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They are born with skin colors ranging from light brown to pale tan to light green. Glonei 64. 7. 97. Reluvethel 65. Nastra Iolas Oakenthorn 103. Nightthorn Galaka Ennalsa Kolvar 68. 48. Acornvale Ythen 118. Symkalr Aesar The color of their hair is usually black or brown, sometimes blond or copper-red. Morgan Dhori Sithah Strilvaes 19. Longwood Striaculo Dhystrene Celvia 15. Myhhehal Thynnan Nightrun 45. Dualvein 82. Blackhope Adaadro Thus instead of fighting with the neighbors and snatching their lands, they were always friendly towards them. Khusla Zolvolko Triokan 79. Thadoc Wikis. 34. 2. 58. 60. In a line, Wood elves are a coppery skinned creature with green, brown, or hazel eyes. 93. Fedrahef Bemalis 10. Each name has a different ring, which helps you choose a name for a leading character, a supporting character, and a villain. Ivyshade Gaelira 87. 128. Valmith Female Wood-Elf Concept Male Wood-Elf Concept 1 Description 2 Available Classes 3 Related 4 Racial Discipline 5 Racial Powers and Passives 6 … 49. Ydrah Ioko Tinderburst The History of the Wood Elves is tied with those of their former kin, the High Elves, but the forest that they would call their home have existed long before that. Khololko Fally 61. ADVERTISEMENT. Daenalaia 19. Gylledha Zoro Menda Trozcustoc Vidalo Gamine Ucacus 31. 54. Yyvetrith Springscrub Arletrin Celvia Pleufan Dhaeddephel Cuinn Whiterock the Wolf Tamer. Female Wood Elf Tumb... 396x600 3 0. 51. 116. Duilya 24. Aethin They are professional in light armor, archery, and alchemy. 20. 88. Tudarcu Wood elves are a unique tribe who believe in simplicity and maintain cordial relationships with both the land and wild animals. 96. Drestranven After the War of the Blue Divide in the Third Era, in which the Altmer defeated the Bosmer in Valenwood, the Altmer and Bosmer were the core of the newly formed Aldmeri Dominion and its Thalmor forces. 39. Cikaac Ruavia Melidor 53. Adrilvin 2. Elcevel Fally 31. Eyrynnhv Bhyrindaar Lichenwind 61. Elmwood Duzkoth 300 Wood Elf Names for Your Fantasy World. Iodazcun 7. Gaylia Ciarodro However, Bosmeris is a language of Proto Aldmeris language branch so it has some Elvish influence on it. Chomylla Wood Elf is a universal term to denote elf species that live in wooded regions like forests. Felaesval Madief 78. Olinara Timberscrub Khosluloc Ocia 121. © 2016-2020 EverydayKnow.com | All rights reserved. The following wood elf names include 100 options for males and 100 options for females. Euchoe 92. Fantasy Map Dark Fantasy Wood Elf Dungeons And … They believe in displaying compassion than showing strength. Here, we will provide male and female wood elves names, their surnames, and every possible detail you should know while playing. Qalleh Azariah 8. Lynra Yarodan 108. Jonas 67. Voslut Rivergrass Willowlock. Freeflame Asetha They believe in displaying compassion than showing strength. Everkind Female Elf Names. 21. 26. Acos Like JPG. 101. Grand Cerf, par Chris … Kalivia Pinebranch Halpaeril 29. Trolvalca Scorga Elmbranch Bellas Gilcakon In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hace Ryllae Oakwood 15. Moonshine 125. The wood elves are among the most numerous of Faerun's elven people, a young and confident folk who hold the old elven forest homelands in strength. 48. Thus instead of fighting with the neighbors and snatching their lands, they were always friendly towards them. 108. I added them anyway in case you need a fitting last name for your stories and characters. Zulae, 1. Accustomed to a harsh, naturalistic lifestyle… Nightbranch Balfvale 7. 113. 22. Yassila 109. Urgin Necah Qate Lathai 103. The Wood Elf Name Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your Wood Elf names to a text editor of your choice. Qalnathaf 24. Shadylock Springmire Ellaeddyf Springbrook; Astra Camoscrub; Esha Duskrock; Aethin Elmwood; Phela Sagewing; Darlevel Timberwing Stralto Duskpool Willowlock Scalalgoth Othorion Here we provides you 100+ Female wood elf names, which we generate from our wood elf name generator. Nycetral 3. Voltalvas Ziornat Ikeshia 63. 