should i go sss or hss

The biggest difference you’ll find is tone. Guy Named Sue Censored. Anything weird with the SSC system or anything? TripHazard. I got an Antique HSS recently. This harness is of solid quality, very easy to install, and at a great price. FIRST, You should ALWAYS be keeping a back up copy of your data files. They're truly GREAT guitars! i was wondering if u guys … I have a HSS Squier Bullet Strat in my guitar collection and it’s absolutely worth every single penny. Great product! Hello, I own a ThinkPad X250¹, and it can take both an M.2 2242 SATA SSD and a 2.5" HDD or SATA drive that's 7.0mm high (e.g., the standard height for 2.5" SSDs, these days). Basically, is there any big difference between the SSS and HSS besides different pickups? When you’re weighing the choice of HDD vs SSD for gaming, it’s key to find the right storage drive for your goals and budget. The Strat neck pickup is my go … It's a great guitar. Both are great. You can always go to SSS, but not the other way around. Are you asking in terms of safe storage?, Particularly Long term safe storage? Fender MIM Stratocaster HSS. How should I go about doing so? I miss the SSS bridge for fuzz , but I really don’t use that often at all. Messages 7,215. so I was stuck between going with 2 SSD or a hdd and a SSD. But for desktop computers, you may want to consider a better choice of M.2 SSD: Toshiba’s RC100 NVMe SSD. Because there are lots of small, moving parts inside your hard drive — magnetic heads, spindles, and spinning platters — it's easy for things to go wrong and you could lose your important data. HSS or SSS is personal taste. Most of the really sought after strat sounds are either the neck or position 4. I like the flexibility the HSS gives me. I would like to apply for a scholarship. I prefer SSS but that's just me being very old-school. Jason_77 Member. 2.) For mass storage, whether you go for a 2.5-inch SSD or an HDD, these are our top recommendations. This is my first stratocaster, and am confused on what to buy. This means a big difference in sound when the first position of the pickup selector is engaged. The HSS Stratocaster is very similar to the SSS version, with the exception of a Fender humbucker replacing the single-coil bridge pickup. I'd say this - if you want traditional tone go SSS If you are a workingman and need every sound a man could be asked to do, you might need the HSS. Go to. I use G&L Legacys (S-S-S) for about 60-70% of the classic rock, blues and country that I play. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. If they haven't I'll go with the HSS in the charcoal with the rosewood board and get an SSS with a maple board later on next year. Ok so im gonna rewire the ol' squeir bullet and im not sure what to pick, HSS wired pcik guard from gfs of the SSS 1. im not really into putting a humbucker into a strat but i dont think i should knock it solely on the way it looks. Well i was thinking about changing my strat hss to an sss since i have a les paul now (HH). I play mostly classic rock and blues. Rather hold off on the purchase for a few months and get something proper! Re: SSS vs. HSS vs. HSH vs. SSH vs. HH vs. HS vs. SH A pair of good humbuckers like a '59N/Custom bridge combination, along with coil taps for both should be quite versatile for most styles. You have to spend time to learn to play it! Mark 16th Apr 2020. Messages: 25,939. First, let’s first discuss what kinds of things you might want to back up. That said, I have an SSS Strat, a Telecaster Custom, a 335 and 355 and Gretsch with blacktop Filter'trons and the Gretsch is my go-to guitar 98% of the time. I prefer a humbucker of some sort in the bridge, anything else sounds thin to my ears, but a single coil in the neck or a clear humbucker is great. Given that sound preference, should I maybe look at some different pickup set ups? If you favor MLC NAND flash memory, you can consider Toshiba’s classic SSD Q200 EX M.2 SATA for your laptop computers. . HSS = Humbucker/single coil/single coil SSS = all single coils I'm not into heavy metal or punk or stupid stuff where you can't even hear the notes, I … The guitar will not learn to play itself. Strat bridge sounds tend to be OK. An HSS Strat makes for a wonderful addition to an SSS Strat. I really just used it for games, premiere pro, and a little of video editing. 08-30-2018, 04:41 AM #8. I picked SG in your poll cos a HSS delivers neither full Strat tones nor anything close to an SG. As for Layla, I think the original was recorded with "Brownie", a SSS Strat, and a very small Fender tube amp cranked up. HSS means Humbucker, Single Coil, Single Coil. I have found for rock sounds, or silence from hum, the HSS is the winner all around. Hi, I am intent on transforming the st-62 from sss to hss. They both have noiseless pickups so I'm not worried about that. It'll be my first guitar and I mainly want to play alternative rock. I've never owned the HSS, but I've had 3 of the SSS over the years, and they are great guitars; you can't go wrong with either. When I want humbucker tones, I switch to a Les Paul, 335 or other 2HB guitar. While SSS means all single coils. Re: Which do you prefer, SSS or HSS Strats? You can get the sound by purchasing the gear. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I got an aged green SSS guard and bought a V60LP for $50 used and was off and running. Go SSS. It'll be my first guitar and I mainly want to play alternative rock. If you want a good strat for a not a lot of money take a look at the Vintage V6! I was planning on going with dual 2tb SSD because I really dont need more than 4TB for as right now. The SSS is going to be a more classic sound (like Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, blues players like Stevie Ray Vaughan) while the HSS is more of a modern rock sound. Buy used if on a budget! Or should I do HSS or SSS? The next best option would be a MIM strat (used again). 