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The left-hand starts off with quarter notes, playing open thirds starting on G. Those thirds shift to intervals of a 4th on C and G, and then return back for a repeat of the same material. It’s relatively short at 3 minutes in length, but it can be combined with Gympnopedie No. Learning some easy piano songs is a big help. I hope you find this to be the most complete piano resource out there! It reappears throughout the three lines of music. In addition to the top 15 easy classical piano songs here is a few more songs that just didn’t quite make our top 15 list. Certain content that appears on JoshuaRossPiano.com comes from Amazon Services LLC. The original edition of the piece is actually quite challenging when the galloping F major section comes into play. Scarlatti – Sonata in A Major K. 208 18 in C major can be found here. If you’re looking for an easy short classical piano piece, then this is the one to go with. It’s really easy to pick up this piece, and there are plenty of easy arrangements of it. Heathens is a rap-rock song and written in the key of E minor. In the United States, I've given successful performances in several places including New York, Florida, Connecticut, & New Jersey, I have also performed internationally in Italy and made my Carnegie Hall debut in 2014. The musical form is easy to understand and it’s a basic AABA structure. 2009 Schubert Ave Maria . There are many arrangements of the piece available, but they all start off with the pedal B-flat in the left hand, and the grouped 6 tuplets in the right hand. The two-part Inventions are a great way to introduce an intermediate pianist to Bach’s music. Clair de Lune is a straightforward and relatively slow piece but always sounds impressive. This is also in A minor and repeats a syncopated pattern throughout. Many of those 12 pieces contain several Minuets and other simple pieces. Beethoven Fur Elise (Easy Version) 2001 Trad. You won’t want to go too heavy on the keys, and you need to stay fluid to pull off the irregular harmonies. Tweet on Twitter. The piece goes through some interesting chord progressions about 3 minutes in, with several accidentals throughout. Whether it’s a wedding, funeral, or church service, this piece always seems to meet the mood. The central chord structure of this piece is what makes it easy. My childhood piano experience was a stressful one, but today playing piano has become for me a nice outlet, a relaxing escape from the computer screen, from answering emails and scheduling calendar appointments.. Pianists only need to have a firm grip on dotted half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes. The piece modulates through chromatic shifts in the left hand, sometimes with awkward chords. This Bagatelle by Diabelli is short, sweet, and a great intro piece for beginning pianists. Categories Music Practice Piano Post navigation. 1) … This piece is very tonal, so it’s easy to break it down harmonically making it easy to memorize as well. 16. Diabelli – Bagatelle It’s great practice both for arpeggios as well as chords. Related: 5 Easy Pop Songs to Play. This prelude is essentially an exercise in broken C major chords. Another great tune for breaking away from the traditional easy classical piano songs. 4. 10. , so it could be the first tune you bust out to get some appreciative nods. Here are some of our favourite pieces of easy music for keys. The left hand, for the most part, moves at a constant pulse with the right hand performing most of the passagework. That makes it a great benchmark. A nod to the Gregorian chants, this Kyrie Eleison by Mozart is a really easy read. My favorite easy arrangement of this Grieg piece is this one. I enjoy blogging about the piano, the art of performance, general music, current events and the latest in music production. 1  To pull that off with ease, students with smaller hands should simply roll it. Piano Playing And Preventing Carpal Tunnel, Playing Piano Music On Guitar - Helpful Tips. Virtual Sheet Music PDF files - License Agreement Carefully read all the terms and conditions of this license agreement prior to use of this document. Rhythmically the pianist has to deal with eighth notes, mostly moving at intervals of a 2nd. The great thing is that none of the notes extend beyond the five finger position in G major. 25 in A minor (WoO 59, Bia 515) for solo piano, commonly known as "Für Elise", is one of Ludwig van Beethoven's most popular compositions. Note: the YouTube videos are not of me :) Enjoy! I recommend checking out the Henle edition of this work. Beethoven – Fur Elise There’s a reason a lot of piano lessons start with this tune. As the piece progresses it goes through several modulations from C sharp minor to E major, to B minor and finally concluding in C sharp minor. The B section of the piece is written in the relative E minor. Toronto's No. Try getting even more specific – narrow the classical genre into smaller sections, either by composer or by style (opera, oratorio, romantic works etc.) Overall the same rhythmic motives appear from start to finish in this piece. From the soundtrack of French film Amélie, it’s a moving piece with a simple yet poignant melody. Classical music has an essential role in any player’s repertoire. Classical music is engaging to play and will keep young [...], link to Piano Playing And Preventing Carpal Tunnel, link to Playing Piano Music On Guitar - Helpful Tips. Easy Piano Songs for Beginners. Easy Piano arrangements of fifty pieces, from pop songs