55. Wood elves and other elves are indistinguishable in height and body structure, especially the males. While there are exceptions the elves generally consider females completely equal in every regard. Phatref 35. Iodizca Don't like the names? Dozloth Sciarlarnaet 100. Dadi Jandar If you want to check our collection then you should also check out. Biologically, the Bosmer are cousins of the Dunmer, or Dark Elves, Orsimer, or Orcs, and the Altmer, or High Elves. 74. These lists are divided into names for female elves, names for male elves, and surnames for elves. Oslioc Abadda 18. Stalkwolf Lariarea 5. 92. 80. Athtar 16. 77. Stroccath Laamtora 46. Cauladra Mossvale Dalyor 32. 105. Males and females are about the same height, and males are only marginally heavier than females. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Erilarin Oakenlock Akkirla Roseshade Pineblossom Ylyndar Fernbrook Thukoth Enjoy! Quick Elf Head Doodl... 320x445 3 1. Oslin Search. 87. Nodris 52. Kelsia Axilya 7. Female Character Concept Character Creation Fantasy Women Fantasy Rpg Alien Creatures Mythical Creatures Female Elf Wood Elf Elves And Fairies. Pinesky Xiiltharra Dawmourn 110. Fantasy is still alive! Category:Wood Elf Characters | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom. Illaerve Verref Dornshade Greenstone 36. 27. Maeddes Talasrit 67. Thaaslac Puoriaas 8. Gottusco Wood elven hair was usually black or brown, although hues such as blond or copper red were also found. Eltheheth 102. The skills of forestcraft and of negotiating have served wood elves well throughout the centuries. Then, you can add one of the 100 wood elf surnames to the end of the elf’s first name for a creative, unique option. Strottokoth 98. Ehhatrah 27. Log in. Draphe 57. Yacces 81. Hedre 57. 114. Daenalaia 90. Vynde Azariah If you are doing some story writing of your own this generator will help you come up with some good names for wood elves. 6,866 Pages. Vuttot Phephyf What Does It Mean If I Keep Seeing the Same Person... What Does It Mean When You Dream of Getting Shot by... What Does It Mean to Dream About a Guy You’ve Never... What Does It Mean If You Dream About Your Dead Father. 129. 106. Bluebranch Shadyhollow The generator will create both male and female wood elf names so you will be able to find suitable … 85. Balflake 19. Rabbitear Other source which has influenced Bosmeris language is Khajiit language. 2. Qyssih Whitesprinter +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks. Sagewing 95. 50. Fyllece Phinden 109. 2. Wood elves are not too fond of travelling, have little involvement in politics, and share almost no interest in arcane arts.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'nameandnames_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_8',118,'0','0'])); While playing as a Wood elf, searching for wood elves names is common among players. 54. Darvelvel Phaeri Cymbiir 107. 89. Roserun Oakenlock Killulvo Izla 72. 45. Softmire Dasyra 20. Wood elves tended to dress in simple clothes, similar to those of the moon elves but with fewer bold colors and a greater number of earth tones that blended into their natural surroundings. 34. Gamers will also find this generator useful. Felaesval 32. 52. What Does Seeing a Dead Person Alive in My Dream Mean? Camomire 86. Ralthos Vesse Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Jhiilsraa Aedaddes Orlulo, Yaevis Zoastria Oruscos Foxtail Orulgo Forestrock Dornlake Deeplake Dratath Like much that came to exist in that halcyon time, the forest was the work of the mysterious Old Ones, who planted its seeds and saplings as part of their grand experiment. Nightbranch Generate Female Names. Detre 130. Ozloc Lichensky Riverwing Elmstone Nande 106. 101. Scoccodiac 43. Hatryhys See more ideas about character portraits, fantasy characters, female elf. Narlan Arcilta Tilvos Cauladra 14. 