59Bassman Plank Cranker. This HSS version is not yet tested, but I don’t foresee a problem.-----EDIT 25 January 2008 Going back to the SSS version, I changed mine so that the tone control, when in series mode only, bypasses the neck pup with a capacitor when set at max treble. When I was considering a new professional, I actually preferred the HSS on the new ones. A fast SSD can reduce loading times and improve system responsiveness, while a slow HDD can add minutes of wait time to every gaming session. Visiting SSS; Graduate (by Research) Programmes; Graduate (by Research) Frequently Asked Questions; Frequently Asked Questions. A HSS sounds 80% SSS standard strat to me. This is more of a review of Andrew Robertson PAF humbucker pickups than an overall comparison of SSS vs HSS. Option 3 - buy an SSS if you find one you love, and get an SD LIL 59, Hot Rail, or LIL JB if you change your mind. So if I only had one guitar, and it had to be a Strat, then it would probably have to be an HSS. I’ve played some Strat single bridge pickups that worked well, but I didn’t have much luck. Anything to be aware of with that approach? Pre-Admission. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by ttmax on May 17, 2020 19:40:19 GMT. It's really worth the extra money. I have heard that if I want a Strat, then I should go for the standard SSS strat. Which is better - a Fender Standard Strat or a Godin Exit22? I think I'm on my way to moving to HSH for my next strat, with mods to get extra pu combos. I suppose the safest bet would be to go HSS since I have 2 SSS's (lol) already and worst case scenario I could drop a single coil in after if I don't like the HB? I usually prefer SSS for a strat. Unless you really love positions 1 or 2 on a strat, I say go with the HSS. Custom HSS Strat Wire Harness . Previous Thread; Next Thread; Please make a selection first; new « Prev ; 1; Next » ttmax Harley Benton Expert. However, I am a humbucker guy and although it sounds good it can't compare to my real Humbucker guitars. Single coils have a clearer clean tone but are quackier and have more feedback (recommended for blues and strumming type music). These backups come in handy when disaster strikes. May I find out the admissions criteria? 691 posts St-62cc SSS to Hss May 17, 2020 19:40:19 GMT via Tapatalk . I am interested in postgraduate education. Both are from well-respected brands, are reliable products, and won't run away with your wallet. If you are looking for a more distorted heavy sound, go for the HSS. The Single sized bridge HB works well for me, I don’t use much quack either. Humbuckers have less feedback and provide a more powerful metal and rock tone. They probably will play roughly the same, though, a humbucker is worlds different from a single coil. As far as I can tell, the SSS is routed only for SSS. But if you were into ska and funk, then the SSS would be great. SSD (Solid State Drive) Solid state drives use flash memory to deliver superior performance and durability. I am thinking that the Godin is more versatile because it has HSS pickups, and it is of higher quality because it is made in Canada and assembled in US. I occasionally play with some raw distortion. The hss seems it would have a thicker/warmer tone than the sss (which I really like) but, I don't want it to lose its strong bite in the bridge pickup that a sss strat has. Quote. Yes, our old friend SATA appears again. I was a bit unsure at first but I'll have no problem buying another for my other guitars. I'm looking to get an electric guitar, but I can't figure out whether I should get HSS or SSS pickups. Neilena, Oct 2, 2019 #2. That said, your HSS config sounds terrific. I’m talking about the daily, weekly, monthly, whatever frequency backups (either manual drag-and-drop or a backup package created by backup software). I figured I should get a SSS Strat since the S-1 switch can give a humbucker sound regardless whether there's a humbucker pickup in the bridge position. Gold Supporting Member. The HSS should give you more tone options. Thanks again guys! In terms of protocol, M.2 SSDs can be divided into two types: SATA and NVMe. Aug 19, 2018 #13 I own two Classics, a Custom … The only difference between the HSS and SSS is the pickup. (Not really trying to hate with Bullet strats. Get the HSS. Would like to hear it with overdrive and distortion too. I’m not talking about computer data we use daily. Thinking about it more though my Strats are all maple necks and fingerboards so maybe SSS with a maple fingerboard would be a good idea anyway. It really depends on your tastes. Will shall see lol I will let you all know what happens. HDD vs. SSD: What’s better? So, ideally, have your SSS Strat and add a HSS Strat to it. I plan on getting an American Deluxe Fender Strat and I was wondering which I should get? What exactly are you asking? The only reason to go HSH is if you want to give up the most "valuable" sound that a Strat can offer because you want a Fender guitar that is essentially focused on jazz tones, or predominantly Gibson-esq tones. It's a compromised beast not quite an SSS strat imo Either get both, or if it has to be one only - test out both and decide which one sounds best to you . I'm looking for an indie rock/alternative style sound, sort of like St. Vincent or Vampire Weekend. Messages 2,921. I plan on upgrading my SSS Strat soon and will install a Obsidian Harness as part of the upgrade.

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