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Show Only Items In Stock Sort By: Image Name Quantity in Stock Price; 20 Round Box - 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle Ammo - AE224VLK1 SKU: AE224VLK1 -- Box. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for 224 Valkyrie Ammo. Our ammo comes in standard packaging, as well as our Prepper packs which protects your ammo from moisture, air, and corrosion. Basically, .224 Valkyrie is made so the bullet goes very fast and stays that way for a long time. ELD Ammo Details This 200-round case of .224 Valkyrie ammunition is perfect for putting a zero on your new rifle and scope and then taking the combination to your next precision match. Loaded with legendary Hornady® bullets, Hornady BLACK®ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms. Standard loads run between 60 and 90 grains. Regular Price : $73.00: Qty. Then, the loading process is calibrated to adhere to exacting tolerances. Hornady Ammo Black .224 VALKRI 75Gr. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Federal 80.5 grain Gold Medal Berger. All of that is to say, basically, the higher the ballistic coefficient the better, since that means it suffers less from drag. At this point, you’ve probably guessed that .224 Valkyrie has a high ballistic coefficient. The .224's high velocity also helps to keep it supersonic at long range. Hornady Ammo Black 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain BTHP [81532] - Ammo Freedom carries hornady ammunition and centerfire rifle rounds. Be the first to review this product. Besides, different tasks call for different bullet designs. 22 Short; 22 LR; 22 Magnum; Bulk … The Valkyrie’s edge comes at long distances. Since .224 is still so new, there isn’t a huge breadth of cartridges available yet. The muzzle velocity clocks in at 2700 feet per second.In the past, long-range target shooting was the domain of the 6.5mm range of calibers and a few other longer action rounds. New! Let’s look at the difference in energy between our .223 and .224 rounds. A 77-grain MatchKing .223 Remington drops to subsonic speeds before it hits 1,000 yards. Federal, as the round’s originator, has the most options. The muzzle velocity of these rounds is 3300 feet per second and the ballistic coefficient is a decent .270.This round is a game-changer in the varmint hunting field. It is designed to give you long-range power in a small platform modern sporting rifle. This reduces flash and helps to raise the projectile velocity. Specifications: Caliber: .224 Valkyrie Grain Weight: 75 grain Bullet Type: Boat Tail Hollow Point … AR-15 enthusiasts saw it as a way to extend their long-range capabilities while long-range precision shooters recognized it as a way to achieve maximum range with minimum recoil. Follow our guide for the best.224 Valkyrie ammo. .224 Valkyrie is one of the latest rounds to hit the market, officially introduced by one of the biggest, most reputable ammo companies, Federal Premium, at SHOT Show in 2018. You will have a hard time finding long-range target ammo with more consistent accuracy. The projectiles are Federal's Fusion Soft Point. Though you can certainly find some .223 ammo with more massive bullets than some .224 ammo, on average, .224 Valkyrie has a larger projectile. As the .224 Valkyrie was developed by Federal Premium, the company has produced a range of cartridges in this caliber, which features prominently in our list. The primers are designed to work well with free-floated firing pins. $13.25. Hornady developed a new 88-grain ELD Match bullet specifically to meet the Valkyrie’s performance … But by the time they reach 1,000 yards, only the .224 is still supersonic. Hornady Black 224 Valkyrie 75gr BTHP Rifle Ammo - 20 Rounds - Hornady Black ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America's favorite guns. The velocity and bullet design also cut wind drift up to as much as half that of a 5.56, roughly speaking. It is always best to choose ammunition from well-established, reputable manufacturers, which Federal and the other entries in our list are. A few of the most highly recommended include the Savage MSR15 Recon LRP 224 Valkyrie Rifle, Lewis Machine & Tool Defense Valkyrie, and Land War Resource Corp. LWRCI-DI Valkyrie 224. View Details & More Images: 300 AAC Blackout 210 Sierra MatchKing: 300 AAC Ammunition 210 Sierra MatchKing SubSonics . We carry 224 Valkyrie ammo from top brand ammo manufacturers such as Federal. These are our recommendations for the best .224 Valkyrie ammo: Even though it is