27. Wood Elf Stock Images by Chetkova 0 / 0 Young beautiful and mysterious woman in woods, in black cloak with hood, image of forest elf or witch Stock Photographs by LiaKoltyrina 1 / 32 Elf woman in a magical forest Stock Photo by Nejron 1 / 19 cruel hero Picture by prometeus 5 / 333 happy children brother and sister elf, helper of Santa with Christmas magic gifts Stock Photography by … Ecaeris Ulelesse Urgin Khiozcat Ochyllyss 74. Kacaath Translation:☀Elves are capricious by nature, and few rules control thei… After the fall of Earlann, many wood elves hated the idea of urbanization. Bemarli Vorni Elmpool Cerina 17. Miach PineKeeper the Grasshopper. Acornrock Elder Scrolls Online -- Wood Elf Female - Charer Creation. Thychef Applescrub Jun 15, 2020 - Explore GMV's board "Elf/Drow/Half-Elf - Female PC/NPC Portraits", followed by 269 people on Pinterest. Forestrock Qesvacae 4. Stridut 35. Nightstone 51. 59. 26. 44. The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Zarnan 40. 3 years ago | 133 views. Silvan Elves, a fictional race in J.R.R. Phenaendith 3. Yesyrlen, Duskblossom Fernpool Wood-Elfs in Crowfall belong to the playable Races, which were introduced alongside with the newly added Classes in the massive reveal on May 18th, 2017. These individualities made them the best choice for scout, assassin, and treasure hunt.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'nameandnames_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',109,'0','0'])); This whole article is for those players who need a thorough introduction of wood elves. Esha Mydynvaef Ary 5. 37. Dodrac Aelcakoth Enviesta 25. Zyalene. 81. Velatha Bhuraelea 11. Next go to the "Sculpt" tab and click on "import", then select the Wood Elf nif file. Dhihisten Cokko 113. Bluepond Pyxaanthai Fernvale 6. Ciadrosran Here's the list from the wiki, but overall I'd say the easiest Bosmer to find are Faendal in Riverwood, Nimriel, Anoriath and Elrinder in Whiterun, and Malborn from the main questline. 66. Fernpool Sciaccaacrioth Qemba 4. 116. Dhiortiat Qady 117. Jhanandra Silentleaf Aumanas April 1, 2020 at 6:04 am. Duskgrove Bema Drelie Oluvaera 15. Striothuda 68. The World. Elmpool Goronyyv 13. Dhiasridot 75. Chomylla 17. Most have elven-like names, and they are known to have a fiery spirit, engaging in healthy doses of rivalry, while seldom crossing the line. Dungeons And Dragons Characters Dnd Characters Fantasy Characters Female Characters Fantasy Figures Fantasy Races Fantasy Rpg Medieval Fantasy Fantasy Female Warrior. Enith 73. They also have the power to command animals. Wood elves are more potent than other elves but are habitually less intellectual than the moon and sun elves who are more educated than other elf species.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'nameandnames_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',117,'0','0'])); Wood elves are calm and level-headed, often hide their emotion from others. Ehhatrah Ychaerve Khosrisron 105. 10. 31. Gorgaacci Roseshade Dhervillal 46. Draltestie 22. Dornlake 31. Wood elves were easily identifiable by their coppery skin and green, brown, or hazel eyes. Ilmyl Bluebranch Orlaalos Balflake Draltestie Tharla One for female and one for male woof elf names. 107. Ozloc Duskpool 21. Sienryh Phepa Login to the game and select the Wood Elf female race, then select the "presets" tab, tap F9 or click on "load preset". Seedgrove 40. Rivergrass Vachicca 86. 10. 52. 99. Viserra – Female; Elf Names Beginning with Y. Yaereene – Female; Yalanilue – Female; Yathlanae – Female; Yhendorn – Male; Ylyndar – Male; Ynshael – Female; Yrlissa – Female; Yrneha – Female; Yrniela – Female; Elf Names Beginning with Z. Zabbas – Male; Zaltarish – Male; Zeale – Female; Zhuirentel – Female; 14 Comments. Qastra Aslidat Oakdale 91. 15. Altin Nevarth Felenus Eroan Resistant to any disease and poison is the most significant advantage wood elves have. Valsiennel Wood elf is a generic term for an elf that live in wooded areas such as forests.. Wood Elf may refer to: . 62. Wood Elf is a universal term to denote elf species that live in wooded regions like forests. Mytrylae 25. Lyhaethae Register Start a Wiki. 78. 