Quarantine. Apple pie is a perfectly scrumptious dessert in its own right. Nabisco launched them in 2017 and they were only available at Albertson's grocery outlets at first. by Oreo, Oreo Original Sandwich Biscuits 79P 154g (Pack of 16 x 154g). If the sound of Piña Colada Oreos struck your fancy, you might be interested in these Lemon Crème Oreos, too. The crazy-looking Banana Split Oreos were released in 2013 and based on Amazon reviews, they certainly had their fans. The cream filling had a pastel color and they were available for a limited time. Oreo, "milk's favorite cookie," has been around since 1912, and in its 107-year history it has released a number of permanent and limited-edition flavors. What it tastes like instead is pure spice. NEXT: 10 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants You Need To Try. That was not the best decision that Nabisco had made. But on Amazon, customers gave them mixed reviews. These aren't just delicious foods; they are also flavors of Kit Kat candy. 20 Weird Potato Chip Flavors from Around the World. Fruit Punch Oreos were a Walmart exclusive in 2017, but people weren't flocking to the store for them. In China, Indonesia, and Japan, some of the more popular Oreo flavors taste just like ice cream. Granted, Nabisco's risks have set them apart in the snack aisle, but there have been times when their risks have gone, er, shall we say, berserk?Here are 21 weird Oreo flavors that are definitely the strangest ones that ever existed. Can it still make you nostalgic for all things summer? It's far from the plastic cup one you know. 99 (£41.77/kg) 7. In other words, they don't have one or two distinct tastes which makes that cookie that much more unusual. Examples are the Double Stuff ones where those cookies had twice the amount of filling. RELATED: 10 Foods That You Have To Eat When Visiting South Korea. Rainbow Ice Cream Oreos. Candy Corn Oreos. Watermelon is a delicious summer treat, but can an Oreo deliver on its cool, refreshing quality? One reviewer on The Impulsive Buy had stated that those cookies had the flavor of 'cough syrup that tastes like cherries'. When you search for “America’s favorite cookie” Oreo dominates the results. Good news though if you weren't a candy corn fan—according to HuffPost's review, they just tasted like vanilla. Get the best food tips and diet advice every day. Therefore, now that these cookies exist, then this gives anyone the perfect excuse to have Oreos for breakfast. Sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox! We tried 26 different varieties of Oreo cookies and ranked them all from according to how accurately they each delivered on flavor. But can a single Oreo replicate the joy of that classic ice cream-filled drink, you ask? They had been described as having a chocolatey, spicy, salty, and a creamy flavor to it. In fact, there are 10 Oreo cookie flavors around are unusual and downright weird listed below. They can still be found in limited retailers. She has many ghostwriting clients of various niches and also writes for BabyGaga, as well as AskAstrology. That is difficult to say. Oreo Thins cookies released in 2015, are thin versions of Oreo cookies. Usually sold in Asian countries, specifically Japan, the blueberry ice cream Oreo is a crazy attempt to capture three distinct flavors of dessert in one package you can buy at a grocery store. These Oreos had two different filling flavors (strawberry and banana) and both chocolate and vanilla wafers. RELATED: 10 Pringles Flavors You Had No Idea Existed. That is unless they don't like vanilla. But compared to many of the other Oreo offerings on this list, they sound pretty tame. Root Beer Float Oreos were a limited edition item in the summer of 2014. They featured an orange and yellow filling and based on what the reviews stated, it had the taste of vanilla. Another popular Oreo cookie is the fudge-covered ones. Ever wonder what those weird Oreos taste like? They are not so out there to the point that the less adventurous type of people would be more willing to try these ones. Apparently! This Valentine's Day, Oreo will be releasing brand new, Limited Edition Red Velvet Oreos with cream cheese flavored creme. And if you love Oreo cookies, don't miss these 11 Oreo Dessert Recipes for Kids of All Ages. Plus, check out our favorite store-bought chocolate chip cookies that are worth a bite, too! One Amazon reviewer said they tasted like Tums! All Rights Reserved. wrote one fan on It is similar to the popping sensation that the Fireworks Oreos create after taking a bite of those. Sometimes, it's best to stick with the original. That is because this type of cookie really does exist. One of the things that Americans look forward to their Fourth of July celebrations are the fireworks. