how to survive an elephant attack

Most people would tell you that being swallowed by a whale is an immediate death sentence and they'd have good reason for it. You must drive off before the elephant reaches you because it can very well flip the car over. They will eventually follow you and restrict you from getting away. Unless there’s a building of some sort very close to you, believe it that the elephant will catch up with you before you can go far out in the open. If your nerves fail you and you must run, don’t run in a straight line. Survive a Charging Elephant. How to survive attacks from the world’s most dangerous animals. The secret is to avoid panicking if an aggressive monkey comes at you and jumps on you. Also, running and jumping into water is a big NO, because they swim very well too and there may be other equally dangerous creatures in the water as well. Many people who study monkeys have been attacked by them – but have never been bitten. 2007. Elephants that are angered could run up to 35 km/h and the fastest human being runs at around 37 km/h. Running away from an elephant isn’t an easy thing. How to Survive an Elephant Attack. Large objects such as large rocks, large trees that are strong, building rubble etc. Whether you are attacked by captive elephants or wild ones, the result can be equally deadly. By David E. Petzal. They both live in hot, somewhat inhospitable environments, with occasional droughts and plenty of predators to threaten prey animals, but their adaptations have helped them to survive … Rhim-gazelle saves his life against all odds from lions and a crocodile. I sat under a low tree in a foetal position and communicated passive, loving vibes. you are not carrying a weapon and there is no one else around to help you. Here's how to survive getting swallowed by a whale. That’s because they can’t change direction quickly due to their bulk. An African PH shares his closes calls from dangerous-game hunts. Updated: December 18, 2019. It is very important to look for a pathway that would be difficult for an elephant to follow or large objects that can act as a shield. Required fields are marked *. :/ The chances of serious injury and death are more if you turn your back to a charging elephant and run. It is thought that most charges are “mock” (threat) charges, that is, the elephant is pretending to charge but is actually testing you out to see if you’re aggressive or a non-threat. try not to encounter an elephant.. i think that is the best way to survive elephant. The best way to survive a lion attack is to stay out of areas they inhabit. Never turn your back and run since it will just invite the tiger to chase and attack you. How to. and suddenly find yourself being chased by an enraged elephant (African or Asian), what could one do to avoid being killed. “WATCH: Elephants Stampede Near Safari Bus Leaving Tourists Fearing For Their Lives”. Survive a Tiger Attack. You have entered an incorrect email address! Identify a Deer Tick. Your only priority should be to dodge the elephant. Wildlife team to the rescue. But get on their bad side and these easily-agitated, 12,000 pound animals can become surprisingly fast and surprisingly aggressive. In the African rain forests of Congo, conservationist Mike Fay is charged by a 3-ton elephant. If the elephant’s ears are pinned back flat, it is likely that the charge is real. Ears that are fanned out are indicative of a mock charge. 2007. Treat Sand Flea Bites. What does Mike do to keep himself out of harm's way? Throw a jacket or a bag on the other side to distract the elephant. Shark attacks are a reality in many countries, and every year people die or get seriously injured by them. WILD ELEPHANT VIDEO IS A WEBSITE THAT RICH WITH GOOD-QUALITY VIDEOS OF ELEPHANTS AND THEIR HABITATS. These attacks happen around rural areas and other occasions where they hold elephants in captivity. Documentaries allow humans to view the spectacularly massive mammals up close in their natural environment, but as this crew learn sometimes it's better to observe at a distance after being hunted by a pride of Lions, a herd of forty elephants stampede through the bush towards the tourists. “Elephants Attack as Humans Turn Up the Pressure” BRIAN HANDWERK “What It Feels Like…To Be Attacked By An Elephant”. Running in a zig-zag pattern could confuse the elephant and make it difficult for the animal to keep up with you. If you happen to see a large tree that is strong enough to keep the elephant from breaking it down, you are completely safe up on the tree. Srinivasan also told us how to protect ourselves from an elephant attack: “Elephants might look big and slow moving, but they can run really fast Will also come handy in any attack kind of situation to survive through it. You’re likely to hear trumpeting of a warning from the elephant. p.s. Villagers rescues drowning elephant from deep well, A Beautiful Scene of Young Tuskers with an Elephant Herd, Sick wild elephant came to village,Wildlife team gets treated, Baby elephant left behind by the herd is injured and sad until Awesome people showed up, Elephants get a free pass to a National Park from a village area, Behemoth of an elephant waits by the village demanding food, Elephants making love – This is how giant elephants mate, The magnificent alpha tusker with THICK tusks, The look of humanity to an injured elephant, Ayurvedic treatment for cute baby elephant, How elephants enjoy little things like the rain, Giant elephant gets a ticket to a safe jungle, The Baby elephant who felt like walking in hell saved by kindness. Adult elephants have very few predators, except humans, due to their massive size and superior strength. Humans poach the massive animals for their ivory tusks, which are very valuable in some cultures. Unexpected baby arrival! Fallen Giant Sick elephant gets transported to the elephant orphanage (part 1). Elephants might seem like gentle giants. Surviving an Attack 1. If an elephant’s ears are relaxed, he is probably making a mock charge. You can use that few extra seconds to run away