27. Francessca 14. The Dominion very nearly destroyed the Empire, if not for the Battle of the Red Ring, which forced the Elven armies to withdraw from Cyrodiil. Dhystrene 21. Nightstone Kusric ... Wild Hunt Team - Fey Male and Female - Pathfinder 2E PFRPG DND D&D 3.5 5E 5th ed d20 fantasy. Pinewind Darle Willowrun Wood elves find it useful to know the languages of their enemies and friends alike, always prepared for the day when one might become the other. Bluevale Ioltorlath 84. Longarm Halnian 4. Vervestan Utrion Lyraesel Henran Mirthal Oloren; Kilyn Crazumin; Faelyn Holamaris; Imizael Miraydark. Timberwing 13. 120. Taargo 62. Generate Male Names. Aurae Nalma Leojym Blythswana 12. 49. Raesa 75. Scilcadat Kalgan 30. They are slightly shorter than humans on average, ranging from well under 5 feet tall to just over 6 feet. They are more slender than humans, weighing only 100 to 145 pounds. Thessestrih Applelock 60. Waernas 104. Eladrin. Sharpkind 69. Watch fullscreen. Below are several names for elves that you might want to consider for your fantasy story. 80. Astra Rivershade Pinevale Sign up. 102. 97. 50. 22. 66. If none of the generated names interest you click the button again for a fresh list. Kallot 14. 94. 44. 6. 17. Zarnan 70. Ferrele Kizkia Bemadan Wood elves wear simple clothes and always cover themselves with leather armor even when they are not under any threat. Seirye Hyre 32. Irilkat Timberpool Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sagemire 11. Applethorn 91. ; Wood Elves (Warhammer), a fictional race in the Warhammer universe EverQuest, a 1999 player character race in the video game series, similar to those of Tolkien's fiction; Wood Elves are playable … 49. Once engaged to a prestigious noble, she left her home and ran away. Larli Qadrehaf Riverwing 23. 115. 12. 5. Alvy Thaaria The Wood Elves lineage is less noble than that of the Altmer, but they have adapted well to Tamriel. Elleva Springstone Dream Fantasy Fantasy Forest Fantasy Dragon Dark Fantasy Art Medieval Fantasy Forest Creatures Magical Creatures Fantasy Creatures Warhammer Wood Elves. Yenvyl Atrasva 10. Axilya 112. Orgiorut 95. Yvelteh Aecesti 46. However, most Bosmer don't have a last name. 35. Dugan Pinenut. Uschymna 12. 23. Roserun Udras Add new page. 30. Sysva Ashe Some Bosmer also may have horns. Games Movies TV Video. Salthy 83. 44. Elsa 115. Drelie 23. Riverstone 1. 61. Bearrush 59. 82. 56. 18. Giullio Vylecae 88. Tolkien's Middle-earth of northern Mirkwood and Lothlórien. Mourn Drylcalsa Halamar Ferngrove Darlevel Forestrock 13. Kyrtaar Loralania Many developed an intense hatred for urban areas. 30. Have some fun creating your own fantasy world and find some inspiration with these wood elf names. 123. Both the male and female names share the same last names. 34. Khudaci Fytys 71. 48. Indetyl Orulgo Weapon Proficiency: Wood elves receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency feats for the longsword, rapier, longbow (including composite longbow), and shortbow (including composite shortbow) as bonus feats. Zathokan 28. Haehhilthef Gudroth Galcallan Jharak 42. Elmstone 25. Orym 112. Lichenwind Bosmer names often start with Ara-, Baur-, Cing-, … 64. Falan 42. 24. 53. Nimblefeet Delsaran Elmpool 11. Elmstone Strurlulkos Aalulu 56. Ciartos 62. Eladrin are elves native to the Feywild, a realm of beauty, unpredictable emotion, and … 85. Library. It will automatically pull up all presets installed, then select this preset. Cadwallader Cedarvale the Wolf Tamer. Mieltave Vendelthae Rivershade Long ago, before the coming of Chaos, before even the rise of the Elves, a great forest took root upon the world. 37. Vororgac 17. 119. 14. Iocran Ancientshine 23. 300 Wood Elf Names for Your Fantasy World - EverydayKnow.com Elmbranch Haemir Barkblossom 117. Fernbrook 29. Xanotter Willowvale Alena. 10 random Wood Elf names to get you inspired Aedaddes 3. Filarion Aquilan Ice Cikaac Oakenrock 127. Ciadrosran Simply click again to … Trueshot Korgac 72. 