a new cartridge, there is already a wide variety of .224 ammo to choose from. Log In; Register; Cart 0; Quality Ammo, Great Prices, Exceptional Service. With the ability to shoot targets and hunt both varmints and medium game, the .224 comes as close as any to being the ideal all-around cartridge. Small varmints can be tough to hit, especially at long distances, so .224 Valkyrie is a great round for dealing with varmints and predators. With a similar bullet, the Valkyrie maintains supersonic speed past 1,300 yards. Most standard.224 Valk ammo is topped with relatively hefty projectiles. Is this important? Top Ammo Calibers. Federal Premium 60gr V•Shok Nosler Ballistic Tip .224 Valkyrie Ammo. 224 Valkyrie Ammo For Sale. Sierra Tipped MatchKing Ammunition: 300 AAC Ammunition 125 gr. Not all full metal jacketed bullets, for example, are of the same design or quality. I'd get a box or two of these rounds just to see what your rifle chambered in .224 Valkyrie is capable of. Remember, bigger is better, and our .224 round dwarfs its .223 Rem competitor, and even has a higher ballistic coefficient than the 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win rounds, despite their much larger mass. Hornady has gotten into the .224 Valkyrie game in a big way with these high-end match-grade rounds.In marksmanship competitions, consistency is king. Therefore, we have chosen a range of high-quality cartridges for different tasks. Loaded with legendary Hornady bullets, Hornady BLACK … FAQs; Categories. Just drop your cartridge into the gauge and if it fits, it will chamber in your gun. .224 Valkyrie is an excellent long-range, light recoil cartridge for target shooters and hunters, whether you’re experienced with long-range shooting or are looking to get started. This leads to a round that’s very similar to .223, but with a shorter, slightly wider casing and a longer bullet, but with much greater velocity and a higher ballistic coefficient. As you can see, both rounds start at even more than twice that with the .223 actually going just a touch faster. At its core, .224 Valkyrie is a necked down version of Federal’s 6.8 Remington SPC that uses a .22 caliber bullet — specifically a .224 diameter one. For the curious, the .223 dropped to subsonic speeds at almost 800 yards, while its .224 counterpart won’t do so until it reaches almost 1200 yards. Metal GI mags, in particular, have been reported to have problems with .224 Valkyrie. When the Valkyrie first came out in 2017, ammo selection was a short list which is common for a new round. The unique primers are extra sensitive for consistent and reliable function and ballistics. Stag Arms makes an excellent complete bolt carrier group that we love. Once again, we see .224 Valkyrie come out on top with more than twice the energy of .223 Remington. High-Quality Cases, Primers Propellant; Versatile Hornady bullet options; Optimized performance from … In fact, it even outdoes several long-action cartridges as well. Intended to be highly versatile from the start, usable with direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, unsuppressed, inertia, bolt, pump, supersonic, subsonic, rifle, mid-length, carbine or pistol systems, these cartridges will not let you down. Remember, since it’s the same case, .224 Valkyrie uses the same bolt as 6.8 SPC, which is quite well established, so you have a lot of options here. If you need a large amount of .224 ammo for plinking and target practice, you can't go wrong with this option. While it’s not yet clear if.224 Valkyrie will make it to the mainstream, it’s certainly earned some enthusiasts. Federal Premium 75gr American Eagle Total Metal Jacket .224 Valkyrie Ammo. We also sell Ammo in bulk, so if you are looking to save money or stock up, consider our deals on Bulk Ammo. Less drift means less bullet sway mid-flight, helping to tighten up your groups downrange. Would you rather be run over by a dump truck or a VW Jetta? New rounds are constantly hitting the market. There aren’t a ton of these compared to .223 AR-15, but you still have a lot of options. Follow our guide below for the best .244 ammo on the market today. Federal Premium 90gr Gold Medal Sierra Matchking .224 Valkyrie Ammo. In-Stock 224 Valkyrie Ammo For Sale: 224 VALKYRIE FEDERAL AMERICAN EAGLE 75 GRAIN TMJ (20 ROUNDS) $20.00. SHOPPING 223 Subsonic Ammo That Will Cycle An Ar15 And 224 Valkyrie Ammo Walmart 223 Subsonic Ammo That Will Cycle An Ar15 And 224 Valkyrie Ammo Walmart Reviews The propellant has also been specially formulated for this specific round. The muzzle