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The pink and blue design of her helmet is the same as the one on Kaneda's jacket. The DuckTales reboot shows a few of Darkwing's most famed villains that viewers wouldn't recognize if they hadn't seen the original series.They show Bushroot and Liquidator for a moment and make Megavolt the main villain. Much of Boyd's origins are derived from Astro Boy, the classic anime/manga character. In this issue Uncle Scrooge participates in a steamboat race to settle an old family squabble and in another story sets out to prove to Donald and the nephews that he can find riches anywhere. She quotes the original show’s theme song and says the McDuck family are “solving mysteries and rewriting history.”. System!”. The motorcycle thieves that rob a jewelry store both have unique helmets, which reference characters in Akira. We see Bill Cipher in the slide that Webby shows Lena about the other money bin in the episode “The Other Bin of Scrooge McDuck!”. Boyd was introduced in the second season episode "Happy Birthday, Doofus Drake," initially presented as a creation of Mark Beaks. She's dedicated to protecting her home from Gearloose and Boyd. I don’t know who Dirty Dingus is, so maybe this is a reference to the 1970 western starring Frank Sinatra? 96% Upvoted. DuckTales, in case you don’t know, was a wonderful animated series that aired 100 episodes between 1987 and 1990. Every little bit helps, even a buck. After not speaking to one another for ten years, Scrooge McDuck is reunited with Donald Duck after he and his three nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie move into McDuck Manor. The pair share similar designs, with both characters having their blueprints. save hide report. Sailor Moon is referenced multiple times throughout the episode. Read on to learn about the most obscure and absurd references, nods, and secrets hidden in the first two episodes of DuckTales 2017! If the donation reward tiers don’t tickle your fancy, let me know what would and I might even consider adding it. Magica De Spell's RevengeMagica De Spell was the overarching villain in season one but didn't … It turns out Sailor Moon is a popular franchise within the DuckTales universe as well. A poster for the character appears on a wall, and a cosplayer can be seen dressed as the character and taking a selfie in the city. Oops… I didn’t see that one at first, but you got it. And while we’re at it, let’s throw in one cool Scrooge ref from a totally different property. You’d be hard pressed to find an outlet more excited for a new DuckTales reboot than Laser Time! Did I miss any? The second season of DuckTales featured a number of Easter Eggs paying homage to other animated series that were part of the Disney Afternoon animation block, along with the original DuckTales. Sailor Moon is referenced multiple times throughout the episode. DuckTales just slipped in a number of sly references to multiple classic anime and comics in its newest episode, "Astro BOYD. What Easter Eggs have you found throughout the premiere episode? Detective Tezuka is largely modeled after Inspector Zenigata, the detective antagonist who is always trying to bring Lupin to justice. The newest episode of DuckTales, "Astro BOYD," focuses on the origins and true potential of Boyd, the robotic little boy Louie first encountered last season. On the road while Launchpad drives Scrooge home, we see a Duckberg version of Jigen from the intro to the Lupin III film Castle of Cagliostro, the first movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, which is distributed on blu ray in the US by Disney. Raiders of the Doomsday Vault! Nearly all of them are references to actual paintings done by Scrooge’s creator Carl Barks. Please try again later. There's even one reference to a character who isn't from manga or anime. Even Akita, the scientist who created Boyd and has been in hiding for years, is shown to have Sailor Moon memorabilia in his secret lab. Other Bill Cipher sightings in DuckTales: Bill Cipher #1 from “The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!”. These are the two most cryptic notes on the corkboard. … This was a … reveals that it was actually a young Gearloose who invented the boy with his mentor Akita years earlier. Required fields are marked *. It could also be a crack at today's censorship standards; I don't think 1989 Nintendo would have allowed that since they hardly allowed anything that could be considered vulgar or obscene. Tweet. This was a cartoon with an impressive legacy. There's also a more subtle reference to Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy's creator, in the name of Detective Tezuka, a police officer who appears frequently throughout the episode. The DuckTales logo is written in katakana. No idea what this has to do with the new show yet. It’s an emerald idol found in a long lost city of treasure (forget which one). Giant squids are a common obstacle in adventure stories, but this one could be an allusion to the enormous cephalopod from the 1954 Disney film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The next batch of episodes for DuckTales will include the return of Darkwing Duck, suggesting the masked hero could become a more prevalent character in the series.But every good superhero needs some good formidable foes to face off with. The original Glomgold was South African. Daredevil iOS Wallpapers, Just in Time for His New Show. If you’re a Laser Time patron you can watch it along