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We hope to have that project finished for 9.1 or 9.2. First, you'll need to have Visual Studio 2015 installed. @Paul - Yes. As Part of the buildup of the DNN 8 release, Will Strohl provided a Pull request to my DNN Extension Project Templates project to help clean up some of the basic module templates to work better on Windows Azure environments, and to prep them for inclusion of new To compensate for the lack of some documentation, I look at the code of some open source modules. Am I right? I think the thing that made wp more widespread is not tied to the choices of editing or other management options that may be considered better or worse than DNN according to their own preferences or habits. Just like Windows. In an MVC module, the module control identifies a specific namespace, controller, and action. Static content file (e.g., stylesheets and images). Now, when building a MVC Module you can easily Redirect routes between Controllers and Actions at the Controller level. Views render the module's user interface (UI). DNN 8 was a major breakthrough for the DNN platform. I think Dnn is losing the needle of the compass, I agree with Jason and Tony. With the release of DNN Platform 8 last week it is now possible to develop modules using SPA and MVC patterns within the DNN platform. Last Modified: May 2 2017. Two years ago, we began a discussion in the community about how to move the DNN platform forward. Category: DotNetNuke. With this release I’ve updated my suite of DNN extension templates (modules and themes) to support Visual Studio 2017. The use of the Community Blog is covered by our Community Blog Guidelines - please read before commenting or posting. So I’m using the express edition. 0. @Brad - No. Where did the "Host" section go and along with it, all of the granular performance settings? MVC modules can use any of the standard DNN module features. Incompatibilities between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms cause conflicts with pre-existing Web Forms features in the DNN platform. DNN Development Developers from NCode. Speaking of moving more of the core away from web forms - one thing which I would love to see is all the controls to do with login, register, profile editing, recovering passwords - basically anything to do with end user interaction of core DNN be moved away from web forms. It is not currently accepting answers. Also, you will learn how to add Web API to your site so you can allow data exchange. The MVC module type integrates ASP.NET MVC 5 with the DNN platform. At the time, I made the case for DNN making a radical departure from the Web Forms architecture that is the foundation of DNN today. Note. The project is defined and in production, however we need more resources in order to meet new customer requests. There are times where we may introduce new features into the platform or into Evoq that do not follow that model, but it is generally a temporary thing as we work on how best to handle in-context editing. Blog Announcement for the 2.0 release of the templates project http://www.chrishammond.com/blog/itemid/2616/using-the-new-module-development-templates-for-dot.aspxFor instructions on how to modify the templates read this post ht… Need to be able to work in a team environment, take direction and follow through on assignments. This is a place to express personal thoughts about DNNPlatform, the community and its ecosystem. DNN 8 will support creating modules using ASP.NET MVC version 5.1 or later. Example: The default view for an. Some users would be stuck on the existing platform with no path forward. Open Settings -> Extensions You can be more specific about how you don't like DNN to borrow from WP. Do you have useful information that you would like to share with the DNN Community in a featured article or blog? DNN Version: 09.02.00. There's a reason WP runs a much much bigger part of the web than DNN. Dnn.ContactList.Tests - Unit test project for the APIs defined in Dnn.ContactList.Api. Stay tuned for future blogs where we’ll dive into the Persona Bar and admin experiences in detail and show how DNN 9 changes the way you think about building modern websites and web applications with DNN. The solution depends on following DNN Platform 8.0 nuget packages. Sadly, this article underscores the reason why many have stopped developing modules for this platform. If so, please contact [email protected]. @Joe Why don't you talk about the MVC support and its direction. Good work. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. MVC Module Development @andrew_hoefling andrew@hoeflingsoftware.com By: Andrew Hoefling 2 About Me Developer @ Hoefling Software DNN MVP .NET Architect 3 What Have I done? @UpClose WordPress supports inline editing plus more. Using ASP.NET MVC since the beginning v1.0 Contributor of several DNN MVC Platform Enhancements 4 However, the Visual Studio MVC project type includes additional scaffolding for creating new controllers and views. MVC modules can use any of the standard DNN module features. DNN has an open API and many extension points. Thanks for listening! While we could make some small improvements to MVC support, it will never offer full MVC functionality. I like the direct editness of DNN. Want to improve this question? When a DNN page is requested, the framework looks up the requested module control in the module definition. With these problems in mind we decided to take a step back and re-analyze the problem. Skills:.NET, DotNetNuke. DNN-Connect 433 6. We try to follow semantic versioning for DNN so that users know whether a version is big or small. The express editions have been reported to be incompatible with the templates we'll be using later, but this may not be true by the time you're reading this. Then, one more question, any Idea how long DNN will support Web Form modules? The MVC module type integrates ASP.NET MVC 5 with the DNN platform. Removing the tight coupling between your controller code and business layer of your module. Tags: module development mvc localization. It was a road block. Therefore, DNN implementations … @Scippy - I honestly don't understand your comment since we have not stopped web form support and don't have any current plans to do so. These DNN development templates allow you to easily start up a new development project for DotNetNuke. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. The changes in DNN 9 don't impact the in-context editing of DNN. Geoff Barlow 559 4. Looking around I see a lot of documentation or articles for developing MVC based modules in Dnn 8 and up, but i see nothing for Dnn 7. Will Telerik finally be going away in "New" DNN9 installs? Modules are still placed on the page visually, and edited in place. Visual Studio is currently the only tool available for creating MVC modules. As work on DNN 8 continued it became obvious that DNN neXt was going to take a major engineering effort beyond what was first envisioned. 4 INSTALL DNN MODULE If you need to install a module on your DotNetNuke website you can follow the steps below for the DotNetNuke version running on your site. In DNN 9, we’ll be moving the Evoq Persona Bar concept to the DNN platform and completely rebuilding the control panel, admin and host modules to use this new framework. MVC Module Development. This new feature introduces flexibility that adds feature parity with Microsoft’s MVC implementation. In addition, DNN 8 introduced the concept of SPA modules which utilized a modern client side development approach to building modules for DNN. Please tell me it's not gone... @Don - The host features did not go away at all. Love it! Incompatibilities between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms cause conflicts with pre-existing Web Forms features in the DNN platform. This includes learning about the different module development techniques from standard webform modules to the newer MVC and SPA techniques in addition to professionally packaging and distributing your module for your customer or organization. All DNN module types can co-exist on a single page, and the user should not be able to distinguish which framework was used to build the module. Typically, views are created based on data provided by the model. By default, the common HTML module shipped in DNN installation does support this feature. Our experience is that we can provide a much nicer user experience if we get rid of postbacks as much as possible. They do require that you already have DotNetNuke running in your development environment, please see the related links below for how to configure that environment. You'll need to install IIS and Microsoft SQL Server, then you can instal… Evoq moved to v8 early because the changes they were making warranted it. I don't think any modules I currently use have them builtin. Overview. Contributors 12/8/2019 • 5 minutes to read • Contributors Overview. They have been incorporated and collapsed into the other administrative pages. Every business understands that technology is constantly evolving and that failure to evolve your platform to keep up with technology guarantees obsolescence. Honestly I do not like Wordpress. While DNN neXt would have removed the reliance on Web Forms, it would have done so at the expense of our existing customers. Microsoft was hard at work on ASP.Net vNext, which was later renamed to ASP.Net Core. Bound HTML form fields must have the same name as the corresponding model property. @Mathew - There is not really much to address regarding MVC. That however does not limit or remove the ability of module developers to continue using web forms. The tutorials will be a collection of written and video tutorials on how to use and develop for DNN (f/k/a/ DotNetNuke) version 9. This blog was originally posted on the DNN Community blog. Closed 3 years ago. Create New project, Select the DotNetNuke templates under C# And select the ‘DNN (DotNetNuke 8/9) C# DAL2 MVC Module’. see https://1drv.ms/i/s!AmCAjuMs3hO9j7Y6I_LdrZ5EVDMnzA These settings only show up for host users. There are many tutorials on how to do this around the web. Creating an empty DNN module Open Visual Studio (Run As Administrator). MVC module conventions include: Common DNN features are made available to MVC developers through DNN APIs, such as: Name must include the "controller" suffix. You can either use the standard WebForms which Microsoft continuous to support and will support for years ahead. All DNN module types can co-exist on a single page, and the user should not be able to distinguish which framework was used to build the module. Steps to setup the DNN module development environment: The templates provide you either a C# or VB.Net project that has three user controls, one for the View, Edit and … The Community Blog is a personal opinion of community members and by no means the official standpoint of DNN Corp or DNN Platform. Could you perhaps base the development of the new admin panel less on mouse-overs? MS will not abandon the technology any time soon. Here I am creating the WEB API using the simple class library, first I would like to explain that I am explaining DNN Module development with the WEB API. I differ from Tony in my assessment here and have seen some awesome modules built using the MVC framework. DNN modules follow all ASP.NET MVC conventions, as well as DNN-specific conventions. SQL Server 2012 Express (DNN is not recommending to use express edition. DNN 9 represents the next step on our journey towards creating a more modern platform and further minimizing our use of Web Forms. Redoing the Admin Experience has been a big job and we were not able to completely redo the remaining modules that still use Telerik. The posted roadmap is outdated and doesn't show anything for 2017. Jun 01, 2015; With the advent of the upcoming DNN Community release 8, we, as module developers, need change how we develop custom modules in order to create relevant and modern applications with DNN. We've moved admin tools around and cleaned up the admin tools, but otherwise it is the same great platform you have always loved. 3m 53s. The default functionality of DNN can be expanded by adding third-party modules, either from an existing module store, from 3rd party authors, or through in-house development of custom functionality. Next Generation DNN Module Development Stack: MVC, Angular, EF. DNN Module Development; We are looking for an EXPERIENCED DNN developer to work with us on a project. DNN MVC Template - Is there a good documentation on how to develop modules [closed] Ask Question Asked 4 years, 6 months ago. DNN 9 Name must be the same as the associated action. That new platform, DNN neXt, would have been built on .Net Core and would have benefited from much of the work the ASP.Net team was doing to modernize and cleanup .Net. Not too technical, but proficiency in DNN is required. DNN simply doesn't support the full spectrum of partial views which is an integral part of ASP.NET MVC. Module Development; Tutorials; AngularJS; Module Development; Read more ... Hosting liberally provided by. When a page is requested, DNN will create an instance of the relevant module control as defined in the module definition. I do not want DNN to become another type of wordpress. I couldn't use it when I tried to create a prototype using the third party MVC extensions I wanted to use. The DNNConnect crew is aware as well of the accessibility pitfalls in DNN in its current form. DNN MVC Module Routing DNN 9.2 introduces many new features including new routing controls for MVC Modules. Module Development in DNN 8: 4 - Localization support for MVC modules. For this quick start, you'll need a few things before we can dive in. Viewed 2k times 3. •    Provide a fully supported upgrade path for everyone. We have made a decision to add support for other types of web development and to move as much of the core platform away from web forms as possible for a variety of reasons. DotNetNuke.Web.Mvc The DNN framework provides basic functionality such as security, user administration, and content management, while modules are used to tailor the web site for specific deployment needs. I finally finished my long promised blog series about writing DNN modules with Angular 1.x. Dnn.ContactList.Spa - A sample module showcasing SPA support. The problem: DNN is taking care of routing, that means it is not possible to use System.Web.Mvc.HtmlHelper to create the right URL that you want. Having said that, I want to be clear, that our decision to move to a lighter weight development style for the admin experience, has no impact on how developers create modules for the platform. The additional scaffolding speeds up development and ensures that controllers and views follow the standard MVC conventions. this might be the wrong place to ask this, but is the SPA-based approach a good way to incorporate the accessibility features of the .NET framework? MVC modules can use any of the standard DNN module … I am happy to announce that by the end of 2016, DNN will introduce DNN 9 with a brand new administrative experience that replaces the dated Web Forms based admin and host modules that we use today. Telerik won't be going away completely in DNN 9. Jun 01, 2015; With the advent of the upcoming DNN Community release 8, we, as module developers, need change how we develop custom modules in order to create relevant and modern applications with DNN. Also, creating Scheduled Tasks inside the DNN so you can create a recurring tasks. The