53. Neshenra Aurae 6. We collected 37+ Female Elf Drawing paintings in our online museum of paintings - PaintingValley.com. 24. 8. Kanaria Duilya Cico 89. Khiipaera 20. 126. Claire If we missed any of your favorites, make sure to let us know. Fate 77. Jag båda fallen kommer människa att förlora all tid och fångas om inte räddas . 71. Aethin 4. Dalkilas Using the dropdown above the generation button, you can switch the gender. 21. Springstone Duskbrook Shadowfoot 11. Nanthee 1. 12. Acornvale Thava Warhammer Online. To start, simply click on the button to generate 10 random names. 94. Ialcoth Duskrock Larlith Yara Willowwind 22. Ary Adrilvin Bemalis Darfin Velvetray Khathos Haalija CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Greenblossom 42. 38. 18. Heartsong Springshade 99. Voka 96. Dhaazkioroc Paeris Strullizkoth 41. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bera Quallastor The Bosmer are one of the smallest races in Tamriel with males being smaller than females. 58. Ivyshade Druid. Dhuthi Strascalu Voka Wood-elves consider themselves the successors of the ancient elven domains formed before the Crown Wars. Winterflower Phoenixgleam Greenrock 36. The surnames will, of course, remain the same, but the first names will be related to the gender selected. 41. 93. 45. Felerad Votrat 37. 83. Haryk Balfthorn Where the old empires expanded with strength and pride, the realms of the wood elves hope to grow … Henrah 1. Harves So much so, inequality isn’t even contemplated. 59. Lhoris Image Result For Elf... 509x600 3 0. 63. Mynrethe Oka Dadi Cucuzcan 122. Lineart Girl … Wood elves are not too fond of travelling, have little involvement in politics, and share almost no interest in arcane arts. 65. 100. 79. Found in fictional writing and in games, they are excellent at archery. Faccy Take advantage of many of the Wood Elves' Summons, which allow them to deal damage as soon as they are placed on the battlefield. Halita Camoscrub 76. Laosx Hhora Pineblossom Jaonos Jastra Eha Ellaeddyf Pinesky Ibland, för nöjen, kommer älvor locka människor att dansa med dem eller prova lite av maten. Kocron Braerindra Ivyrock 76. Dikkoc 16. Matil Azkaas 57. ... 12:21. LIMITED OFFER: Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FREE. 50. Ecaeris 25. Zannore 9. Bluevale Draenyries Wood Elf Background/Changes. 3. Softvale We take a long look at the Wood Elf Female charer creator, from the game The Elder Scrolls Online. Relationship patterns of Wood-elves are polyamorous, the race members freely engage or cease relations with new partners. 43. Braerindra 13. Cioran 28. Associated Skills: Diplomacy, Insight, Nature Associated Languages: Chondathan, Damaran, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin Iny Khorac Wood elves are more potent than other elves but are habitually less intellectual than the moon and sun elves who are more educated than other elf species. 54. Maith Here you are! Thirrie The old Archetypes, which were presented earlier, became completely obsolete. Phela Aethin Scaelloslaen Quynn 29. Erras Dornwood Camomire Pinegrove Ichieth Isterra Alaa 104. Wood Elf Names For Male & Female This wood elf name generator will allow you to generate names for males and females. Theirs to the second generation of elven nations, wood elves see their realms as the natural successors to lands such as Eaerlann and Cormanthyr. 110. Resistant to any disease and poison is the most significant advantage wood elves have. Sagewing Eles Cacaccu Tralkiki 16. A wood elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to notice it as if she were actively looking for it. 51. Bluepool 39. 69. Colcothoth 200 Female Elf Names. Esta Iargolor Ena Ilidi Radelia Zinlen Edea Chaeyra Yunaesa Norphyra Muelara Aelen Talanashta Krisrie Lyeecia Naevaris Gaelira Ravanelis Sana Shara Siora Gredithas Thasene They also have the power to command animals. Hende 26. 20. As a race, Wood-elves became more familiar with the popularity of several video games, especially The Elder Scroll series and in the Warhammer universe. 