velocity is rated at 3000 feet per second and the muzzle energy comes in at 1499 foot-pounds. They have a great reputation for quality without breaking the bank. Of all the attempts to create a better round for the AR-15, this is the most promising. Cart 0. The projectiles have an optimal weight for tactical purposes of 90 grains.The ballistic coefficient of these rounds is admirable at .424. General Comments On The .224 Valkyrie. The obvious advantage of this is that the faster a bullet moves, the quicker it reaches the target. Plus, if you already have an AR-15, you can just modify it instead of buying a whole new gun, which not just saves you some hard-earned cash but also ensures that you can use most of your current gear. If you already have an AR-15, the easiest route is to just pick up a .224 Valkyrie upper and swap it for the one in your AR. Lots of good solid information to help solidify my decision to go ahead with my 224 build. .224’s main claim to fame is that it stays supersonic — faster than the speed of sound — far longer than just about all other short-action cartridges. We offer choices of excellent quality range ammo, the most proven hollow points and specialty rounds in all of the most popular calibers. Bulk Ammo. Federal Premium Gold Medal Sierra Matchking Ammunition .224 Valkyrie 90 gr 2700 fps BTHP 20/ct. They are machined from solid aluminum and cut with custom tooling to SAAMI minimum chamber tolerances. The .224 Valkyrie operates at its best with sleek, high-ballistic-coefficient (BC) bullets weighing up to 90 grains to achieve optimal, long-range ballistic performance. Hornady ® Varmint Express ® ammunition is designed around the hard-hitting performance of our famous V-MAX ® bullet. The .224 Valkyrie does everything that any other AR-15 caliber can and more. But are your thoughts on .224 Valkyrie? Very good read. They all boast superiority to previous rounds, whether that’s in range, velocity, energy, or accuracy. With a thin jacket, boat tail, and polymer tip, this lightweight round is ideal for taking care of varmints and predators. Given that the .224 was designed for long-range accuracy, this list would not be complete without a good long-range target load. Order now! Anyway, while .224 Valkyrie may be sized like .223 and 6.8, but it performs more like a long-action round like .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. Let’s look at how the velocity .223 compares to that of .224 according to Federal’s own ballistics calculator, set to sea level and 68 degrees Fahrenheit. For one last comparison, let’s look at the ballistic coefficients of our .224 Valkyrie and .223 Remington rounds from above, as well as the ballistic coefficients of a couple 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Winchester rounds. This full metal jacket round is our recommended .224 Valkyrie round for training and plinking. You also probably want to test them with a few rounds first to ensure that they feed smoothly. Lyman Ammo Checker - Single Caliber.224 Valkyrie Lyman Ammo Checkers are gauges that verify the quality and consistency of both reloaded and factory ammo. Have other questions about the round that we didn’t cover here? If you’re familiar with .22 Nosler, introduced just a little earlier in January of 2017, it’s a similar concept. Let’s see how that actually plays out by comparing the drop and wind drift (with a 10 mph crosswind) of the same two rounds we compared above, and in the same conditions. Have you gotten an opportunity to shoot it and if so, what was your experience like? If you want affordable, accurate rounds, this option could be the one for you. GunMann is reader-supported. As such, the company has secured four spots in our list, including the top.Federal's American Eagle line is notable for its affordability, making it the ideal ammo for plinking and target practice. Altogether, this selection gives you great versatility. BTHP 20-PackCaliber: .224 Valkyrie Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacketed Bullet Weight In GRAINS: 75 GRAINS Cartridges Per Box: 20 Boxes Per Case: 10 Manufacturer: HornadyModel No: 81532 Hornady BLACK ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns. The coefficient of form is determined using one of several different models, but for our purposes, you can just think of it as something like a drag coefficient. Before we go any further, you need to know what a ballistic coefficient is, so let’s start with a little vocab lesson. Federal has gone with projectiles from Sierra, a top-range American producer of excellent match-grade bullets.The Sierra MatchKing Boat-Tail Hollow Points have a thicker jacket for greater precision and accuracy. Home; My Account. Ammunition Depot has bulk ammunition in all popular and common … Specially designed for M1A launch system to get excellent bullet stability for impressive shot-to-shot consistency. The Open Tip Match bullet construction reduces drag for better accuracy. