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Review the cleaners that you’re using and look for safe alternatives. According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), dirty air filters may be to blame. All rights reserved. However, in some rare cases, the cold air from air conditioning can cause skin reactions. 7 Researchers actually have a name for symptoms of your health niggles being linked to your building – it is called the “sick building syndrome”! Symptoms of motion sickness. Many people are allergic to various types of pollen. It is common to experience unusual dryness of the skin when you run air conditioner at low temperatures. Central air conditioning systems are known to enhance the effects the illness that you may already be suffering from. headache, lethargy). Accumulated water is eliminated through a condensate drain usually installed outside the home. Be sure to schedule annual maintenance for your air conditioner to ensure a higher level of performance and indoor air quality. In one documented instance, a woman developed hives when her co-workers turned on the air conditioning. What air conditioners do is increase the likelihood of exposure. that is thriving in the air-conditioned room. Air conditioning sickness starts where air conditioners and bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew meet. Whenever an air conditioner kicks on, it increases cold conditions while lowering humidity. While it may seem as if you’re allergic to your AC, you’re most likely just having a reaction to air contaminants being circulated by the unit. What is Air or Flight Sickness? Clean dust and debris, including around the outdoor AC unit. Your HVAC System Can Cause Ears, Nose, & Throat Issues If you start to feel unwell when you turn on the air conditioning, several airborne allergens could be to blame. Air conditioners are known to increase the symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis and neuritis. Scientifically, arteries leading to the skin constrict at super-low temperatures as a defense mechanism. NJ MASTER HVACR LIC# 19HC00473200  •  © 2019 McAllister Energy. You may feel sick to your stomach (nausea). Your air conditioning unit may be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. While scientists are still trying to pinpoint if, how, and why air conditioning units can make people ill, there are a few theories floating around. It can get inside through open doors and windows, but it can also be tracked into buildings on shoes or clothes. Homeopathic Remedies For Air Sickness Aconitum nap. Air conditioning can dehydrate and age your skin. You can click here to contact us now or call us at (856) 665-4545 to find out more! Let’s be clear on one thing; air conditioners do not make people sick, pathogens do. All Rights Reserved. Also, drink a lot of water during the day to reduce this effect. In rare cases, a reaction to air conditioning can be from a condition known as cold urticaria. Talk to your HVAC contractor about a whole-house humidifier. We assist both businesses and homeowners on heating and cooling installations, repairs, or maintenance work. If this doesn’t help, you may want to consider medications like allergy shots. Typical allergens…. Hours: These organisms flourish in damp environments. Alternatively, turn up the thermostat on your air conditioner momentarily or walk outside to get some fresh air. My face, hands and throat swell up and sometimes I have trouble with food sitting in my throat after I eat. Phone: (561) 777-9888. Air conditioning also helps to deal with high humidity and, if kept clean, even improve indoor air quality. Definitely not. The trick is in keeping the temperature at comfortable levels, between 70°F and 75°F ( 21°C and 24°C) at offices. Pet dander contains proteins to which some people are allergic. As air circulates within the system, it is cooled in the condenser. A dose will remove his fear. This article tells what you need to know about wine allergies, including potential…, Skin moisturizers can act as a simple barrier that prevents food particles from coming into contact with inflamed skin and triggering an allergic…, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander knows firsthand how quickly seasonal allergies can throw you off your game. Address: 2940 NW Commerce Park Dr #12, Boynton Beach, FL 33426. Your air conditioner could be the cause of your frequent sicknesses. Learn about the best air-purifying plants for your home, from spider plants to peace lilies…. Furthermore, be sure to replace your HVAC air filters on a regular basis to help improve your indoor air quality. To prevent this from happening, it is highly recommended to stay away from air-conditioned areas, and to limit the usage of the air conditioner. While your air conditioning isn’t what’s making you sick, it can circulate air contaminants that are the root of your issues. If your home or office is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria growth or a regularly unvacuumed space, an air conditioner will only circulate the sickness-inducing allergens that are already present. All Rights Reserved. People who suffer from migraine headaches are also more prone to motion sickness. Air-conditioning sickness starts when air-conditioners come together with bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can release toxins that cause an allergic reaction or even disease. An air conditioner, by itself, can’t make you sick. The solution to this is to install a humidifier to create coolness while preventing dryness. However, this individual may be experiencing air conditioning sickness – flu-like symptoms that are a result of staying in a room with poorly maintained air conditioning system. In a study published in the Aug. 19, 2004 International Journal of Epidemiology, people working in office buildings with central air conditioning had more symptoms of illness than those who did not work in buildings with central air. Even watching a 3D movie can trigger it. Living and working in a very cold environment can produce long-term shivering that results in headaches and tiredness along with sore muscles and joints. Dust mites feed primarily on human skin and are commonly found in homes or other buildings. Another cause of this ailment is running an air-conditioner at too low a temperature. The following tips can help you prevent or lessen the severity of motion sickness: Damp and windy conditions can cause symptoms of this condition to flare. However, many feel an adverse effect when using their air conditioning system. However, you can