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**These guidelines are provisional and do not constitute any liability before or after installation. Whether you want to keep your tile pristine or allow it to patina over time, be sure you're using our recommended sealant and cleaning solutions for the best possible results. No two granite or italian marble pieces are alike – making each natural stone vanity top a beautiful, one of a kind masterpiece. circulate around the internet and the industry too! HanStone is a hard, nonporous, natural quartz surface that makes cleaning quick and easy. Quartz stone surfaces are engineered surfaces that are chemically resistant, non-porous, and durable. Purchase our comprehensive ebook guides and become a marble maintenance wizard! While marble is a highly durable flooring material, it does require some special care and maintenance. The slabs are a generous mix of natural stone with resins and binders ensuring the epitome of durability across the collection. CARE AND MAINTENANCE. CARE AND MAINTENANCE DO’S & DON’TS floor tiles, use a commercial tile cleaner, or apply a strong solution of an all-purpose, non oil-based cleaner or scouring powder paste. With proper Care & Maintenance, and some industry Tips & Tricks, hard-to-clean stains, spills and messes can now be a … The ever-lasting finish requires only simple and routine care to maintain its good looks. Care and maintenance; Care and maintenance of a marble and limestone floor. Some marble polishes are available in kits. CERAMIC TILE - GROUT CARE Grout is the material used to fill the spaces between the individual … Doing so will keep your granite countertop in great shape both now and in the future. We use a penetrating and topical sealer to obtain a maximum stain protection, however, small scratches can appear with use on the topical layer. The following products may be used to care for your marble or granite products. Beyond the appearance of the stone, many homeowners love the low maintenance requirements that granite has. In order to ensure longevity of the product, ensure that hot water temperatures are within new home standards and do not exceed 140°F. This creates with time a natural patina and becomes uniform. Impregnators are water- or solvent-based solutions that penetrate below the surface and become repellents. Rules. Our product experts provide detailed information: Make sure to use a sponge or soft cloth. Artistic Tile products are carefully selected for quality and aesthetic beauty, and with proper care, can last for generations. Viatera is one of the toughest countertop surfaces available, but there are a few things that can damage it. Marble & Onyx Care & Maintenance Guidelines: Marble and Onyx are beautiful natural stones that offer unique patterns and colors found in no other materials. Taking Care of Your Quartz Surface. Marble Flooring Maintenance. When a topical sealer is applied, the maintenance program often shifts from a program focused on stone care to a program focused on the maintenance of the sealer (for example: stripping and reapplication). PIEDRAFINA MARBLE SURFACES CARE AND MAINTENANCE Maintaining Piedrafina Marble Surfaces is easily achieved. The process can be enhanced with the use of floor buffing machines. The process is generally a re-crystallization process to remove fine scratches and restore the original shine and polish to the stone. By following the recommendation you will enjoy your Piedrafina Marble Surfaces for years to come. Care & Maintenance of Quartz Surfaces. CERAMIC TILE - GROUT CARE Grout is the material used to fill the spaces between the individual … To keep your stone floor looking as good as the day it was first installed you need to maintain it. Thank you for purchasing HanStone Quartz. Treat. • Always test in small inconspicuous area while using a new cleaner to ensure compatibility. Therefore, if not maintained properly with routine sealing and daily cleans, marble worktops have an extremely high chance of receiving damage from knife scratches, hot pot and pan burns, and oil and acid stains. Care & Maintenance; Care & Maintenance Caesarstone quartz surfaces blend modern sophistication and timeless luxury with unbeatable strength and durability. However, keep in mind that they are more porous than granite so extra care and maintenance is usually involved because these stones are calcium based. HanStone is proud to provide our clients with a Lifetime Residential Warranty and a 10 Year Commercial Warranty. Establishing a Maintenance Routine . Here is how to best care for your marble tile floors. Using standards from the Natural Stone Institute, an organization that provides technical and training resources, professional development, and advocacy for those in our industry, we provide here some helpful tips that can serve as a reference point for your care and maintenance needs. Let stand for five minutes, brush and scrub. Performance Warranty: TuffSkin is a proprietary structural sealer developed to protect calcium based stone from all etching and staining. Marble Systems and its subsidiaries are not responsible for any installation, and/or maintenance issues. The added advantages of engineered marble are the consistency in colour palettes carried across slabs. Download PDF Version. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual of degreasing cleaner to find out if it can be used on the stones. CARE AND MAINTENANCE • DO NOT use scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper or other abrasive products. Dust Mop. 10-Year Warranty, Care-and-Maintenance, & More. Method of use for general maintenance: 1 spoon in 1 litre of water; for grimy conditions use pure. honed limestone floor . Natural marble is quarried from mountain ranges in various locations around the world, and this diversity is reflected in the wide range of types, finishes, sizes, and colors available in marble flooring tile. The Stain Removal and Sealing ebooks apply to all natural stone types. Marble maintenance is a tricky topic. When cared for properly, they can last well beyond your lifetime. CARE AND MAINTENANCE • DO NOT use scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper or other abrasive products. Endless incorrect advice and many myths about cleaning marble (and granite, travertine, etc.) Marble worktops – Care and Maintenance Marble worktops are naturally weak in resistance to