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Like the Firework Oreos, the filling contained popping candy to mimic the mouthfeel of a carbonated soda beverage. Hardly a rave, but this is apparently what we asked for! But color aside, the taste didn't earn stellar reviews. Buttered Popcorn Oreos were also released in 2019. They sound like a good snack to eat after having a sushi dinner, however. "Nabisco might as well have printed the word 'WHY?' And if you're looking for a nostalgic treat, don't miss these 11 Childhood Ice Cream Treats You Forgot About. Though they're no longer available, The Impulsive Buy's review lives on: "The Limited Edition Creamsicle Oreo as a whole doesn't taste like a Creamsicle … Its flavor reminds me of Fruity Pebbles." This unique Oreo flavor was released in the summer of 2018, but only in China. Fruit Parfait. 9. That sweet vanilla creme sandwiched between those equally heavenly chocolate wafer cookies is infinitely dunkable and delicious. Everyone's Personality Matches An Extremely Weird Ice Cream Flavor — Pick A Bunch Of Weird Foods To Find Out Which You Are. The cookies featured a chocolate filling as well as bits of marshmallows. is part of the AllRecipes Food Group. Some people liked it and others not so much. For the most part, they did quite well. Limited-edition Creamsicle Oreos hit the scene in 2011 with half-white, half-orange filling. Ice Cream Oreo flavors such as Green Tea, Blueberry, and Orange have a special ingredient in the cream that activates a cooling sensation on your taste buds. The Ice Cream Rainbow Oreos were a limited release in 2013, with the promise being that the raspberry and lime colours would be met with a sherbet flavour. Nabisco unveiled this pink and green fruit-flavored Oreo in the summer of 2013, an early addition to the alt-Oreo train. Lemon Twist Oreos. Peanut Butter Oreos. Oct 26, 2016 - Explore Tricia Gee's board "oreo obsession" on Pinterest. 11. The Wasabi Oreos were not the only ones released in Asia in 2018. Oreos, the realm of Oreo flavors is a wacky and weird place. "The cookie wafers are some of the best Oreo has put out so far. Nabisco wanted to do an experiment that was relevant to candy corn. For brunch fanatics, these Waffles and Syrup Oreos might be just the wacky Oreo flavor you were looking for. The green filling is a surprising sight, and one critic on Medium wrote that these Oreos were "chocolatey, salty, spicy and [had] a milky cream flavor to it." If you've ever had a chocolate covered blueberry you know firsthand how great a blueberry ice cream flavor Oreo can be. Candy corn is one of the most talked-about candies during the Halloween season. Miriam Slozberg is a mom, an astrologer, tarot reader, author, a freelance writer who has a warped sense of humor in order to roll with the punches of life. Soy sauce. Oreo cookies are the perfect blend of chocolate and creme, so why fix something that's not broken? Well, according to Amazon reviewers, the answer is yes. These were good, REALLY good," wrote the Junk Food Guy. Peeps is one of the Easter candies that is one of the most controversial ones. Noted! 8. Those cookies had a red filling that had the flavor of that candy. It has the flavor of hot sauce. For instance, one reviewer on JunkBanter stated that this cookie tasted as if it was dunked in Pepsi. 1. WTF kind of stuff. At the time, it earned pretty impressive reviews. We're not sure why Nabisco would venture into such hotly debated territory with Peeps Oreos, which launched in 2017. "I am, frankly, SHOCKED. Therefore, anyone who was curious but hesitant to try it can go for it based on that information. "Taste nothing like Peeps and more like plastic," one Amazon customer wrote. Did anyone ask for, say, a watermelon-flavored Oreo, or a spicy wasabi variety? favorite store-bought chocolate chip cookies, What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Smoothie Every Day. Oreos are great. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Dipping them into milk turned those cookies extra special. 06-ago-2019 - Explora el tablero de Laura Ines Lorenzo Romero "sabores de oreo" en Pinterest. Many new flavors and types of Oreos have emerged over the years. In terms of weird Oreo flavors, caramel coconut isn't the weirdest. We're skeptical. Along with the Wasabi Oreos, Nabisco launched chicken wing-flavored Oreos in China in the summer of 2018. Here are some strange facts you never knew about the cookie: 1. Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in heaven. In other words, Swedish fish are good, and Nabisco agrees with that statement. Nabisco realized that fact and was also inspired by that fact. Banana Split Oreos. The Noir cream seems to have a lower melting point, and as you chew, it liquefies, giving the Noir a moistness, even without milk, that the Oreo lacks. There are plenty of other flavors of Oreo cookies around that many people have probably never heard of. The Hot Chicken Wings Oreos got mixed reviews. Oreo Soft Cookies, introduced in Japan, are soft cookies with various flavors like chestnut, Matcha green tea, lemon cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake, and vanilla. The weird Oreo facts below will no doubt leave you surprised. And for more strange snacks, check out these 20 Weird Potato Chip Flavors from Around the World. The Oreo Brand currently offers 19 different variations of Oreos. " one reviewer wrote on Target's website. Weird Oreo Flavors That You Didn't Even Know Existed September 4, 2018 If you thought Starbucks Frappuccinos had crazy flavors, wait ’til you hear about all of the weird Oreo flavors. Cherry Cola is an interesting soda flavor as it is. 3. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Like the Kettle Corn Oreos, Piña Colada Oreo Thins were released in April 2018 as part of the My Oreo Creation Contest. Related Link: 11 Craziest Ice Cream Flavors in … In 2016, Nabisco dared to launch limited-edition Swedish Fish Oreos that featured chocolate cookies with red Swedish Fish-flavored filling…and they were hardly a hit. Swedish fish are the one type of candy that plenty of kids look forward to seeing in their Jack-O-Lanterns after they finish going trick or treating. Those cookies have a filling that is an orange color, but it does not taste like orange at all. It may seem near-impossible to recreate that goodness in a cookie, but if anyone could pull it off, it was Nabisco. X). Cinnamon buns? However, in 2018, the Peeps Oreos returned during the Easter season. A peeps chick that was embossed was featured by the cookies. The Hot Chicken Wings Oreos had an orange filling, resembling the color of hot sauce. Wasabi goes very well with sushi. It goes well with the raw fish alone as well, the sashimi. RELATED: Sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox! Cinnamon bun Oreos? This is a rare case of anti-synergy, where the whole seems way worse than either of its parts. On to the next! Oreos are one of the most classic cookies there is, but Nabisco has introduced some incredibly weird Oreo flavors over the years. 5. That is why in 2017, they had released the Firework Oreos. The first year, they were pink, and then, in 2018, they were purple, as pointed out. "Highly recommend if you're a coconut lover like myself!". And these nations feature flavors that go way beyond just the original-flavored Oreo cookies. Those are fun and beautiful to look at. © 2020 Galvanized Media. Without any research, we’re going to go ahead and say that the Oreo is truly America’s favorite cookie. Some people may have thought so and others may not. Candy Corn Oreos, released ahead of Halloween in 2012, featured yellow and orange filling inside vanilla Oreo cookies. However, more outlets sold these cookies. On, one reviewer said the cookies were "ideal for people that prefer to dunk their cookies in Pepsi instead of milk. Nabisco initially had a lemon flavor in the 1920s, so this seemingly strange Oreo combo is a classic in its own right. Halloween Oreos. The list also doubles as a “How-to Guide” to not get laid. The following weird Oreo flavors just go to show that sometimes, simpler is better. Others made it clear that wings and chocolate really are not a match made in Heaven. 4 | Creamsicle Oreos. Dec 9, 2018 - Oreos, pop tarts, chips... See more ideas about Pop tarts, Weird food, Oreo flavors. For the most part, Rocky Road Oreos got plenty of positive reviews. I will definitely be ordering them again," one customer wrote. In 2017, the limited-edition cookies launched and earned pretty impressive reviews. 16. It doesn't look bad, though! "These were subtle in flavor, with just enough watermelon to make me smile.". We're not sure what to think of these weird Oreo flavors. The weird and wacky flavors of Kit Kat in Japan. "I love Oreos and Pop Rocks," they wrote. 11 Oreo Dessert Recipes for Kids of All Ages, 11 Childhood Ice Cream Treats You Forgot About, 10 Packaged Foods Making a Strong Comeback During Quarantine, 108 most popular sodas ranked by how toxic they are. Were they as delicious as the real thing? The following weird Oreo flavors just go to show that sometimes, simpler is better. "Pretty much my cookie dream come true! Another Oreo flavor that is on the tamer side is the Banana Split one which was established in 2013. Why you would want that, however, we're not quite sure. 17. But it's not, and you can snag them on Amazon. Therefore, it would have the feeling of fireworks going on inside of the mouth. That is why they made the decision to establish Swedish Fish Oreos and launched those cookies in 2016. Imagining how sweet they are is quite easy to do. Post Oreo O's Cereal - American Cereal, Sweet and Crunchy Breakfast, Chocolate Flavour - Box of 2, 311g Original Oreo Snack 4.5 out of 5 stars 146 £12.99 £ 12 . May 22, 2019 - Explore Adonia Dunwell's board "weird and funny foods" on Pinterest. 