towards a different direction. Shout at an elephant, stare out a lion but NEVER make eye contact with a leopard: How to survive attacks from the world's most dangerous animals A lion … It might sound impossible to make it through any of these life-threatening scenarios in one piece, but some very lucky people have and we’d like to present the storyboard of harrowing survival stories to prove it. Following a few of these simple tricks can save your life. More Hunting. And now, they are only found in Africa, where they stick to Sub-Saharan areas. There’s also an interesting list of deadly animals at the end in order of number of deaths each year. But regardless of where you find them, treat them with the utmost caution. Stop a Goose Attack. There are two distinct species of elephants: African elephants (Loxodonta africana) and Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). Elephants are very friendly animals, but their habitat is increasingly being occupied by humans, resulting in human-animal conflict. How to survive an elephant attack Few days back, while watching the TV, I found a news channel featuring a grieving mother. Hunting. Get Rid of Mosquitoes. How to. Town, Jamie. If there’s a vehicle near you and you can drive off very fast before the animal reaches you, then go for it. Sri Lankan Sambar Deer Rescue and Treatments. How to survive an elephant attack More than 500 people are estimated to be killed by elephant attacks each year. How to survive an elephant attack. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. An elephant … This happened in wayanad kerala, driver's presence of mind saved them WE SHARE UNIQUE, DRAMATIC, FUNNY AND EXCITING ENCOUNTERS ABOUT ELEPHANTS AND SAVING THEM. According to an estimate, around 500 people are killed annually by elephants; they are considered one of the most dangerous animals in India.If you are the victim of an elephant attack, don't think that all is lost; there are steps you can take that can save your life. Young elephants are preyed upon by crocodiles and other larger animals. The US and Australia top the list with 1,406 and 488 attacks over the last 30 years. Your email address will not be published. Be able to recognize the difference between an elephant who is making a mock charge and an elephant who is about to trample you. Your email address will not be published. The monkey is most likely only asserting itself and … How to Survive an Encounter with an Ostrich. When the elephant sees that simple action, It will attack it instead. Lions used to inhabit Asia and Europe, but 94% of their population has been wiped out. The Independent. But that doesn't mean that survival is impossible just ask rain or shine in 2007, he was gobbled up by a whale while taking pictures of South Africa's coast. Elephants can’t climb. With recent attack by an elephant which led to death one person, we bring tips on how you can the bulk animal attack; Do not turn and run The chances of serious injury and death are more if you turn your back to a charging elephant and run. Don’t panic. Esquire. So by doing the above-stated tactics of getting cover using large objects can save everyone’s lives. So, if anyone finds themselves in a dangerous situation, it is important to be aware of some key indicators of an angry elephant. A              trunk that is curled inward will often accompany this. How to. If an elephant charges at you, you can attempt with shouting at them with all the voice you got. Lion Attack; Hippo Attack; Elephant; Gorilla; How to Survive Animal Attacks in the Wild. 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How to. Article by James Buck. But this is very tricky! So if you happen to be in a group and to know that you are the fastest runner in the group, you can try to help the obvious slow runners live by taunting the elephant yourself to gain its attention. Explore this storyboard about Science, Videos by How to Survive on Flipboard. So, unless you have already booked an African adventure trip, you are probably safe from a lion attack. Buzz Charlton is one of the best African professional hunters for dangerous game hunts. How to. To survive a tiger attack, back away slowly and calmly if the tiger is snarling and looking like it's going to attack. This is how to survive an elephant stampede. The Concept applied is " Inertia"... Inertia: Everybody in this universe has a property that it always offers some resistance to the change of its state. Elephants are good swimmers. Treating an injured Elephant injured by “Hakka patas” traps used by demons among men. Click here to learn more about how to survive ANY animal attack! Her son was attacked by a tusker while he was on a … “Survival Stories: When Animals Attack (And Humans Survive)”. 2020How to survive Elephant attackSurvival#1 When Elephant ears are laid back, RUN!! Chester zoo celebrates the birth of a newborn baby three months after due date. How to. By a woman who lived to tell the tale. Ostriches can be found in the wild, on safaris, or on ostrich farms. Animal attacks are one of the most terrifying survival situations to find yourself in. Latest. Elephant trapped with a wire is helpless. How to Survive an Elephant Attack. She had lost her only son, a techie, to an elephant attack near Bannerghatta National Park. He shares his best safari hunting tips with Field & Stream. If you ever find yourself staring down an angry rhino, you’ll know just what to do.. Do not be in a swimming competition with an elephant ever. Elephants have a phenomenal sense of smell and can sniff out the vaguest hint of B.O. !#2 Hide in a hollow tree or behind a tree#4 Do Not RUN In A ZigZag#5 Try to intimidate The animal during a Mock charge#6 Play dead as a last resort2020That's how to survive an elephant attackBye Protecting Yourself from Animal Attacks. Unless there’s a building of some sort very close to you, believe it that the elephant will catch up with you before you can go far out in the open. If you are in an open field (no shelter, trees etc.)

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