with Chris and me commentating with no downloading required! Reservations will be accepted for parties of 5 or more. The same goes for Cartoons 101 topics, if there’s anything animation or cartoon related you’d like to see covered on the show leave a comment here or on the channel. . The environments are also very comic book-y with their varied line weights, heavy use of the color black, and shading mimicking the zip-a-tone process. While Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira doesn't receive too many story references, there's a direct allusion to the designs of the motorcycle gangs from the opening of the manga/anime. This incarnation of Flintheart Glomgold draws heavily from the original show rather than taking from his comic book origins. Your email address will not be published. JayButton. Every Easter Egg in DuckTales "Let's Get Dangerous" Darkwing Duck Special "Let's Get Dangerous" fully brings Darkwing Duck into the reality of the DuckTales reboot and is packed full of nods to both classic cartoons. Pretty sure it's just a funny easter egg and nothing more. After Lunaris' defeat, the F.O.W.L. Della Duckhas faced every danger the moon has to offer to reunite with her family, but her greatest challenge is one she might not be able to fight her way out of. August 18, 2017. Though we do get a mention of Plain Awful on Webby’s corkboard as well as another possible nod to TaleSpin. There are plenty of references to his family tree in the episode including this painting of his parents. Ducktales Exclusive Clip With Gummi Bears Easter Egg Check out this exclusive clip from the upcoming episode of Disney's DuckTales, titled "From the Confidential Casefiles of Agent 22!" A character appearing to be a dog version of Lupin (complete with his distinctive hair-style and a specific choice of clothing) can be seen in a handful of crowd shots - including fleeing from Boyd when he's sent on a rampage by Akita. This feature is not available right now. Every Easter Egg And Secret Reference From The DuckTales 2017 Premiere! Easter Egg Thread. It's Snow White! You’d be hard pressed to find an outlet more excited for a new DuckTales reboot than Laser Time! And don’t forget to subscribe! share. The beagle boys, hot on his trail, and oblivious to the danger, argue over the emerald idol (one of them claiming it would make a good lawn ornament) and trigger the trap. As co-producer Frank Angones promised: In other words, this is more than just an Easter Egg. In the Wing Of Secrets (AKA the garage) we see the lamp from the movie DuckTales: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp, Bubba (or just another caveman), Armstrong the robot built by Gyro Gearloose, a giant sun coin from the original show’s premiere, and the Gong of Piscou — which is named after a French magazine that published many of Uncle Scrooge’s comic book adventures. The second episode is great fun, some amazing easter eggs, and a well executed joke. There's a more consistent reference to a supporting character from Lupin the Third, however. Tezuka is also shown to be a dedicated crime-fighter but allows the heroes to leave Japan undisturbed, reflecting Zenigata's occasional willingness to let Lupin get a running start. Scrooge starts the series in his original comic duds, with a red frock coat, rather than a blue one like we’re used to seeing him in from the original DuckTales. Parts of the episode are obviously inspired by Uncle Scrooge’s first appearance in 1947’s Christmas On Bear Mountain by Carl Barks. To counter this, Boyd is given a pair of red glasses that can allow him to contain his blasts. August 18, 2017. Lupin The Third (otherwise known as Lupin III) is a long-running franchise created by Monkey Punch and focuses on the charming, cunning titular thief and his allies. We’ve also learned from concept art that Darkwing will appear on the show in some form and his hometown is located across the bay from Duckberg — kinda like the San Francisco bay that separates SF, Oakland, and San Jose. Gravity Falls Easter Egg in DuckTales #3. In the original story, it’s Scrooge who invites his nephews to the mansion, and he hadn’t seen Donald since he was a child. They cause a massive boulder to crash through the ancient city’s remains, losing it to history once again. But … I got a couple that you missed, including the identity of Dirty Dingus. Dewey tries to prove himself by exploring a frozen fortress in search of a money tree seed, but Glomgold has kidnapped Scroogein order to find it first. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. When Boyd begins to malfunction, his creator, Gearloose, ventures to the Japanese capital of Tokyolk alongside Huey and Fenton/Gizmo-Duck to investigate and deal with the problem. The princess in this scene is one you've definitely seen before as well. Though, according to one of the writers, there was a Powerline reference that was cut but we could see it later. Or just let us know what you thought of the premiere. Correction! The male thief uses a clown design on his motorcycle helmet (which is a shout out to the Clown Gang), while his girlfriend has a distinct pill on her helmet. organization held a meeting with all of their members present. The entire second episode could be adapted from Carl Barks’ story The Secret Of Atlantis, which also features green-skinned merpeople, like we see the group fight on their expedition. Both character meet and greet areas were very detailed, and Frank Angones (co-producer, writer and story