DNN module is embedded in a DNN page and the we need some additional… For modules that you are developing for yourself, you need to ask, what is the minimum version of DotNetNuke that you have in production. They are just a ton of WebForms web apps around. This course is about DotNetNuke development (DNN website development). That's the way to go :) Awesome! We have a team of skilled and dedicated DNN developers who have expertise in DNN web and module development and they develop custom built DNN applications that are dynamic, appealing and highly attractive and interactive. These software just get better over time because of that. In dnn 7 you could see how many people visited a page an which pages were most popular along with which days of the week had the most visitors. @NetPotential - Everything I talk about is DNN. DNN Sharp modules (and most probably others too) rely on Newtonsoft dll to run properly and the Newtonsoft 7.0 version that was available in older DNN versions was not enough. Now, DNN is loosing the most daring and newest developers after that DNN declares that an upgrade will not be carried out with full support to new versions of the framework. It is more of a playground for engineers than a reliable tool for business. Sounds like just what we are looking for, though if I may make a request? Hello, Developer! Next, you'll need to have IIS (Internet Information Services) setup with a local installation of DNN (version 8 or higher). That would be extremely helpful for blind users if customizations weren't required to be made for us to manage it. DNN will not understand the URL's created by the standard Microsoft Html or Url helper. Choosing a version of DotNetNuke is important when you start your development for couple of reasons. Are you running 6.2.6, 7.0.0, 7.0.6? Fundamentally, there are aspects of MVC which are just incompatible with WebForms. Yes, we will start by creating a class library. 12/8/2019 • 5 minutes to read. The output from the controller action is stored in a string, which is injected into the page. DotNetNuke.Web. Dependency Injection is a new feature coming to DNN in 9.4 that allows you to inject abstractions or other objects into your MVC Module Controllers. In this “DNN Programming 101” course, we will introduce you to module development for DNN. Join Will and Joe as we give a hands on tutorial on building DNN 8 modules using the new MVC module type. You shouldn't be developing on a newer version of DNN than what you have running in pro… Any widely used software is more susceptible to security attacks and the discoverability of issues. There are many aspects of WebForms which we have never supported and never will support. The ASP.NET MVC framework relies on the convention over configuration paradigm to simplify development. Are you running DNN 5.6.1? The real question is, do we support enough of the MVC framework that you can build feature rich modules using the framework? Unfortunately, not all of the third party modules available would be able to support multiple languages. Jul 9 2015. We may choose to do so in the future, but that is a ways off at this point. #1 Installing a DotNetNuke 9.x Module Log into your site as either HOST or super user level account. Developers can create custom DNN extensions using various development approaches. In addition, DNN 8 introduced the concept of SPA modules which utilized a modern client side development approach to building modules for DNN. What do you have in mind for DNN 10? DotNetNuke.Core. DNN has a built in Localization framework to help you create website with multiple languages support. @Jason I am not sure why you think the platform is only a playground for Engineers and not a serious business tool. Trying out new modules is often more of a trying experience than it needs to be, if you ask me. Use the latest versions of software. We also realized that the vision for .Net Core would not be fully realized in v1.0 and that significant APIs would be missing from the platform for an indeterminate amount of time. If you need a VS2008/10/12/13/15/17 support check out the older releases. Based on the answer you can determine what version of DNN you should setup as your development environment. One thing to keep in mind is that DNN and Evoq are related in the same way that Windows and Office are related. DNN 9 and Evoq 9 both have huge changes and thus it makes sense to increment them both to v9 together. Name must be prefixed with an underscore (_). Its the only thing stopping me at the moment as most of my modules use the RichText Editor for image selection and so on. Therefore, DNN implementations of some ASP.NET features, such as MVC routing, are limited. MVC Module Development. Dnn.ContactList.Mvc - A sample module showcasing MVC support. Welcome to the home of the DotNetNuke/DNN 9 tutorials. Public Nuget Server. But I don’t have a standard or development version. With these changes, developers were able to freely mix-and-match Web Forms, MVC and SPA based development on the same page, and even within a single module. @Joe, I am in the process of moving some of my modules to MVC, however do you have a solution to using a RichText