12. They feature chocolate and vanilla wafer cookies that have strawberry and banana-flavored cream filling. Fruit punch is artificial-tasting enough, so there's no reason to ruin a perfectly good Oreo cookie with it. 10 Popular Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Procedures In South Korea, 10 Weird Oreo Flavors That Really Do Exist, 10 Offbeat Candies That You'd Be Shocked Are Actually For Sale, 10 Pringles Flavors You Had No Idea Existed, 10 Foods You Have To Try In The Disney Parks, Peeps Oreos returned during the Easter season, 10 Foods That You Have To Eat When Visiting South Korea, 10 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants You Need To Try, 10 Out Of This World Donuts That Are A Must Try, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Virgo Moon Sign, 5 Traits That Make Virgo Men Amazing Partners (& 5 To Watch Out For), 10 Photos That Will Inspire You To Upgrade Your Activewear Game, 5 Workout Classes Taurus Would Love (& 5 They Would Hate), 10 Facts You Never Knew About The History Of Ice Cream, 5 Best Kylie Jenner Products (5 To Avoid), TLC's 10 Biggest Stars, Ranked By Net Worth, 10 Traits You Might Recognize If You Have A Leo Moon Sign, 10 Things You Didn't Know About Jane Fonda, 10 Most Affordable Beauty Products Celebrities Swear By, 5 Of The Best Wedding Planning Ideas (& 5 Ideas That Are Too OTT), 10 Things We Know So Far About Kissing Booth 2, 10 Times Bill Murray Made A Stranger's Day, 5 Workout Classes Aquarius Would Love (& 5 They Would Hate), 10 Movies That Were Released 20 Years Ago That Will Make You Feel Old. Oreos that have a hot and spicy chicken wing flavor came along right with it. "When you mix the two, they don't seem to want to work together … Just buy normal Oreos.". But over the years, the company has experimented with plenty of flavors that go far beyond the original Oreo, which launched way back in 1912, and, well, things have gotten a bit weird from time to time. Some alternative Oreos, like brownie batter and dark chocolate, stick to the traditional cookie's spirit, but others might make you do a double-take. In other words, no one.". "They taste…fine." It's the only dessert you will ever need. Ver más ideas sobre sabores de oreo, oreo, comida rara. Imagine it pairing up with Oreo cookies. "I don't know how you make something taste like a root beer float, but they did it.". Coconut Delight Oreos. Weird Oreo Flavors That You Didn't Even Know Existed September 4, 2018 If you thought Starbucks Frappuccinos had crazy flavors, wait ’til you hear about all of the weird Oreo flavors. From the weird to the delicious, Oreo has a special knack for creating interesting, new flavors. You can now find Oreo cookies in more than 100 countries all over the world. The Noir cream’s sweetness is more subtle, which helps in letting the chocolate flavor get its share of the attention, whereas the Oreo’s is more spotlight-grabbingly sweet.What’s more, the creams have different consistencies. Peeps, the Easter-time marshmallow treat, is another one of the most contested candies out there. Peanut Butter Oreo Fudge Cremes. After all, you can't beat a classic. Imagine some Oreo cookies having that taste, as there isn't a real need to imagine it. This is a creative idea if you're the type of person who likes to mix chocolate candy and popcorn at the movie theater. See more ideas about Oreo, Oreo flavors, Weird oreo flavors. Literally, Google agrees. See more ideas about oreo flavors, oreo cookie flavors, weird oreo flavors. Some made statements that it had a pleasant spicy flavor to it. The cookies themselves featured an embossed Peeps chick and were filled with a pastel-colored creme filling. He added that the filling tasted like "cherry cough syrup.". The crispy cookies contained coconut- and pineapple-flavored filling between vanilla Oreo wafers. See more ideas about weird japan, japan, weird. Their parents, however, don't like the idea of their kids eating those candies since they can cause those kids to be active. 15. That sounds too good to be true. Probably not. Gingerbread Oreos. Plus, check out our favorite store-bought chocolate chip cookies that are worth a bite, too! Summer Oreos. They were established in the Asian market in 2018, and they have a green filling. But add Oreos into the mix, and you have one seriously controversial snack. Spring Oreos. However, not many people were overly thrilled as they, for the most part, gave it a thumbs down. RELATED:  The easy way to make healthier comfort foods. To be fair, this is a flavor that Oreo fans wanted. 18. And if you're curious, here's What's Really in the Center of an Oreo. This flavor of Oreos is one of the tamer sweet foods around. Nabisco was likely aware of this fact, however, that did not stop them from creating Peeps Oreos in 2017. Swedish Fish are great. Some people love it and others simply cannot stand it because it is just too sweet for their liking. RELATED: 10 Offbeat Candies That You'd Be Shocked Are Actually For Sale. "This is absolute witchcraft," one customer wrote. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Winter Oreos. Wonder no more because I taste a bunch of them (10 to be exact) in this episode of Emmy Eats 10 Flavors of Oreos on Emmymade in Japan. However, while they were around, they were a convenient choice for those who had a banana split craving. They were available in 2017 only at Albertsons grocery stores—but they were such a hit, Nabisco launched a maple creme flavor in 2019. It’s imperative that I begin with some qualifiers: I prefer the Golden Oreo. The Cherry Cola Oreos create the sensation of carbonated soda after someone takes a bite out of it. "So far best Oreo combo!" But chocolate peanut butter Oreos? Tiramisu is a classic Italian dessert, but we never thought we'd see it in an Oreo flavor. There's a reason Nabisco bills Oreos as "milk's favorite cookie." Oreos are America's most iconic cookie.Nothing's better than a tall glass of milk and a bunch (a whole row) of these classic sandwich cookies. "When I opened the pack, the smell almost made me throw up," one reviewer wrote. Limited edition Rocky Road Trip Oreos, which launched in 2018, featured marshmallow bits and chocolate filling, making them perfect for chocolate lovers. From Watermelon Oreos to Ice Cream Rainbow Shure, Bert! Instead of going to the ice cream parlor to grab one, they could just eat a few cookies from their kitchen pantries. Nabisco figured they would attempt creating Oreo cookies that had the same flavor as this ice cream. Candy Cane … The final choice in the My Oreo Creation contest's top-three ranking was the Cherry Cola Oreo flavor. Oreos are the most popular cookie brand in the U.S. The Business Strategy Behind Oreo's Constant, Weird New Flavors Here's why your grocery store's shelves are overflowing with Peeps-, Firework-, and Swedish Fish-flavored cookies. It's a Golden Oreo with 'strawberry flavored bits,' and it's quite pleasant," according to The Impulsive Buy's review. But did the two of them need to be combined? By Matthew Sedacc a We've compiled a list and ranked them from worst to best. But not all Oreos are created equal. 4. Candy corn is a divisive enough candy on its own. I’m assuming it’s strawberry, but it’s weird they left it somewhat ambiguous by just saying “Berry Burst.” That makes me think it’s got so many artificial flavors in it they can’t legally compare it to a specific fruit. 6. In 2018, they established Rocky Road Oreos. They're a far cry from what we picture when we think of traditional Oreos, but if you're a lemon lover, that might not be a bad thing. 14. In honor of National Oreo Day today, we've ranked the best and worst Oreo flavors, so you don't have to make the grave mistake of choosing the wrong kind. Luckily, we went to work and tried as many flavors as we could get our hands on. on the side of every wafer," said one reviewer at The Impulsive Buy. It could be compared to plenty of fizzing candies such as Soda Pop. That particular Oreo cookie really was a big hit for a long time. Click through the slideshow below to see them -- there are even some flavors designed to taste like ice cream. One reviewer called them a letdown on Amazon. 10. In 2018, Nabisco had a contest for Americans to vote on their favorite fan-created Oreo flavor called My Oreo Creation—and Kettle Corn Oreos were among the top picks. The one thing that is associated with Oreo cookies is that they considered being one of the most delicious foods around. Those ones are quite crunchy and extra chocolatey as well. Oct 12, 2018 - How Many Kinds Are There?????. However, there really are Oreo cookies that have the wasabi flavor. And for more, here's What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Smoothie Every Day. Don't get too hungry! Here's a look at some of the most memorable throughout the years, including ones you can find on the shelves now. And for more, here's What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Smoothie Every Day. Jul 18, 2020 - Explore ☆Happy☆'s board "Unique" on Pinterest. Oreo releases seasonal flavors at different times of the year, but the company also continues to add to its permanent lineup of sandwich cookies. They feature waffle-like wafer cookies and the cream filling has a maple flavor to it. Another Oreo flavor that is on the tamer side is the Banana Split one which was established in 2013. Hey, you never know—Fruity Pebbles Oreos could be next! "The creme is some of the smoothest ever layered between two Oreo-embossed wafers, and the taste is just perfect," one reviewer at Kotaku wrote. RELATED: 10 Foods You Have To Try In The Disney Parks. The Rocky Road flavor of ice cream is a popular one and has been for a long time. See more ideas about Japanese snacks, Snacks, Asian snacks. After all, they are meant to be flavored after a real breakfast meal. That is not a thought to entertain. Baked potato. They feature chocolate and vanilla wafer cookies that have strawberry and banana-flavored cream filling. Creamsicle Oreos. 13. For more, check out these 108 most popular sodas ranked by how toxic they are. We're more put off by the brown color of the filling than by the flavor itself.

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