6. Sivi Yytraf 33. Yeshelne 60. Dhilorcac Vicuc Faccy 30. Unlike the Charge ability – which lets the creature move but still trade damage with the card it is attacking - Wood Elves can fire a volley of arrows, wounding (or even destroying) enemy creatures, without stepping into the fray and taking damage themselves. 55. 43. Shadythorn As a race, Wood-elves became more familiar with the popularity of several video games, especially The Elder Scroll series and in the Warhammer universe.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'nameandnames_com-box-3','ezslot_7',116,'0','0'])); Wood elves are a unique tribe who believe in simplicity and maintain cordial relationships with both the land and wild animals. Cerina 16. Okalta Springbrook Birdsong Camorock 73. 9. Uku Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. 39. Sciccon Kaecaath Bluethorn Acornrun Kustit Idetraf Sageblossom Applethorn Phalcin Like JPG. Solarbirth Avourel Greenwind Zacukiot Jhalass How many ideas can I generate with this random Wood Elf Name Generator? Bronzefall Elver är luriga av naturen, och få regler styr deras långa liv. 90. 33. They are professional in light armor, archery, and alchemy. Narnel A wood elf is an elf that lives in a forest or some other wooded area. Barkblossom Boldfroge Mirlerre Estelar Female Wood Elf Names List. Riverscrub 19. Kythaela Manis Scosroltath 84. Talindra Acornrock 38. Khaekargios Ecca But it’s always essential to know their characteristics, history, culture, and pros and cons before starting a character play game. Dasyra 63. My choice was the … Voltalvas Female Wood Elf Names. Qesethe Claire 18. Apr 1, 2020 - Wood elf stuff . 56. 33. 111. 47. Twinbrook 55. Ladrah Mirthmind 47:55. See more ideas about Wood elf, Elves, Fantasy characters. Scisroth Duzkoth Adrytheth Sakaala Rosegrove Bluelake 47. Ychere Okot Softgrass See more ideas about fantasy characters, character art, rpg character. Zaralis Shadymire Blueshade Blythswana Narbeth Setryn Norous Like the wood elves themselves this language is quite chaotic and so is the naming of young Bosmeri. Whether you are writing a fantasy story or need a name for your game character, this list can help you out. Thuciodrot 32. Springmire These individualities made them the best choice for scout, assassin, and treasure hunt. 41. Bhuraelea Willowruneval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'nameandnames_com-box-4','ezslot_9',119,'0','0'])); Wood-elves consider themselves the successors of the ancient elven domains formed before the Crown Wars. Wood elves speak in a language that is named Bosmeris. Pinegrove Almy Diessynah Like JPG. 36. Dhara Drannor Takari Cilkaas Oakwood Ivyvale … Ecca 26. Oakenwood 98. Qenreth Sahhas 64. Historical events. Explore the mystical, fantastical options for your wood elf. Without understanding their traits, just picking the right name won’t help you to play better. Triacion 40. Elcevel 28. 70. Ostialca Wood Female Elf Names. Jago Larchwing. 58. Massallif De är förtjust i cirkeldansar, fest, sång och spel och är mest sannolika att bli upptäckta när de är engagerade i en av dessa aktiviteter. Mythanthar The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Wood Elf Walkthrough Episode 6: Heading Towards Bleak Falls Barrow. Pyrravym Bema 9. Cluym Bosmer are wood elves, so these names could fit other (wood) elves in other games and stories as well. Other than standing a bit shorter than the males, females are pretty much the same. Guro Calgarloth 47. Glowrest 28. 114. Sungazer Jul 7, 2015 - Explore Clint Dawson's board "Wood Elf Monk Research" on Pinterest. Enith 29. Dhechalmal 111. You have entered an incorrect email address! 38. 9. Gaco Ilcan Gantar Raejiisa Phylvy Pandor Fernhollow Strothacu 5. Fflar Enva 65. Ciala 124. Age of Three Emperors; Grand Ball of Sigridschlosse; Night of a Thousand Arcane Duels; … Nelseh Belanor Wyn Yaeletal 8. Wyrran Khaloca Stritti Dherrandah Yelsydre Copyright © 2020. nameandnames.com All rights reserved. Larlisha

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