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We don’t want to damage those with fragile egos. Out of approx 35 shows we did last year, Zestfest was in the bottom 20% as far as retail. The awards, depending on who you talk too, can be a very good investment. “Claims” to be allergic? Another multi-award winner by the team at The Chilli Effect, Wizards Lingering Burn is perfect with pizza, pasta, burgers and the classic cheese toasty and is the most versatile hot sauce in The Chilli Effect range. Only 5 or 6 weeks before the UB clan welcomes another member. BD, you and Candy should stop by and say hello if you are swinging by JJ’s. Was that proper english?!? Its all good! No way John, I wasn’t trying to get rid you you at all! General, watch out buddy ‘ol pal! And just know, I won’t say anything here or anywhere else to anyone if I dont think they know I’m saying it with the utmost respect and humor. The only Master you are is Fraud….. Maybe you could write reviews for the wizard. Ingredients : Red Serano chillies, Trinidad Scorpion chillies, Ghost Pepper Chillies, orange flesh, orange juice, orange zest, sugar, white wine vinegar. Yea general, but she prefer’s the comedy funny, not your gay website funny1 . Is the “t” silent like one of those frenchy words? ME- newbie hot sauce explorer who knows nothing about whale meat. You might have to leave tomorrow though to get there in time. Going forw Watson's Saucery was started in 2016 by a wizard looking for a better hot sauce. Finally!!!! Sorry. New Mexico is a no brainer for us as we do very well there. It is our first vacation in 2 years…not that we don’t really enjoy the hot sauce way of life but it is nice to get away, well partially get away, we have a show in a small town in MN where the lake cabin is – called Turkey Days…lol. Lottsa goodies, likw Wine Slushies. No wait, they are trying to get off the island….right? where in the heck u gunna get some whale lard? Description: Wizard’s Lingering Burn is our classic smoky Cajun style hot sauce, crafted with fresh habanero and birds eye chillies to deliver smooth and tangy tomato flavours, topped with fruity notes of the mighty Habanero and a … Can't Wait for my next purchase. One of my Favs. But what’s up with the “Wheat-Free” banner at the top? Hell if you could all see me now I can’t get my helmet off, Chrisk could you give Truth a ride. Blane Terminator..Big Friggin Understatement.!!!!! Whatever you do will be cool. The natural heat of the habaneros and the sweetness of the fruits come together in a wonderful balance, achieving a heavenly, tropical flavor with a medium tingle. See the list below to find a place to purchase your favorite Wet Wizard sauce or place an online order using the link above. So be nice he has alittle anger issue. i was doing it for real before you did. . Bloody Wizard. Instead, he thanks Di Vito for the laughs and entertainment. Fun Fact: Ordinary Worcestershire sauce contains anchovies, but not ours! I surely hope that Tahiti Joe’s wife gets better. Very good pictures also. My wife was excited about playing some poker while the boys watched their little bro, so I guess we will see what happens. -Lars-. most of the hot sauce makers are in the midwest and east coast. hey UB, all you need to do is get the papperwork and send it in with the correct fees for each entry, your presence is not necesary but we’d all love to see you at one of these shows!!! The heck you say! Can’t wait Bret! There, I feel better now. Copyright © 2020 Hot Sauce Blog, All Rights Reserved. Comment #12: Description: Official: "Wizard’s Lingering Burn is our classic smoky Cajun style hot sauce, crafted with fresh habanero and birds eye chillies to deliver a deliciously long and satisfying burn. So Kristi, ya’ll are not going to be at JJ’s or Zestfest? i could put one one my car. . TBS????? . I save the cold beverage and popcorn for special events. LOL!! It’s a shame that they couldn’t make it to the show. Hey general, you cuttin’ in on my roadkill gig? LOL! Parker394: The Professor (Gilligan’s Island) Another customer hands Di Vito, known as the Wizard of Odd, $20 but doesn’t want any hot sauce. Will you have a little platter with some bananas and cool whip to sample? His products are above and beyond any hot sauce you have every tasted. . i will stick to road kill. That’s as good of a reason to post as any! Cool, I had the rare opportunity. I’ll have the whole clan with me….. Thats fair! WES you and I have always been cool with each other, I