editor for DuckTales) hinted on Twitter that there may be some cool Easter Eggs… Thanks for doing this! There you have it! Based on input from our customers, we are going to offer our Special Easter Menu on Sunday April 21st, 2019 9AM to 2PM along with our regular menu! Give it a look and if you can find it in your heart to donate I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate that. In addition to Duckberg we get a mention of Cape Suzette, the city from TaleSpin, while Dewey is hot-wiring Donald’s boathouse, and Scrooge’s vulture lawyer voiced by Marc Evan Jackson mentions Goof Troop’s Spoonerville and Darkwing Duck’s St. Canard. Bill Cipher #2 from “Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. Also, there are numerous posters of Flintheart Glomgold selling energy drinks. It did a great job of setting up Huey was the lead this season, the main family goal, and the villains. Dewey tries to prove himself by exploring a frozen fortress in search of a money tree seed, but Glomgold has kidnapped Scrooge in order to find it first. Challenge O fThe Senior Junior Woodchucks gets a 3 out of … The evil organization from Darkwing Duck, F.O.W.L., is also referenced on Webby’s corkboard. The DuckTales reboot is much better than it has any right to be—and in some ways, ... something that shows up as an Easter egg late in the first season. One of the statues in the garage looks to me like it could be a nod to the diminutive natives of Plain Awful from the comics, but it could just be some ancient dude statue. The most obvious reference has to be the reporter’s wrap up at the end of the second episode. But most fun for the deepest of Duck nerds are the paintings around McDuck Manor. Donald's Dino-Bash opened up in Dinoland U.S.A at Disney's Animal Kingdom on May 25th with new Scrooge McDuck and Launchpad McQuack meet and greet areas. But no! RELATED: DuckTales: [SPOILER] Just Learned About FOWL - and Can Do Nothing About It. However, there are a few differences. The presence of the newcomers rekindles Scrooge's spirit of adventure, leading the group to go on many new treasure-hunting expeditions, while the nephews and their new friend Webby uncover the truth behind what caused their uncles to become estranged and retire from adventuring. Donald also switches from his more traditional animated colors to the Barksian black outfit that he’s always traditionally worn in comics. Uncle Scrooge #11, written and drawn by Carl Barks and published in 1955, was indeed ten cents. The Gravity Falls series May have ended, but Bill Cipher is always … Indeed, the creative team behind the new DuckTales has a reverence for what came before, as evidenced by their pilot. Get Out! Gyro, Fenton and Huey take a malfunctioning B.O.Y.D.back to the lab where he was created in Japan, but as Huey bonds with the robot boy, a secret from Gyro’s past threatens to destroy the city and Gizmoduck. is the thirteenth episode of Season 2, and the 37 overall. We also see Webby’s doll from the original DuckTales pinned to the wall by an arrow. RELATED: Ducktales: A Classic Character Returns For The Most Meta Episode Yet. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Added to the list was an appearance by Rapunzel in the most recent installment of Disney animation, "Frozen." I don’t have the reverence for Ducktales, or the Disney ducks in general that you all do, but this was a great read! 4 easter egg huntin’ Turns out we nostalgic ‘90s kids aren’t the only ones who remember the Disney Afternoon . DuckTales Premiere: "Woo-oo!" The statue in the garage is not from Plain Awful! The Clan McDuck and other comic book and original series references. Scrooge also exclaims, “What in Dismal Downs is going on in here! Like Astro Boy, Boyd is also a deceptively powerful fighter, sharing his inspiration's rocket booster feet, enhanced durability and super strength. Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post! Here are all the direct references in the episode. This connection would be a great reason for the writers to bring Goldie into the storyline, and a more great OG DuckTales easter eggs… Some have assumed this woman seen in the Glomgold industries waiting room and later as a reporter on the dock is Roxanne from A Goofy Movie, but I think it’s just a dog lady. This story was actually part two of the show’s five part premiere. If you have any unlockables please submit them. Created by Naoko Takeuchi, Sailor Moon focuses on the titular hero and her fellow Sailor Scouts, who use their magical abilities to protect the world. ... Freeze-Frame Bonus: Plenty of anime Easter Eggs, such as a Sailor Moon cosplayer (listed more extensively in the Shout-Out paragraph). She even runs like Zenigata in an exaggerated and high-stepping sprint. 