Editor in Razor yet? We could definitely do better. The content in this section will help you get started and learn more about DNN's extensibility model and applicable development patterns. Note: Incompatibilities between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web Forms cause conflicts with pre-existing Web Forms features in the DNN platform. Then, If I understood correctly, DNN9 will support Web Form modules, so, it won't be running on ASP.Net Core. Visual Studio supports only one project type for MVC projects. Start by pressing Play on the video playlist on the right, and be sure to switch to full screen for the best experience. Web Forms modules follow the standard DNN module architectural pattern and use a traditional server-side rendering model. To the developers thinking about using MVC in DNN 8+, from my personal experience the DNN MVC support is crippled. This has been a common practice in both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core MVC application development. DNN 7 or higher (I’ve used DNN 7.2.2). @Javier - That is correct. •    Provide developers the freedom to use a variety of frameworks Before starting this you should be experienced with working with DNN CMS module development and you should have some basic idea of WebApi. Are you planning to improve it or what we have now is DNN's technical limit of incorporating MVC in a WebForms app? With the release of Visual Studio 2017 coming in a few short hours, I am proud to release the latest update for the Christoc’s DotNetNuke Extension Development Templates!. The MVC module type implements the model-view-controller pattern, which separates an application into three main components: Models implement the domain logic and often store and retrieve data from the database. We have no intention of moving away from that model. Ordinarily, you'd be at the right spot, but we've recently launched a brand new community website... For the community, by the community. You can use SQL server 2005 or 2010 as well). Next Generation DNN Module Development Stack: MVC, Angular, EF. @Jacques - We definitely want to move as much of the UI as possible away from web forms. We're back on track. MVC Module Architecture. In this course, you will learn in details how to create a DNN Module and how to create a Data Access Layer (DAL) to save and retrieve data. Check GitHub, The Forge and CodePlex. First and foremost, we had a few goals that we wanted to accomplish for the platform: •    Reconstruct DNN to minimize our reliance on Web Forms architecture You are still free to develop using Web Forms, MVC or SPA frameworks regardless of what we do with the admin tools. DNN moved to v8 once we had a large enough change to warrant it. Before, after the announcement of the stop of webform support, many old developers choose to stop the support and develop modules after many years of work and investments on Dnn. Joe, you probably are aware of all of the feedback I gave you and David on twitter, along with many other community members. And also, anything that is expressed via an icon must have alt-text on it in order to comply with WCAG. DNN developers were finally able to leverage the ASP.Net MVC framework to create modern DNN apps. Unfortunately, the more we looked at the challenge, the more we realized there was no way to get to the new platform without massive disruption to the current ecosystem. Controllers handle user interaction, retrieve and update the model, and select the view to use. 8m 46s. Therefore, DNN implementations of some ASP.NET features, such as MVC routing, are limited. This blog series should set you in the position to start DNN module development with Angular even if you haven't done a module for DNN yet! But you know what - we don't offer full WebForms support either. The MVC module type integrates ASP.NET MVC 5 with the DNN platform. This is the reason why we added our own assembly binding in the web.config file so that we know for sure that the needed libraries are being deployed and correctly referenced so that the modules will properly function. •    Protect customers’ existing investments in DNN We are not converting to ASP.Net Core at this point in time. I like the edit page button. Windows and Office occasionally share a version number, but they are independently developed and thus had diverging versions. Unfortunately, it was not possible to do everything in one go, so we'll be working on removing the last remaining web forms UI bits over the next couple of releases following DNN 9. Update the question so it's on-topic for Stack Overflow. DNN 8 skins and modules will still work on DNN 9. Although the composition of the presentation layer is different, the logical architecture of an MVC module is similar to that of a Web Forms module. With these changes, developers were able to freely mix-and-match Web Forms, MVC and SPA based development on the same page, and even within a single module. Closed. Quick and easy to use Module and Theme (skin) Development templates for DotNetNuke 7/8/9 and Visual Studio 2019. @UpClose - I agree with you on the in-context editing experience of DNN.

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