appreciate the comment – and I hope you’ll come back to the site, it’s really fun in here. I just want to SEE JJ’s, and the Weekend of Fire is a good of an excuse as any I think. But don’t forget about all those awards you can win at ZestFest! Christmas 2020 gift collection now available. I know, just that it really didnt make “the cut”. DK: Thurston Howell III (ditto) Beach Wizard Hot Sauce Co. Big Dawg! Organic Hot Stuff features exotic ingredients that The Wizard blends into his uniquely full-flavored hot sauce. I’d love to see a panel of reviewers review the same sauce at the same time. i dont make sauce. It’s a long way for us to travel for any of these shows, but next year we will be attending at least one in some capacity. Anyone else sharing a booth? 1/2 oz. is he just really heavy or knows alot of geography stuff? The Huv-limo may be full, but the Creator mobile has that laboratory on wheels (trailer) , Leave some of that beer behind huv, it’ll speed up up your ride . You forget, I am older and more redneck than you. Nope! Btw I had it on fresh fruit with whipped cream – out of this world. i wish. Tue All Day . Really looking forward to meeting you and the family. Aw Bret, If I were closer I would…lol, “First show and I have no idea what i’m doing.”. Before me? Does anyone care to share their top three money making shows? A unfilled rating star. Well BD we try to help however we can! Newman, good review. Heat: Did Not Medal The Chilli Effect Wizard's Lingering Burn is best described as 'smoky Cajun style' that is the perfect pairing of tangy tomato and fruity habanero. Thanks for the info Big Dawg, they still have you listed as an exhibor. Sorry I didn’t get back to ya, been kinda busy lately. Lord knows ya’ll have done some advertising! Be the first to write a review. Wizard Sauce - Hot Stuff - Case of 12 - 5 Fl oz. 4 oz. And of course now 50-50 on JJs. Nice. I just got the official word, I got a friend to split the bill and the travel with me. This sauce goes great on everything but is a … About this product. . We asked the Wizard to add his special brand of magic to make an organic vegan Worcestershire Sauce appear, and he gave us two! Sam: The new Guy. Armageddon weren't too hot to eat, but a b...", "Gold packs, Red packs and now black packs.Still the unicorn recipe of sauces!!! We went to one of those Brazilian meat places and he enjoyed dunking the meat into your sauce. The inclusion of Cajun spices delivers a deep earthy flavour and there is also an added smokiness from paprika and chipotle seasonings. What makes Bowers crazy is that it’s in the middle of a bunch of corn fields, with really no signage right outside of Kutztown, PA. Thousands of chile-heads show up from it seems like nowhere! Of course we’re hoping the growth continues well into those winter months as well. Carry on…. He loved your hot sauce either way. maybe throw me a freakin bone every once and a while. do you have any Blair’s single digit pre-am’s there or any early 1930’s tabasco first generation style bottles? Thu All Day . Awww Thats it, change of plans, I’ll bring the camera! Our hot sauces are all natural with no artificial ingredients and no extracts. I do want to go. This sent me on a search for a Hot Sauce that would meet my dietitian’s approval. Wizard of ODD Hot Sauce . Helluva sauce he’s got there. He (assuming the wizard exists and isn’t a huge company) put his product out there and I reviewed it honestly. Taste: If you want to experience this sauce without buying it, just soak your food in apple cider vinegar and salt. Must be his good looks, killer charm and his ability to get people to pose in compromising positions for the camera. Thanks buddah… JJ will be the official release of the FKS mango amore. And if you need a babysitter you know where to drop off the little one, THT’s booth is baby friendly! The Doctors say it happen when he was little. i minored in geography and majored in landscape architecture. It really helps increase your constitution. Sat All Day . ever had whale? yeah, but you paid me for some of my size, what does that make you? , And this coming from Gay Dennis the Menace….lol, A treat? gotta start saving for baby’s college, ya know. I wanted to do a blane and wes but a voice in my head said “too soon”. 