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My father owned almost all of them. I only know this because I grew up reading and re-reading the Donald Duck, Scrooge McDuck, (and other associated storyline) comics growing up. But "Astro B.O.Y.D." I definitely didn’t make the Donald – Spike connection, but I want it to be a real thing, so I’ll treat it as such. RELATED: 10 Best Villains On Disney's Darkwing Duck Megavolt is featured mainly because Scrooge wants to have a villain with a mustache and Megavolt's … With that in mind, let's look at which classic Darkwing Duck villains have already appeared in DuckTales and ones that should make the leap to the new series. And even harder pressed to find someone more qualified to scour every second of the new show’s premiere to pick every nit and easter every egg available than … Matt Morrison Oct 20, 2020. A compilation of one dozen hidden Easter Eggs (referencing everything from the original "DuckTales" TV series to the Carl Barks "Uncle Scrooge" comics that inspired it … 48 comments. You can also follow me on twitter @MrMattJay or @Disney80s90s. Dragon Age: Inquisition contains several Easter Eggs and References that include nods to previous BioWare games, EA titles, ... DuckTales reference. What are your thoughts? These are very similar to the glasses typically worn by Cyclops from the X-Men. And 1987 is the year the original show premiered, but I can’t tell what the other numbers are in reference to yet. DuckTales Season 3 stars the voices of David Tennant, Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Kate Micucci, Beck Bennett, Toks Olagundoye, Tony Anselmo and Paget Brewster.Â, KEEP READING: DuckTales Ties The Origin Of [SPOILER] To FOWL's Experiments. Your email address will not be published. This feature is not available right now. Boyd also wants to be treated as a real boy, which is a consistent character beat for Astro Boy as well. Scrooge's Board of Directors stated how too close of a call it was for Scrooge and his family almost having destroyed the world, knowing that if that occurred they couldn't proceed with their criminal action… Also incapable of containing the destructive blasts that come from his eyes, he uses ruby quartz glasses when in civilian clothing. 4 Disney Easter Eggs Secretly Hidden In 'Frozen' There are often a number of hidden things in Disney films. And several images and names of family members appear on Webby’s corkboard as well as Dismal Downs, where they lived. Check out my podcast: Some of them, like the painting of Scrooge dragging a big sack of gold through town, are from actual comic book stories! EVERY easter egg from the DuckTales 2017 premiere. When Boyd first starts to malfunction, his laser eyes activate uncontrollably. Scar, for instance, appears in "Hercules," while Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" has a cameo in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." The Terry Fermians are also mentioned, a race of feetless beings seen in the original show and the DuckTales Remastered video game. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Captain Peghook was the name of a boss fought by Mickey and Minnie in Disney’s Magical Quest 3 on Super Nintendo and Game Boy Advance, but this is probably just a coincidence. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Scrooge comes from a rich lineage of great Scottish ducks known as the Clan McDuck. Sort by. ?” when he finds the kids fighting a headless horse and a pirate ghost. This thread is archived. This was a reference to the 1987 DuckTales episode “Wronguay to Ronguay”. It’s funny that they continue to lean into his over-the-top Scottish patriotism, when in the comics he wasn’t Scottish at all! DuckTales Remastered. There are actually two very direct references to Lupin in "Astro BOYD." Nice sleuthing. RELATED: Daisy Duck Makes Her DuckTales Debut in New Clip. And even harder pressed to find someone more qualified to scour every second of the new show’s premiere to pick every nit and easter every egg available than me, your old pal, Matthew Jay. And that last one lends a lot of credence to this not being an accident. The one where he tries to get food from a mother hen? To this day we still quiz each other about them. Please try again later. Vidjagame Apocalypse 227 – Sonic Spinoffs, — Frank Angones (@FrankAngones) June 29, 2018 And indeed, the plot of the episode actually revolved around a villain named Black Heron trying to recreate the gummiberry juice recipe for her own gain — and ends with Webby making off with a dose of the magical elixir in her pocket. Every Easter Egg And Secret Reference From The DuckTales 2017 Premiere! Both of them also prove to be more than their programming and become heroes. The emerald idol was notable as the only booby trapped item in the storyline, and Scrooge specifically avoids it because of that. Probably not. While trying to convince Mrs. Beakley that he still has adventuring chops, Scrooge says his classic catchphrase as we see here from the original comics. best top new controversial old q&a. While in Japan, DuckTales finds plenty of ways to subtly (and not so subtly) reference numerous classic anime, manga and comics. U forgot to mention Donalds Boat, a refrence to his first anilated appenace where he does live in a boat. best. And if you liked my long winded, heavily researched rant about cartoons, check out my show Cartoons 101 which can be found right here on the Laser Time site or on Youtube. Disney. ", WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DuckTales Season 3, Episode 6, "Astro BOYD," which aired Saturday on DisneyXD. There was one of the giant sun disks from the treasure of the golden sun in Scrooge’s garage… a homage to the first few episodes of the original DuckTales. 10 Essential Laser Time Episodes from 2014! Easter eggs We have no easter eggs for DuckTales Remastered yet. I don’t remember the issue, and I can’t find any info online. A one-stop shop for all things video games. And I have my own Patreon! SAILOR MOON. It's a blast to watch the story unfold and is absolutely packed with Easter eggs from Disney classics, the 90s Disney Afternoon block, and more specific DuckTales lore.

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