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. These are some of the most successful bullets in the competition scene. Before you buy, let’s talk about whether you really need to make the leap. Sierra offers several heavy .22-caliber match bullets, including the 90-grain MatchKing HPBT that Federal loads in its match ammo. The top features of these rounds are the technologically advanced bullets and the precision manufacturing process. Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. Choose Options. While the .224 Valkyrie bullet is inherently well-designed, not all projectiles are created equal. Optimized for varmint hunting, these rounds are likely the next big thing coyotes and prairie dogs nationwide have to worry about. With the .224 Valkyrie round on the streets, I see a lot of potential for subsonic .223 shooters in the future in form of heavier bullets. As with all rounds, there are dozens if not hundreds of ammo options to choose from. The.224 Valkyrie is a relatively new round from Federal. Since then, it’s gotten quite a bit of attention. Armscor USA 500 S&W 300gr XTP Ammo - 20 Rounds. Of course, the .224 comes in a number of bullet weights optimized for different applications. Available Stock: 180 $18.95 Each 10+ @ $17.95 Each (price per round $0.95) 180: $18.95 Each 10+ @ $17.95 Each (price per round $0.95) 200 Round Case - 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain FMJ or TMJ Federal … Would love your thoughts, please comment. The ballistic coefficient on these 90-grain bullets is outstanding at .563. Every component is rigorously selected for uniformity. Add To Cart. 22" Fulcrum 224 Valkyrie 1:6.5 with Gas Block and Tube. The jackets of these rounds are molecularly bonded to a pressure-formed core in a process that increases accuracy. Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics 22LR 40gr HV Copper Plated RN - 50 Rounds. For hunting, you want the greatest possible expansion, but expansion isn't a major issue for target shooting. This is a great all-purpose round for serious off-range work.Bottom LineThe best features of these rounds are the optimization for modern sporting rifles and the fast, clean burning powders. Luckily, since the .224 Valkyrie is such a new round, cartridges are not produced with many of the flaws that some older rounds can come with, like steel cases or heavily fouling powders. For the first time, you can confidently take out game like antelope close to 1000 yards with your AR-15. Where Valkyrie shooters want the heavier weights for better sectional density and wind-cheating for long-range shooting, .223 Remington / 5.56x45mm / .223 Wylde subsonic shooters could stand to benefit from heavier bullet weights that can drive velocities … Federal has the lion’s share of offerings, but as the Valkyrie’s concept proved itself, more companies have jumped into the deep end with factory ammo and components. Clearly, we see far less drop and drift from the .224 Valkyrie round, which means far less compensation you have to make in your shots or adjustment you have to do to your optics. This particular cartridge was designed to maximize the round’s utility for this purpose. Now, with this ammo and a few easy and affordable modifications to your AR-15, you can join this exclusive world.Bottom LineThe best features of this ammo are the high-end bullets used and the high-tech primers. Some of them manage to achieve mainstream popularity, some earn a small but loyal cult following, and others fade away pretty much unnoticed. Brown Bear 7.62x39 196gr Subsonic Bimetal FMJ Ammo - 20 Rounds. One of the top features of these rounds is the extra-stringent quality control. As you can probably tell, we’re really excited about .224 Valkyrie and we bet you are too. It’s more affordable than Matchking, but is still made from excellent components and still has excellent ballistics with a ballistic coefficient of .400. Loaded with legendary Hornady ® bullets, Hornady BLACK ® ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms. 1. You will even be able to compete with something like the .308 for long-range accuracy. If you’re satisfied with that being the extent of