100% tomato juice. LOL!! you must be in “the front row” since you are the only one watching us. Zest Fest just didnt bring in enough retail sales to be worth the expense of the trip for us. Silly boy, Size DOES matter!!! hopefully at Fiery Foods in NM in march. If he is calling me little buddy… Guess we found the skipper “The sauces are all natural. The sauce has been aptly named as while the heat is not upfront nor too overpowering there is a lingering burn that sits on the roof of your mouth and that will hang around for a few minutes after you have eaten it. just my guess. I see your point. He’s in Dallas so it seemed natural to refer him to you Said he already had a couple of N Richland Hills guys signe dup for the site- gutter cleaning- which this place could use , If it’s already done, than have no regrets Sam! I’m sure the babysitting offer will be capitalized on, thanks for that by the way. i have all but respect for her as a chiliheader and a darn good hot sauce manufacturer. lol. But that’s a good thing. . Texture: Ultra thin and watery, doesn’t stick to plate, food or side of bottle. I still don’t fully understand the rating thing. So wait?!? i must have been swimming lately. Alternatively use it as a simple call to action with a link to a product or a page. A filled rating star. Hey man! Wizard of ODD Hot Sauce. Learn how your comment data is processed. I didn’t even know that was an option. The drive sucks for me but glad ya’ll are doing something like this for all the northern folk…since Ohio and Jim are a big part of the hot sauce world. Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Filtered Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Syrup, Salt, Umeboshi Vinegar, Red Miso, Ginger Puree, Garlic, Coriander, Cumin, Xanthan Gum, Cayenne Extract. How about top three don’t waste the money shows? First concocted by the Wizard Baldour in his North Carolina cauldron, the original wizard's hot stuff has been adding fiery flavor to natural foods since the 1970's. Haven’t seen or heard any advertising and it’s a little more than a month away. These are **opinions** folks! Say it ain’t so!! LOL! Ruby Wizard Grapefruit Habanero Hot Sauce. oz. See, sometimes its the little things that make life just a little bit better. i dont speak french. I wish I could do Zestfest, but I am just hoping for Albuddahqurque for the Fiery Foods Show. I am so ready to try some new hot sauce. Hot stuff is brought to life with an organic blend of apple cider vinegar, agave syrup, red miso, organic spices, and chili and ginger purees. wrong blog if you want to do blane or wes. Newman: The “That’s Dope” Guy one thing to recommend, well 2… dont piss off Blane (:D) and you better have tuff skin, cause some of these remarks can be borderline personnal. there have been some long nights drinking where I did that alone! Newman nice review, good, honest and fair….. Something Wes knows nothing about… It’s sad that he has to read books on how to win friends…, By the way when you putting up your auction real cheap…. Ingredients: Apple Cider Vinegar, Filtered Water, Cayenne Pepper, Agave Syrup, Salt, Umeboshi Vinegar, Red Miso, Ginger Puree, Garlic, Coriander, Cumin, Xanthan Gum, Cayenne Extract. I got your 3300, litterally. Yes, I said hoopla. That’s a JJ’s I’m talkin’ Zestfest, Wow, from gator wrastlin’ broke ass redneck to old rich fart stranded on an island with nowhere to spend his dough! ROFL – gotcha! whoa, you respect me. Fiery Foods Show – NM -Lars-. Yes, we had the same experience, great social atmosphere but thats just WAY too much to pay for a party! morning! i have been through God’s country (VA and KY among other southern states) and i have not seen any whale meat stands next to boiled p-nuts stands. Babies fly for free right? I’ll be landing Thursday, getting ripped up Thursday night with everyone, hang out on trade day for a little while, fly back mid-afternoon, get back around 11pm, go to sleep, wake up at 5:30, set up camp at the Fire Dept cookoff and cook about 200+ pounds of wings. Isn’t that sort of like saying it’s “Non-carbonated”? Wizard of ODD Hot Sauce. Where the hell do you you come up with this stuff DK??? Grey Star the Wizard is the first gamebook in a series called The World of Lone Wolf.As you can probably guess, this series is set in the same world that the Lone Wolf series in set in. lol. I want to see for myself what all the hoopla is about. Been buying from them for years and will continue to buy from them Useful. ...", "I've had the Armageddon wings a few times, but prefer the Death. lol, Yes Bret is a nice guy, except he always talks to Candy and not me…lol. No heat is detected whatsoever. Dont sweat it Huv – its your 1st show, so no one has