scratches, etchings, and stains because of their softness. If you have any questions or for more detailed care instructions please contact us. Natural Granite & Italian Marble Care and Maintenance Guidelines sample chips will vary, to some degree, from actual product. HANDLE WITH CARE The weight of a Wolf Quartz top is heavier than that of a Wolf Cultured Marble vanity top. Weekly Maintenance . Terrazzo Care & Maintenance Helpful tips for terrazzo Maintenance: your terrazzo has been ground, polished, and sealed. This protects your surface from immediate stains, but no spillage should be ignored and allowed to soak and dry into the floor. Please address safety and handling issues for lifting, loading and unloading accordingly. Removing the grit and dirt from your floor on a regular basis is key to protect it. • Bath tubs: General cleaning is the same as above. Daily Maintenance . More severe damage may require professional repair. CARE & MAINTENANCE. If a marble finish has become dull, scratched or etched, you can restore the natural shine through the use of a marble polish. Our concrete countertops are previously sealed in our workshop, and finish the curing process once installed. Then rinse with clean water and wipe dry. However, the downside to this material is that it requires extra care and maintenance, this material is made from calcium carbonate making it more likely to get stained by acids. Sealing of the product is recommended on an annual basis for enhanced protection and greater durability. They do not get scratches, but are affected by heat. After the application rinse very well and allow to fully dry. How to Care for Carrara Marble. Click here to download pdf file. Quartz . Marble is a beautiful surface for counters and tabletops. For daily maintenance, wipe the countertop down with warm water and mild dish soap. • Avoid cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, abrasives, or other hazardous/polluting compounds. Maintaining the Venetian Marble Surface is simple and easy. The sealant used should be specific to marble surfaces. But because it is quite soft and porous, marble can easily be stained, scratched, and chipped. • Avoid cleaners containing ammonia, bleach, abrasives, or other hazardous/polluting compounds. If necessary, you can use a non-abrasive soft soap along with a non-scratch or delicate scrub pad. This document provides care and maintenance guidance for end-users and facilities management. This guide will provide you with an overview of how to care for your newly installed stone. CARE & MAINTENANCE. DO's For Terrazzo Floor Care The beauty of concrete is... View Article KalingaStone marble offers you the aesthetics of natural marble fused with superior technology to give you a revolutionary finish. Each top will have a HEAVY/FRAGILE sticker on the outside of the carton. Bellinzioni Lem-3 is a highly concentrated neutral detergent for cleaning marble or granite. This guide will provide you with the information you will need to know about how to properly care for your granite countertops. It's no wonder people are confused. Marble is an amazing material that looks beautiful for the kitchen or bathroom worktops. When it comes to the world of marble, Carrara is top of the line. Avoid drastic changes in water temperature by mixing hot and cold water. The use and care of any Marble Systems product may be affected by certain factors such as job site conditions, type of installations, and insulation material used. Follow these few simple rules and you will keep your floor in tip top condition for  years to come. Care and Maintenance: For routine cleaning utilize a damp cloth or … Taking good care of your countertops and floors will make mountains of differences and see them shine through time. ROUTINE CARE There are three types of Corian® Solid Surface finishes: matte/ satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. You will need to follow some simple care and maintenance steps and take some general precautions. In most cases, soap and water or a mild detergent is enough to keep your Caesarstone surfaces looking like new. Simply follow the care and maintenance below. Handle witH Care The weight of a granite or italian marble vanity top is heavier than that of a cultured marble vanity top. marble, granite and onyx. But while the stone is low maintenance, you will still need to put in some effort to keep it looking beautiful. For heavy-duty cleaning of unglazed wall tiles, make a paste of scouring powder. Marble tile floors add timeless elegance to any room. how to care for & maintain tile With proper cleaning and maintenance, you’ll enjoy decades of inherent beauty and optimum performance from your tile and natural stone surfaces. Care and maintenance are critical to ensuring your granite, marble or Quartz surfaces remain beautiful. marble surfaces Proper Care and Maintenance The tips below will help in maintaining the Venetian Marble Surface. To help prevent staining, marble surfaces are often coated with protective sealers. Good housekeeping procedures require that your floor remains clean. CARE & MAINTENANCE GUIDE. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals or solvents, especially those containing trichlorethane or methylene chloride, found in car batteries, furniture strippers, oven cleaners, as well as products containing bleach. Care & Maintenance. VIATERA IS NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE! A. Virtually maintenance free, Caesarstone’s hard, non-porous surfaces are simple to clean and require no sealing to renew their lustre. This should act as an immediate identifier for anyone who handles the product. Ensure lasting beauty and performance for your tiles, slabs or mosaics and trust our team with installation needs and maintenance recommendations, including topnotch products to use. Regular cleanings should be as gentle as possible. • Always test in small inconspicuous area while using a new cleaner to ensure compatibility. To properly care for your granite, it is in your best interest to establish a maintenance routine. Depending on use, these coatings should be reapplied every year or two. Contact your Corian® Design sales expert if you are unsure of your finish. So use hot pads or pot stands to keep hot bowls. Because of their chemical composition, the basic care for these stones is the same.

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