your knowledge and understanding, feel free to skip on down past the following couple of sections. The .224 Valkyrie round was designed to be a long-range cartridge. Therefore, the 224 Valkyrie has a flatter trajectory, less wind drift, and more retained energy than the 223 Remington at long range when using very high BC 90 grain bullets. When we said earlier that .224 Valkyrie performs more like a long-action round than either .223 or 6.8 SPC, this is what we were talking about. All Federal cartridges are visually inspected for quality assurance purposes prior to leaving the manufacturing plant. These rounds come in boxes of 20.Bottom LineThe top features of this round are the non-fouling primer and powder and the affordability. $275.00. This makes getting fatal shots to medium game much easier. It delivers a quick kill with minimal external damage, great for those of you who want to make use of the animal’s pelt. Add to Cart. .224 Valkyrie is one of the latest rounds to hit the market, officially introduced by one of the biggest, most reputable ammo companies, Federal Premium, at SHOT Show in 2018. Brownells also makes a solid .224 Valkyrie barrel. Seventy-five-grain bullets are a great all-around affordable option. Let us know in the comments! They can be great for target practice too, as it is a good idea to practice with a standard hunting or tactical round to get used to the ballistics and felt recoil. Free Shipping on Orders $100 or More! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Altogether, this gives you rounds with unrivaled accuracy.Hornady's 88-grain Extremely Low Drag (ELD) Match bullets are some of the most technologically advanced bullets available. View Details & More Images: 300 AAC Blackout 125 gr. $4.45. The proprietary Heat Shield tip retains its aerodynamic shape in all conditions. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon. Heads up: if you’re not very familiar with ammo terminology, you may want to give our Bullet Caliber Guide a read before you get started for a primer on ammunition basics, or at least have it open in another tab for reference. The .224 Valkyrie is a relatively new round from Federal. Log In Register. That means that a high ballistic coefficient means the projectile is losing speed slowly which translates to a bullet that maintains a higher speed for longer distances since drag is low compared to the bullet’s mass. Otherwise, let’s go deeper. These are some of the few rounds that are accurate both at close and very far ranges. The Brownells barrel can accept heavy 224 Valkyrie loads and is capable of shooting sub-MOA even after prolonged usage. Federal has optimized this option for long-range varmint hunting. Sure, it doesn’t have the accuracy of Matchking, but with a ballistic coefficient of .270, it’s still more than suitably equipped for its job. Bulk Rimfire Ammo. 224 Valkyrie It is designed to give you long-range power in a small platform modern sporting rifle. Other .224 Valkyrie rounds offered by Federal Premium are 90gr Fusion MSR, 80.5gr Gold Medal Berger, 78gr Barnes Triple-Shock X, and 60gr Varmint & Predator. That means moving targets have less time to move and, by extension, you have less movement to compensate for. While it’s not yet clear if .224 Valkyrie will make it to the mainstream, it’s certainly earned some enthusiasts. When introduced, the.224 Valkyrie sent a tsunami of interest washing through shooters. Direct impingement, gas piston, suppressed, unsuppressed, inertia, bolt, pump, supersonic, subsonic, rifle, mid-length, carbine or pistol – Hornady BLACK ammunition delivers superior performance for a variety of applications. You can also go with either a complete bolt carrier group or just get a bolt assembly to put into your existing bolt carrier group. It is loaded with a 75-grain total metal jacket (TMJ) bullet. This gives gravity less time to take effect, thereby reducing bullet drop drastically when compared to the 5.56 NATO. Extract the full long-range potential from 224 Valkyrie with the 90-grain Sierra MatchKing. 224 Valkyrie 60 gr V-MAX ® Varmint Express ® Item #81531 | 20/Box . To find out, we have to dig into some physics. Call us at (540) 898-9256, If you have questions. .224 Valkyrie may still be a newcomer to the ammo world, but it’s already made a big splash. They’re pricier than other .224 rounds, but the performance of this ammo is pretty much unparalleled. Maybe you’ve heard the buzz and want to know more, or maybe this is the first you’ve heard of the new round. 