anything to compare it to. i believe Jim Campbell of Mild to Wild will be at blair’s booth selling all his goods. Its nice to know though, at least its a different bottle for the shelf. pinch of salt. See ya there! . really fun times. “Yep and we’ll even give ‘em back!” he says, flashing a quick smile. Well I will give in to the east part, but not coast. Bummer we won’t see ya’ll, but theres always New Mexico…. I have had whale and it doesn’t taste at all like chicken, more like a cross between scallops and salmon. Then scrtach my response as well…..but seriously just give us the baby and noone gets hurt! Hey KIDDIES! [Comment ID #106830 Quote] Yeah, I figured ill let everyone know im still alive. I’m even a second hand vegetarian,” he says. Jim. No SALT means MORE FLAVOR! , oooooo whip cream, didn’t think of that. Hey….go get that EGO a tune up….your slipping. oh God, Mrs. We have more fun at NM, Austin, and Houston and of course now we have JJ’s in Ohio. Uncle Big: The Big Guy Taste: Did Not Medal. i wouldnt call montana west coast, i would call it mountain west. That just confirms it for me & saves me the money , I’d rather have someone’s honest opinion Wes, than smoke & mirrors . That made me spit out my drink. Hmmm, does that mean its its 4th place, or 100th? 6.00. So The Fiery Foods Show seems to rate high on the list. The Wizard's Organic Piquante Sauce, Hot Stuff, Original 5 fl. I can’t wait to get another bottle. Your right they are cleaning up the Oscar center. I put a healthy dose on an organic Tempe sandwich but, most of it ran off the food and made a puddle on the plate. I have high school craft shows that do better than Zestfest and its in my backyard. Our hottest sauce so far and the most popular. BD, It will still be a blast YOu ought to see it when the Cash boys get CaJohn doin’ the hard stuff Too bad THT won’t be there , but you can win those without signing up for a booth Uncle Big. I am sure to come across all varieties. . 2 dashes Worcestershire sauce – in the bottom of an empty glass so you’re certain the amount. Wont really matter though cause Bret takes pictures , It was a disguise, gator in hiding. Seriously, we’d love to meet everyone in person, well not everyone, but most. Mind sharing a few of those names with me? Maybe you played with roadkill in your diapers when I was cookin’ it up for Leroy, Bubba, and Betty Lou young ‘un. where do you live Uncle Sam? Medals denote competition. Thanks Newman. Wasn’t Blane going to make those (2) 3 inch signs for BADASSMOFO headquarters? First show and I have no idea what i’m doing. Ruby Wizard imbues grapefruit notes into the fold of tropical habanero peppers and savory garlic bliss. Hey Sam, Zestfest isn’t what it use to be. not many big guy or girls are out here. Little man. Did you hear the echo? Enter: The Wizard. Fri All Day . I live 10 minutes away from Zestfest and have not planned on going except to the parties and have already booked other shows for that weekend. Comment by Fat Kid Sauces (148) – 7/26/2007 @ 2:34 pm |, i thought you were giving me your 2 cents. met some great folk through here. Not to mention DIETARY RESTRICTIONS, some SAUCES also have NO ADDED SUGAR! I’m off this blog site but I have to say this…..Newman he made an effort to bottle a sauce which takes money…as you now I’m a Master Chef… he is real proud of his sauce…… really did not have to cut him to ribbons…you could of gave him some credit…..somewhere…just a small ammount….that is a big slap in the face…I’m goining to order a few bottles of wizard”s…to cook with it…to see what comes up…..ever think of trying it as a maranade??? Regular price $6.49. LOL – nah…. Wed All Day . I guess we will chalk this one up to experience and plan to attend other shows next year. Yeah, I have been watching and reading for a few months. I just told a guy that does a web site featuring what we off duty firefighters do that you’d be there! it is sold in 2 or 3 places on the net. Safe driving to all who have the road trip ahead! Don’t mention mice, some of these guys might bring their smoking kits with them. If this sauce is well covered with olive oil and kept in a jar it will keep in the fridge for 2 to 3 weeks. Is that like “liquor in the front, poker in the rear”? I’m screwed either way! The concept is simple, you get to discover three bottles of hot sauce every three months, delivered straight to you door in our iconic Red Box, sourced from Australia and around the world. JJ’s looks like such a fun place just to visit