to classical themes, complete with song background notes and playing hints and tips. There are minimal flats throughout the piece, it’s short, and the same rhythmic motives occur throughout the piece. Even the tricky parts of the piece can be picked up easily with a little practice, so it’s also a good piece to measure progression. This piece is based solely on appoggiaturas with the right hand controlling the melody and pacing. Another solid beginner tune, Eine Kleine Nachtmusic was originally composed for a chamber ensemble. Be sure to follow our blog for more music news and helpful tips. When studying the piece you should aim to lock the chords down first. They do a fine job of separating the melody out clearly but also leaving enough supporting parts to make it sound just as good as the original. These are both great fundamentals that you’ll need in the future. It can be slowed down for learning while still retaining its identity. Hello & thanks for stopping by! It provides a lot of chord practice, too. This piece is recognizable and often adapted, such as in Disney’s Fantasia. Looking for easy classical piano songs to play? It teaches arpeggiation of chords, phrasing, and chord structure. It’s written in 3/4, so it has a swinging rhythm to it. In all, the entire set is around an hour long! This arrangement of Claire de Lune by Alfred is what I recommend. It’s a piece that can be played slow and lyrical, or light and upbeat. 14. The left hand maintains a constant grouping of triplets that help guide the piece along in C sharp minor. What makes this Prelude easy is the that it’s all based on triads being produced in the same repetitive sequence. One chord to make note of is in the last line of the piece. Read on for my guide to these 25 simple piano songs. The title translates to “Dreaming”, and the piece follows that style very much. I definitely recommend this for an intermediate pianist who has a firm grasp on dynamic contrast and is able to stretch their hands comfortably. Bach’s Prelude in C Major is one of the best easy piano songs to learn when you want to start playing some classical music on the piano. Learn to play the great works of Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Chopin and many others. There are also very few musical markings, so Schumann leaves it up to the artist to apply their own interpretations. There are only a couple of sharps and flats to worry about, and everything moves collectively at the same pace. I'm a professional concert pianist and piano instructor. If you look at the sheet music the lower line of staff is always for the left hand. There are also the occasional grace notes sprinkled into the piece. C major is a familiar key for most novice pianists. Debussy – Claire De Lune It’s relatively short at 3 minutes in length, but it can be combined with Gympnopedie No. There are many movements in here that I would suggest starting with the first one before moving on. 20. A simple analysis of the piece highlighting the form will make this really easy to understand. The chord structure is simple and LH repeats the same pattern throughout the piece. Free UK delivery in 1-2 days, worldwide shipping & money-back guarantee. 1. Some songs were meant to be easy, others were not, but don’t let this stop you… Our easy piano songs collection includes both very easy and beginner songs (i.e songs that were originally meant to be easy to play) and also easier versions for more complicated songs. The finger work and bouncy ragtime sound make it stand out among the Beethoven and the Bach, so it’s good for the wow factor that goes beyond the traditional sound of the finger work and bouncy ragtime sound make it stand out among the Beethoven and the Bach, so it’s good for the wow factor that goes beyond the traditional sound of classical piano music. Supplement your practice with our lessons on piano chords, and you can learn a lot! One can simply follow an I IV I V I pattern in the bass to accompany the melody itself. The Nannerl book was a collection of pieces mostly composed by Mozart’s father. Step 1: Finding Simple Piano Songs to Learn. Practice these songs when you have mastered the Super Easy songs category. The piece moves at a slow tempo, so it’s easy to place notes and difficult rhythms as they come up. Ones to keep an eye on in this book are the Minuet in F major and the Andante in C. Both of these pieces are short in length and are some of Mozart’s first compositions. It’s about 40 seconds long, and it’s written in G major which is simple to read. It might be a challenge for a true beginner, but the low technical demands will quickly take you from clumsy to perfect. 70 pages of the most popular Classical pieces for easy piano. Not all classical piano songs have to come from the old world, as evidenced by this piece of Americana. Because the piece is written mostly in 6 voices, it does present some challenges, particularly when lining up the rhythms between both hands. Easy piano songs include Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, Firework by Katy Perry, 7 Years by Lukas Graham and Astronomia by Vicetone. This is later expanded throughout the piece, repeated with more decorative chords and sixteenth note passages that can be tough to understand fully. Overall the piece is short at just a minute long, and it’s an easy read. 9. This list of easy piano songs would not be complete without something from Disney! If you have practiced few songs on piano then you can give this song a try.

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