mawa modak without mould

… Although it is quite a grand fare, the good news is that it is much easier to make than the traditional modak, which requires a bit of deft handwork. First of all switch on the flame on medium heat, take up a pan & add 1.5 tsp ghee & let it heat. It won’t be well defined, but it works. Modak can also be prepared without the mould. Methods of Preparation:- 1. For stuffing, take up a small mixer jar, add almonds, cashews, chirongi, cardamom’s, castor sugar & grind it 4 to 5 times for 10 seconds with a gap of 10 seconds until powder turns into a smooth paste. If you do not have modak mold, shape a lemon size dough ball using your fingers like a potli or dumpling having a pointing tip and round bottom. You can use powdered jaggery or light brown sugar instead of white sugar to sweeten the modak. If you try this recipe and love it, please leave a Star Rating. Next, add crumbled khoya (mawa). The saffron gives the beautiful golden color to the modak whereas the sweet aroma and flavor of green cardamom make it truly delectable. Otherwise, sugar will start melting making dough way too sticky and difficult to mold. Mix semolina and khoya using a spatula. Rava Modak ( Gulkand and Cinnamon-Coconut Flavour) without Mould by Barnali Biswas - 00:07 Views August 24 First of all wish all my readers a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi. There is no steaming process or stuffing required to make this mawa modak. Modak moulds Method 1. The khoya (mawa/pal khova) is the key ingredient in my modak recipe. making modak without mould Take a ball and flatten it with your fingers to a round disc or a shallow bowl shape. Then make vertical impressions all around the modak … Make sure khoya is at room temperature and not semi-frozen or cold. You can use jaggery powder as well. 14. Leave it at room temperature for a few minutes before using it. Using a toothpick or bamboo skewer make curved lines at equal distance from top to bottom. The flavor of saffron and cardamom make the mawa modak really special. You have to continuously stir it for even frying and coloring. Transfer the khoya mixture to a wide bowl. I use unsweetened khova for this modak recipe. Without Mould. Mawa modak is a sweet made with sweetened milk solids, cardamom, and saffron milk. In cold climatic conditions, you can leave them at the kitchen counter in an airtight container for 1 – 2 days. Modak remain fresh and soft for 1 – 2 hours at room temperature. trying it over the weekend . It is a fusion version of traditional and modern modak and is very easy to make without any steaming or frying, and tastes amazing. Shape modak. Ganesh Chaturthi is a Hindu festival celebrated to welcome the Lord Ganesha on earth. 2 cups mawa or khoya, crumbled; 3/4 cup powdered sugar; 2 tbsp rose syrup; Directions. Mix nicely. You can skip this step if the mold is a non-stick one. Modak is a rice flour dumpling stuffed with coconut and jaggery sweet mixture. 10. Do not add sugar in the hot khoya mixture. Watch Mawa Modak … Ganpati Bappa Morya Ganesha Chaturthi is the Hindu festival celebrated in honor of the elephant-headed God, … Any other year this would be a time for fun and frolic. Modak (sweet Indian dumpling) is lord Ganesha's favorite sweet and this festival will be incomplete without offering this to him. ... Modak mould; Method. Set aside while preparing the modak mixture. Add milk powder, mix it well & then add yellow food colour (pinch of turmeric can also be taken to replace it) & cook it until mixture starts to thicken up & leaving the sides of the pan. Then it is mixed well using a spoon or hands. No Mould Mawa Modak’s Posted by Cooking with Arpit on August 30, 2020 August 30, 2020 Modak’s are not only favourite of #GanpatiBappa… yet they … Add the ricotta cheese and cook for 6-8 minutes, stirring constantly. It is mainly celebrated in the state of Maharashtra, India. Sneha Seth. You can keep them in the refrigerator for 5 – 10 minutes if they are too soft. But for this year's Ganesh Chaturthi I thought of making these easy yet delicious Kesar Mawa Modak… You can apply ghee or oil in your palms while flattening. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Heat a non-stick pan, add ghee, milk and milk powder. Unmold the modak gently without breaking its shape. 7. This helps us grow and reach many other food lovers like you, who are looking for a perfect tried and tested recipe. Cool to warm: Remove it to a plate and let it cool to touch (warm). Shape modak. Once the prepared dish is cooled, take some portion of it and shape it into a modak using your hands. Continuously stir the semolina while frying. 9. There are a lot of traditional Marathi dishes prepared to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi. ... Mawa Modak Recipe. If khoya is not available, combine 1/2 cup milk with 1 1/2 cup of milk powder (dairy whitener). Make Stuffing: - In a bowl, take chopped dates (or figs), add dry coconut and coarsely ground nuts. Once the mixture is cool enough to handle, saffron milk is added to it. 12. Recipes: Mawa Modak, Moong Dal Phulka, Mitho Lolo. ( Log Out /  Rich and luscious, the Mawa Modak is a melt-in-the-mouth treat, which puts other mithai to shame with its unique taste and texture. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I use unsweetened khova to make modak. I prefer storing them in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Modak is one of the most essential sweets to be made on the occasion. Hope you people like my blog.... … Apart from modak, coconut ladoo, karanji, kheer, sabudana khichdi, puran poli, and many other festive sweets and snacks are prepared to offer Lord Ganesha. 5. This Ganesh Chaturthi worship Lord Ganesha by offering 10 different varieties of modaks on 10 different days of the festival. Learn how to make instant mawa modak in a few simple steps. Yes you read it right, this recipe shows you how to make modaks Bengali style i.e. Semolina (rava) gives a nice texture and taste to the modak. Preparing Mawa modak at home is not at all time coonsuming. Pinch a small portion of the dough (according to the size of the mold) and stuff it on one side of the mold. Now take the modak mould and stuff it with mawa mixture. For making modak, grease your hands with little ghee, take up a small portion from maawa, round it inbetween your palm, flatten it, add one raisin(kishmish), little stuffing, & then enclose it with maawa again. Instant mawa kesar modak is a sweet dumpling made with khoa/mawa as outer covering with a filling of dry coconut powder mixed with raw sugar and kesar milk. Add mawa and keep stirring for a minute, the mawa will start melting. Shape & design all modak’s like this. If you don't have Modak Moulds then just roll the mawa mixture in to small balls just like Pedha. Once the mawa mixture is comfortable to touch, add powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and kewra essence to the Kesar mawa … Back at home in India, mom and aaji would make either Fried or ukadiche (steamed) modak on this occasion and so I simply follow this tradition. Combine slivered almonds, pistachios, desiccated coconut, jaggery, cardamom powder, and cashews in a bowl. For more such fun recipes in your life subscribe to our weekly newsletter or follow us on Instagram, Youtube for all the daily updates. So without any delay, lets have a look on this easy, flavourful recepi. But this is totally optional. Transfer mixture in to dish and refrigerate for an hour. 3. Heat ghee in a heavy bottom kadhai or casserole. Now keep frying the khoya till it becomes smooth and the fat starts oozing from the sides. Source. 11. As ghee melts completely, add dessicated coconut & let it roast until light golden brown in colour. It should be lukewarm to touch and not piping hot. First, pinch out a lemon-sized dough ball and flatten it with the palms of your greased hands. Instant Modak is a quick modak recipe made with milk powder , sugar and dry fruits. There are a variety of modak recipes such as ukadiche modak, mawa (khoya) modak, nariyal modak, or modern versions such as chocolate modak. Take the same pan again, & add rest of the ghee & let it melt completely. Modak can also be prepared without the mold. Cook them over a low flame, continuously stir till you get a soft, non-sticky dough. You can stuff a variety of dry fruits, desiccated coconut, and other types of sweet filling in this mawa modak. This kozhukattai is shaped using a modak mold and can be made in 15 minutes! The texture becomes firm and they remain fresh for 10 – 15 days. Rich and luscious, these mawa modaks are a melt-in-the-mouth treat, that will surely make you salivate. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I created this blog in order to promote my homemade innovations to the whole world. Full fat milk is cooked on low flame till it is reduced to 20-25% of its original quantity. Add powdered sugar in to mawa, add yellow food color and mix well. This is a delicious instant modak recipe that requires only 6 ingredients (if you don’t count milk). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The rich flavours of jaggery, coconut, desi ghee and nuts etc are so appealing to your taste buds that you cannot stop craving for more. According to folklore, Modak is considered Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet dish. It is a gluten-free Maharashtrian sweet made to celebrate the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. "NOTE: Don’t let the mixture cool … ( Log Out /  Grease the mould with ghee.Fill mould with mawa,make a hole in center,put filling ball and cover it with mawa coating again.Repeat the steps for all modaks. Using a toothpick or bamboo skewer make curved lines at equal distance from top to bottom. For outer covering, heat a heavy bottom pan on low flame. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can get it in Indian grocery stores or sweet shops. Here are the 6 ingredients required for modak recipe: Khoya (mawa) – it is a dried or thick evaporated milk mainly used to make Indian sweets and desserts. Start frying khova straightaway. 13. If left unattended it burns very fast. The resultant product is called Mawa / Khava / Khoya / Milk Fudge. As the milk boils, add granulated sugar & melt this also by continuously stirring it. This is the. If you feel that the mawa mixture is too soft to shape into modaks, … It is one of the easiest modak recipes and hardly takes any effort. The festive season has started. While frying semolina (rava) and khoya do not leave the pan unattended as the mixture burns very fast. If you are not too keen to add semolina, skip ghee as well. 8. Instant mawa modak without mould Rich and delicious madak are made with milk powder and served as offerings to Lord Ganesha. Mawa Rose Strawberry Modak- Festive Special. Sandesh Modak. Let the maawa cool down a bit & then add 1/2 tbsp of dessicated coconut into it & mix it well too. Dry fruits and nuts are also stuffed inside this modak . Such an easy recipe! Modak is ready! If you do not have modak mold, shape a lemon size dough ball using your fingers like a potli or dumpling having a pointing tip and round bottom. When it melts, add sugar, and stir for another minute. Stay tuned for the latest updates on my facebook page 'Cooking with Arpit' & don't forget to #Like #Share & #Comment on my youtube channel @ BIGG FOODIE JUNCTION, Modak’s are not only favourite of #GanpatiBappa…yet they are favourite of everyone..even mine too..