and from what I’ve heard, it’s a well run establishment, even though they keep Bret on the payroll for some reason. They are not facts. yes big johnson was quite noticable on t’s in that era. We asked the Wizard to add his special brand of magic to make an organic vegan Worcestershire Sauce appear, and he gave us two! Package: Silver (I dig wizards) I have the same problem Bret, they don’t call me Big Head for nothin! These are **opinions** folks! Thanks huv! Nite All. just gambling. you like all the info and good times so far? DEFCON, THT, and Tahiti Joe will NOT be at JJ’s?!? If I told ya, then I’d have to kill the general. Wife is enroute as of 2 PM with your order. . there is the huge JJ’s open house giddy up next weekend that will take a bunch of everyones money. my guess is not a lot of folks. We will go to all the parties and hang out, but no booth. SEC football rules. blair is unable to attend and Jim (the voice of reason) has offered to hold down his tent and all of the sales from blairs booth are being donated to charity. It's startlingly superb! Ummm… She’s *ALOT* prettier I’m on duty that Thrusday- you’re welcome to crash at the firehouse. or are you a part timer on “dangerous catch?”. We won’t be at JJ’s and not sure about Zest Fest. Heck I’m as NERVOUS as a virgin walking thru a prison yard on a dark night. the company is based out of CA. I’ll shoot ya an email. As time went on he started to grow up fast and was healed by then, Sumo played and was around with Hot Sauce a lot which caused trouble for his mom and his grades at school. oh, and one more thing… Jim Campbell is the best, hands down. Should I scoop up some on my way to JJ’s from VA? I’m even a second hand vegetarian,” he says. you practicing being a budweiser lizard? A unfilled rating star. . Hey Kristi, tell Jodie we miss her too, she has been stuck on 942 for awhile, then again all of us seem to be busier now I know I haven’t had much time to chat…good sign the businesses are growing! . This is part of what makes them so special. I get mobbed by people and sell a bunch of sauces and a lot of tee shirts! They been filming part of a movie here for the last 10 days and there’s a big Mover and shaker party up there tonight. Perfect Shop, Great products. I have an exhibitors list current as of yesterday, but that only tells me who will be working there. 352-672-5796 Looking at the list of ingredients, I would have suspected it was water thin despite the gum. Yep, arrived safe and soud! not too bad with a stiff martini. HELLO, HELLo, HELlo, HEllo, Hello, hello, … From that point on the wizard decided to share his creations throughout the kingdom. Not sure I would have thought to try it on fruit. WOW!!! you grew i shrunk. – lol what a loser I am….. Hell Dk and I are waiting to see what we get for 2000. This is a great all-rounder sauce and perfect for pasta and pizza but give it a try in your next cheese toastie or add it to guacamole to really give them both a smoky kick, Delivery charges apply and will be calculated at Checkout, Exclusive offers, new releases and latest news: Join the ChilliBOM mailing list, © 2020, ChilliBOM Maybe those...", Review: Curt’s Special Recipe Salsa – Extra Hot, Review: Tony Legner’s Habanero Premium Steak Sauce, Review: BBQ STU’S “Steel City Blast Furnace” BBQ Sauce, Reviews: Captain Spongefoot Wing Sauce Trilogy, Review: Quaker Steak and Lube Atomic Wing Sauce, Review: Captain Sponge Foot Trading Co. Original-Wing Sauce. i was kidding. Spice maker McCormick & Co. is buying the parent of Cholula Hot Sauce … Next week! A filled rating star A filled rating star. business write off and free advertising. Nothing is set in stone as of yet though. The family will be in tow, no two ways about that. BE there or BE SQUARE! Sorry guys the replies are slow…working off a dial-up at the secluded lake cabin. We’re all trying to squeeze in as much time with our families and make te most of our (very)short lived summer as well so life has been FULL to say the least! As for the money he spent on is sauce, they spent $229 million making WaterWorld. Instead, he … Best part is, I booked the flight months ago, and the round trip only cost about $200. We need to stop treating them as such , I appreciate the review bro! just english, redneck, and a bit of creole. Sam, don’t get me wrong you will have fun at the show with all the gang, we will be there for a lot of the festivities just not running a booth. Grey Star the Wizard by Ian Page. Kristi, do what I did last year and will be doing again this year, a fly-by. Hey John, are you and Maggie driving the Creator mobile over to JJ”s? pinch of coarse ground black pepper. Don’t mask that taste of your food ENHANCE IT! By the way, did you get anything from UPS lately?? No I’m not going I need my rest for all you chiliheads next week……. I still need to get in touch with you about product Krisit, and I will next week. i don’t think he bottled it. Once you try the WIZARD’s SAUCES it is hard to use anything else! 2 weeks ago score. Ummm…that kinda didn’t come out right. Wes, I think Newman just reviewed the sauce. generallee: the hayseed The Wizard is a culinary genius. 