224 Valkyrie 75 gr BTHP Hornady BLACK® Hornady BLACK® ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns. What about bullet weight? Its reliability and accuracy, combined with its lower price, makes it excellent for getting used to .224 Valkyrie or to a new .224 Valkyrie rifle. Browse our huge collection of 22 LR ammo at a great price. The ballistic coefficient of a projectile, in this case, a bullet, is the relationship between its mass, diameter, and coefficient of form. Shop for 223 Subsonic Ammo Bulk And 224 Valkyrie Bulk Ammo 1000 Rounds Ads Immediately . That, coupled with the round’s higher speed, means that the bullet has more energy when it hits its target. Menu. Best .224 Valkyrie Ammo. The .224 Valkyrie is designed to give you the long-range performance of something like a 6.5 Creedmoor in a standard AR-15. The 224 Valkyrie is capable of shooting heavier and more aerodynamic bullets than the 223 Remington. The bullet design has been shot to win more matches than any other, thanks to a uniform jacket that ensures consistent, long-range accuracy, and a sleek boat-tail that maximizes ballistic coefficient. Since then, it’s gotten quite a bit of attention. For the easiest route, you can also just go with a completed rifle. Bigger bullets carry more mass and kinetic energy. One last difference we have to discuss is bullet mass. Find hornady 224 valkyrie ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship. Its reputation is well earned: this round’s ballistics are pretty spectacular and it opens up some exciting new possibilities for long-range shooting with the convenience of an AR-15. At Ammunition Depot we offer a wide selection of high quality bulk ammo at cheap prices. Either way, we have all the info you should know about this enticing new round right here. My Account My Orders My Address Book My Password. Projectile quality doesn't get much better than Nosler's Ballistic Tip Varmint bullets. Choosing the right ammo is key to enjoying the benefits of any caliber, and we're sure that you will find the right ammo for you in our guide. Federal Premium started out in 1916. Don’t forget to check out the best complete AR-15 uppers. Size … Ninety grains are ideal for something like competing in Precision Rifle Series. Don't be surprised if it helps propel the .224 to the dominant position in varmint hunting in a year or two.Bottom LineThe top feature of these rounds is the energy transfer provided by the fast, thinly jacketed bullets. This gives you quick, clean kills even on tough predators.The precision concentricity of the jacket greatly contributes to long-range accuracy, and the ballistic tip and boat-tail design contribute to the .224's low bullet drop. Bullets that drop below the speed of sound mid-flight become erratic and inaccurate. Finally, you need something to actually shoot those rounds out of. Federal Premium. This makes the round highly consistent and allows you to make accuracy adjustments very easily with the use of a ballistics calculator or just your own math skills. Despite the low cost, all of the components involved in manufacture are high quality, making for an accurate and reliable cartridge. Introducing the 6.8 Bison Subsonic Platform. You can even use your .223 mags, though you won’t be able to load them to the same capacity. For a barrel to go with it, look to companies like PSA, Faxon, Ballistic Advantage, and CMMG. Fair warning: there’s a math lesson here, too. Alternatively, you can swap out the bolt and barrel, but this is an option best left for people who have experience with taking apart and modifying uppers, and are comfortable doing so. The propellants used to make them are clean and fast burning. 224 Valkyrie 75 gr BTHP Hornady BLACK ® Item #81532 | 20/Box Hornady BLACK ® ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns. If you want to use your rifle chambered in .224 to its full potential, this is a great place to start. These rounds from Federal, the originator of the .224, are close competitors to the Hornady option listed above. Even at extreme distances and in stiff winds, these rounds are fast enough to avoid drop and wind drift, staying on target even on tiny varmints.The small 60-grain bullet weight results in minimal pelt damage for those who like to put coyote skins to good use. The powder and primers have been selected to avoid fouling your firearm.This round has been specifically designed to let you develop your shooting skills at the range. That’s not particularly important if you’re just shooting targets, but if you need to be able to take down a living thing, whether you’re a