#GanpatiBappaMorya #MangalMurtiMorya #MaawaModaks #NoMouldModaks #YummyMouldModak #StuffedModaks #InstantStuffedMaawaModaks. Heat a heavy bottomed pan. This is a simpler version, and can be prepared in few minutes. Milk powder modak is a mouth watering treat with its unique taste and texture. This post shares a version of mawa modak where instant mawa is prepared using milk powder and shaped into modak using moulds. Add powdered sugar and mix with your fingers to form a smooth, soft, non-sticky dough. This is in, Now, add the green cardamom powder and saffron soaked milk. Grease or brush the modak mold with the 1/4 teaspoon of ghee. Flavor the dough with saffron, cardamom, and sugar. Matar Paneer Recipe – Instant Pot + Stovetop. Do not add powdered sugar in the hot khoya mixture. Change ), For more Recipes & details Log on to my facebook page named 'Cooking with Arpit' at, Welcome to 'Cooking with Arpit' "Homemade is the best", #MaawaModaks #NoMouldModaks #StuffedMaawaModaks #InstantMaawaModaks #GanpatiBappaMorya #GaneshChaturthiRecipes. Instant Modak recipe with step by step images and video. This is a 6-ingredient easy to follow modak recipe made with mawa (khoya). Semolina (rava) – I add a tablespoon of suji (rava) in my modak to give it a good taste and texture. In this type of Modak, Mawa is roasted over medium heat and then it is rested for 5-10 minutes to cool down a bit. 2. I am a passionate Indian food blogger living in India with my husband and our pug, named Momo. Sugar – use powdered white sugar or grind granulated white sugar in the blender. 6. Use your thumbs to press the edges. Mix to combine. ( Log Out /  Tips. View all posts by Cooking with Arpit. Ingredients Milk powder – … Serve, eat & enjoy. In order to give design in a modak, take up a spoon, insert it vertically from its back portion with little gaps in the upper layer of the modak. This is a 6-ingredient easy to follow modak recipe made with mawa (khoya). That is, In low to medium flame, keep frying the khoya till all the fat disappears and the khoya starts coming together like a soft dough. But nowadays it is made from readily available Mawa. Again make a round ball, & start shaping by putting pressure from bottom to top to give it a shape of a cone or modak. Add semolina (rava) fry till it turns light brown in color. Optional Ingredients – ghee, saffron, green cardamom powder. ( Log Out /  Modak is a traditional Indian sweet offered as a prasad (sacred offering) to the Lord Ganesha. Allow to cool down for 5 – 10 minutes or till it becomes lukewarm to touch. Soak saffron strands in warm milk. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If you are using sweet khova, taste first, and add sugar accordingly. Arrange the modak on a serving platter. This modak on the other hand just requires you to pack the mixture into the modak mould, and de-mould after a press. Milk, milk powder, cocoa powder, Cadbury chocolate, powdered sugar, chopped dry fruits are the secret ingredients of this modak recipe. 2. Traditionally, Mawa Modak / Pedhas were made by reducing milk. Instant Mawa Modak WITHOUT MOULD |बिना साँचे के इंस्टंट मोदक | Quick & Easy | 5 Ingredient | Chef Sanjyot Keer may the lord bless you all with health and happiness all year round. As ghee melts, add full cream milk, & let it boil by stirring continuously. For stuffing, combine all the ingredients, mix well, and keep aside. Flavor the dough with saffron, cardamom, and sugar. If you are using sweet khova, taste first, and add sugar accordingly. Hello everyone, This is Arpit Verma from Lucknow. I am a passionate food lover. Modak moulds are easily available online but you can make it without mould if you don’t find one. Gently press the filling with the other side of the mold to get modak shape. Add chopped almonds to the grinded paste or stuffing which adds a bite when you eat modak’s. Roll it again gently without applying too much pressure. modak modak without mould ukadiche modak ukadiche modak without mould For this, take some mawa mixture and make a base on the palm while narrowing it on the top like a pointed dome. apply some ghee at the modak of the modak and steam in the steamer for 10-12 mins on low to medium flame. But make sure to use powdered sugar not granulated. 20 minutes Ingredients. Keep frying until all the milk is absorbed by the khoya and once again it becomes like a soft dough. Garnish with saffron. Fun FOOD Frolic is all about tried and tested comforting meals from my kitchen. Chocolate modak recipe – Chocolate modak is a cocoa powder and milk powder(dry mawa or khoya) based fusion modak for Lord ganpati. It should be lukewarm to touch and not piping hot. For this, take some mawa mixture and with the help of the hands make a base while narrowing it … 4. It is an easy to follow, fuss-free modak recipe for the beginners like us.

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