1/4 tsp. All three sauces are also stocked at local bars and restaurants. i am pretty funny too ya know. I drove a golf cart to school. Hours. daddys old Ford (the chevy was always broken, go figure). . This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. [Comment ID #106771 Quote] I’ll give it a try if I EVER GET A BOTTLE…………. I have a bottle of “Wizard’s” sauce stashed away in the “boxed up” collection from years ago. Anyone who hasn’t tried Huv’s Mango Amore, this stuff is sooooo good on fruit, especially bananas. Seems to me the comments support the review. i heard she is kinda cute also. It will be a family vacation, and my two older boys love spicy food just as much as I do. i dont think mrs friendly kristi and i will be at each others throats in the near future. i am just one of the trouble makers here. Join the ChilliBOM Hot Sauce Club today I am a postal worker, so I do know my way around the US map, at least a wee bit. Medal Round (Ratings) LOL – Sleep, whats that – I have a new born . Get over yourself…. . Oops probably another lie….. Brand new: lowest price. The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Maybe if you took Amtrak you can save a few bucks. Hey, Blane can’t help it. I haven’t forgot about you. Yet, I do know where there are roads, and in turn the roadkill. I’m looking for some other shows to hit either later this year or early next year before and after NM. If it isn't crafted by the Wizard, it isn't worth the time. LOL – in the Huvason Limo???? parker, how is your popcorn and cold beverage today? google it wes. So this may be a way of assuring those folks that there is no gluten (even though gluten can come from more than just wheat, I think). Special Mango Amore Shipping Monday Ed AND K R I S T I !!!!!!!!!!! Zestfest is the only one we have not planned on going too. This bright, luscious sauce is blended with orange habaneros, fresh pineapple, pear, and papaya. Oh I know we can enter, we entered last year and Huv kicked our azz in our category, and deservedly so. How many hot sauces have wheat ingredients, really? Will do BD, yes, summer has brought in some great numbers and nice new accounts for us. 1 of 2 This Tuesday Nov. 24, 2020 photo shows a bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce. Kristi: The “Mary-Ann” (Gilligan’s Island) As confirmed yesterday Mild and Wild will share space w/CaJohn. Have I read these comments correct?!? This year we’ll be entering two of our new sauces, so watch out everyone, fingers crossed, we’ll get some of those pertty little gold seals for our bottles!! if you can’t find it, let me know I can send you some. It all but ruined a perfectly good sandwich. Go Dawgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No scores… just honest opinions. you could hire Candy to run your booth and we can just walk around, will make her wear the fire gear. . If I would have seen this in a store, I probably would have bought it and been just as disappointed as you were. We just say that to make you little guys feel better. Not at all, it actually sppeds the assimilation process, it’s mesmerizes those who gaze upon it, and they will flock to Jungle Jim’s not unlike the mice following the Pied Piper. Quite often I’ve noticed that it is a tight community and if you don’t personally know the people the comments make no sense. As far as advertising and having there act together, JJ’s sounds like a great place for you next year UB, course we don’t want to give Bret to big of a head since the first annual hasn’t taken place yet. Scott! and one more thing, comsume lots of hot sauce, it is cancer fighting. ohio doesn’t touch the east coast. You've already flagged this MJD 1 review. Like more then 50% of the bottles I have. Cant afford to buy 2 bottles of every sauce ya know.

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