raw fruit desserts

Source: Raw Carrot Cake With Cashew Cream Frosting. are delightful. Fruits are perfection in a pie; they're the fresh and juicy crunch tucked away in a creamy layer cake, and the tangy, tasty topping of a graham cracker crumb tart. No refined or artificial sweeteners here! Serve in a heaping bowl on its own or top with Greek yogurt or coconut cream. This is delectable! Instead of refined sugars, this recipe uses dates for sweetness, and lemon juice and nutmeg for that extra zing. Emily von Euw‘s Raw Orange and Blueberry Cheesecake has a vibrant array of colours that are naturally pleasing to your pretty little eyes. Plus perfect individual serving! Great for the warmth of spring or summer, and also for energy conservation, you can avoid cranking up the oven to 350 when making a raw dessert. That way, you get to enjoy two versions: the more traditional, familiar recipe, and the new, tantalizing recipe. From Straight Up Food. I used these classic tartlet molds (

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