be allergic to the quality of the air circulating through your air conditioning unit. Let’s now look at some common air conditioning sicknesses and how to avoid them. People and animals can carry bacteria or viruses into the home, or they can come inside from soil and plant debris. Consider an air purifier or purifying plants for indoor air pollution. Biological contamination can cause allergic reactions, including hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic rhinitis, and asthma. The condition that causes this is known as cold urticaria: Exposure to cold temperatures results in hives appear on the skin within minutes. These nasty pathogens will still thrive in your bathroom, walls, floor, and the environment if not removed professionally. Remove any standing water, water-damaged materials, or wet surfaces to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, and mites. So, let’s answer some questions about air sickness and then look at the 3 main ways to deal with it. Symptoms of reactions to air contamination can include: Older people, children, and those with existing respiratory issues are more susceptible to the effects of airborne contaminants. The symptoms of motion sickness are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, sweating, and a sense of feeling unwell. Website & Marketing by: L4 Group, Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms That Homeowners Know About, 3. An effective way to decrease indoor levels of pollen is to keep windows and doors closed. Come summer, excessive air conditioning combined with sun exposure can bring on itchy and dry skin. Symptoms can strike without warning. You wonder to yourself, “Could I be allergic to the AC?”. These organisms like to reproduce in warm, damp conditions. getting sick from air conditioning at work. It’s also worth remembering that air conditioning doesn’t bring fresh air indoors. Have a professional tune-up your AC system yearly. As viruses thrive best in super-low temperatures, avoid running your conditioner when it is cold. Studies show a higher occurrence of these conditions among employees who work with their air conditioning units turned on. Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms That Homeowners Know About. Air conditioning sickness starts when the AC fails to restrain the bacteria, mold, fungi, dander, etc. There are a number of possible things that can cause airborne contaminants in your home, but there are also ways to minimize these allergens. They can breed inside your air conditioner. Is your air conditioner really making you sick? Studies also confirm that these viruses multiply faster in cold conditions like those created by air conditioners. They can get worse quickly. An FDA program is making prescription drugs such as Pataday available as over-the-counter medications. Most people can hardly withstand high temperatures. 1 Air Conditioning Sickness Symptoms You Should Know About. Symptoms of cold urticaria range from minor to severe, and this condition most often occurs in young adults. If you experience a skin reaction after cold exposure, even if the reaction is mild, talk to a doctor. Air conditioners make life bearable, especially during the peak of the summer. Unaccounted headaches are common during summer, especially for those who stay indoors for long. Air conditioning does not cause common cold but initiates a number of phenomena that lead to the common cold. HVAC contractor in Boynton Beach, Florida. Here are some symptoms to look for. What to Know About Wine Allergens and Allergies, Many Infants with Eczema Develop Food Allergies — Basic Moisturizers May Help, How Houston Astros’ Justin Verlander Strikes Out Allergy Symptoms. Seek medical help if you experience anaphylaxis or have difficulty breathing. When you happen to be sharing a room that has an air conditioner system with an individual who sneezes, it usually scares you that you might catch the flu from him/her. Symptoms can strike suddenly, progressing from simply not feeling well to cold sweats, dizziness, and then vomiting. Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI, Causes of air conditioning sickness symptoms, Treating the causes of indoor air pollutants, Wellness at Work: 5 Skin-Care Essentials to Keep at Your Desk, Seasonal Allergies: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment, The Best Air-Purifying Plants for Your Home, Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, Pataday Prescription Allergy Drugs Now Available Over the Counter, Am I Allergic to Wine? Arnica mont. Carpet Allergies: What’s Really Causing Your Symptoms? Does it mean you should ditch your air conditioning unit to stay free of these infections? It’s recommended that those with cold urticaria protect their skin, avoid exposure to cold air or water, and avoid contact with cold items or surfaces. Common Cold Or Other Respiratory Issues, 4. They can come from a range of products including household cleaning supplies. What is essential is to know is how to prevent them before they happen. As you can see, all air conditioner sickness symptoms have a solution. However, you can follow a few simple steps to avoid exposure. Air conditioned air is usually very dry without a humudifier, so the delicate lining of our nose and mouth could become cracked and dry. Although rare, it’s possible to have an allergic reaction to wine. Paired with the recent rise in pollen counts, there’s never been…, Nearly 8 percent of Americans experience seasonal allergies. What To Do If A Rodent Dies In Your Ductwork. Pet dander can go airborne, and your AC unit can circulate the dander, resulting in allergy symptoms. There are several types: • Central humidifiers are built into home heating and air conditioning systems and are designed to humidify the whole house. More than 50 million Americans are affected by various types of allergies each year. What air conditioners do … Common flu and virus symptoms such as a runny nose, sinus congestion, coughing, and a sore throat often make breathing feel like work. Clean the ductwork below or above your home. Contents. Let’s stay dewy. Also, use a moisturizer to avoid becoming too dry. This circumstance is known as sick building syndrome. Here we mentioned seven signs to watch out for. McAllister Energy is a highly respected air conditioning company. Yet, studies have linked air conditioning to increased sickness. Seasonal allergies are less common in winter, but it’s possible to experience allergic…, Many houseplants can remove harmful toxins from the air.

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