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* Determine how many burners the DIY gas forge will have and how far apart they will be (if more than 1). The pics of T burners on forges are just that, the 4 burner forge is my present shop forge. Do you know of any relatively easy, reliable designs/plans for a forge burner using natural gas? I put a 15 degree bend in the burner tubes using a hydraulic pipe bender, this is to help stop the heat of the forge from radiating up the burners. anvilfire GAS FORGE FAQ's page; Gas Burners and Forges THE Burner book by Michael Porter Gas Forge Q&A; Famous 10 minute Gas Forge; Micro Forge To light the forge, use a long BBQ lighter and put the flame near the burner nozzle inside the forge. CLICK DESCRIPTION FOR PARTS LIST Lets build a propane forge burner out of simple parts from the local big box store! This downloadable ebook details step by step gas forge plans for construction of two propane gas forges for blacksmiths and knifemakers. Both blowers turn on at the same time. You can do a lot better with scrounged materials. Leave the forge at low power. Then create the appropriate sized holes. When combined with propane gas, it puts out more than enough heat – 2325o for 45 minutes was the longest test. Episode #44 - Jerry Frost - "Frosty the Lucky and his T burner" Oct 5, 2015 Jerry Frost is a hobby blacksmith who goes by the handle “Frosty the Lucky” on the I Forge Iron Forum online. The second is a blower driven box forge with a radically different construction. * Attach burner nozzles, pipes and choke assembly. Both Larry and High Temp sell regulator kits. CBA Gas Forge Blower Details The air curtain uses a 134 cfm squirrel cage blower, the same as the CBA coal forges. I'm looking at setting up a forge in my shop in the next year. It is made from a piece of 10" square tubing that is 16" long. * Plumb in the gas jets and hook up the gas valves and hoses using the step by step instructions given in these free plans. So now I have written The Gas Forge Construction Manual. The forge alone cost about $225 US. It does require a blower. My shop heating will be natural gas so I thought about the practical concept of using natural gas as a forge fuel. T-Rex Burner will require a larger burner bracket. This is a new atmospheric gas forge that I just built. Yes, the burner tube is screwed into a 3/4" thread protector which is welded to a home made 14ga. I have recently built a new forge using a Ribbon Burner. The first is the atmospheric pipe forge described in the dvd. It features two Modified sidearm burners for the heat source. Once the refractory is dry, it needs to be cured. Don't operate the forge at full power until the refractory is cured. Hole saws are wonderful things. The main burner blower is a Sunlar 125 cfm blower. Other Gas Forge Resources. Jerry October 8, 2017 at 1:03 PM Turn on the propane slowly and the forge should ignite. The thread protector extends a an inch or so into the forge liner and the liner expands slightly to avoid restriction. Some guy built a 1/2" "T" burner a few months back and posted it; that would make a dandy burner for a miniature forge. We need to corner Frosty and get him to come up with plans for one in that size. That included the cylinders and a $50 container of refractory cement that only 10% was used. "washer". There are other was to come up with an efficient forge; I would suggest you look on the 3/8" Mickey burner posting from four months back. I am very impressed with this new burner and strongly encourage anyone considering building a forge to consider it.

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