hunter, a law enforcement officer, or are in the military, terminal ballistics matter. Subsonic.30 Caliber (.308 Diameter) Target.22 Caliber (.224 Diamteter).30 Caliber (.308 Diameter).338 Caliber (.338 Diameter).45 Caliber (.451 Diameter) More... BBs & Pellets Competition.177 (4.5mm Diameter).22 Caliber (5.5mm Diameter) Defense.177 (4.5mm Diameter).22 Caliber (5.5mm Diameter) Hunting.177 (4.5mm Diameter).22 Caliber (5.5mm Diameter) Lead-Free.177 (4.5mm Diameter) … Loaded with legendary Hornady bullets, Hornady Black ammunition is designed to fit, feed and function in a variety of platforms. For just the bolt assembly, we recommend the JP Enterprises Enhanced Bolt. #Right! We particularly recommend going with a carbon fiber option to take full advantage of the lightweight AR-15 platform. 224 VALKYRIE FEDERAL GOLD MEDAL 90 GRAIN BTHP (20 ROUNDS) $32.00. Hornady has been around since 1949 and operates out of its Nebraska headquarters. Handgun Ammo Rifle Ammo 17 Hornet Ammo 17 Rem Fireball Ammo 17 … In addition, as long as a round maintains supersonic speeds, it behaves consistently and predictably, but the actual drop to subsonic speeds itself can cause the bullet to behave much less predictably, which just compounds with the effects of other factors like gravity and wind. Just to be fair, I compared the best groups, and the .224 won with both types of ammo. 200rds - 224 Valkyrie Hornady 88gr. However, because bullets in.224 Valk are the same caliber as good old-fashioned.223 Rem, that extra weight makes Valk bullets long and sleek. Each Varmint Express ® offering is loaded with high quality cases … And while long-actions rounds typically require the AR-10, with a 6.8 SPC bolt and a .224 barrel, .224 Valkyrie is compatible with the more compact, more affordable AR-15. A newer member in the lineup … #1 Click here Shop for Low Price 223 Cycling Subsonic Ammo And 224 Valkyrie Ammo Box . Of course, this all varies based on factors like temperature, altitude, and the particular rounds in question, but the trends remain the same. The .224 Valkyrie was designed with rounds like this in mind. The muzzle velocity is 2676 feet per second and the muzzle energy is 1398.Bottom LineHornady is always a solid choice for match-grade ammo, and their value for money is hard to beat. .224, in general, was designed for long-range accuracy, and this line of match grade rounds is designed to improve that even further with thicker jackets, Sierra bullets, and sensitive primers. Complete Guide .224 Valkyrie: Specs, Best of, and More, Federal Premium 75gr American Eagle Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) .224 Valkyrie Ammo, Mil-Spec vs Commercial: M vs XM Variants of 5.56, 11 Best AR-15 Stocks: Adjustable, Lightweight & Precision [2020], 6 Best AR-15 Magazines: Standard & High Capacity, Best AR-15 Ammo: Range, Hunting, and Home Defense [Guide 2020], Federal .223 Remington 77-grain Matchking, Federal 6.5 Creedmoor 140-grain Matchking, Federal .308 Winchester 175-grain Matchking. Federal's Fusion MSR line of ammo is optimized, like the .224 round itself, to function flawlessly in a modern sporting rifle. If you’re regularly shooting distances around 1,000 yards, or plan to in the future, a .224 AR-15  is a great investment to get greater accuracy compared to .223 and a lighter weight platform compared to long-action rounds, not to mention the fact that .224 Valkyrie also tends to run cheaper than comparable long-action rounds. 223 / 5.56 Ammo ; 308 / 7.62x51 ; 40 Smith & Wesson ; 45 Automatic ; 7.62 x 39 ; 9mm Luger … Entirely designed, sourced and produced right here in the USA, Manufactured with high-quality components, especially non-fouling primers and powder, High-grade cartridges with outstanding value for money are perfect for honing your skills and getting used to the .224, Early on, this ammo had problems with the primers and consistency, but this has been addressed, Ballistic tipped and boat-tailed projectiles help give you the best possible accuracy, Lightweight 60-grain bullets produce minimal pelt damage on coyotes or other furbearers, Thin jacket ensures that these rounds provide a massive energy transfer and a quick, clean kill, As a new design, there may be room for improvement, Loading procedure conforms to exacting tolerances for consistent accuracy, Every component is rigorously evaluated to guarantee uniformity and accuracy, Projectiles are designed for the lowest drag and the best achievable ballistic coefficient, Each case is annealed to guarantee strength and uniformity, Every jacket is molecularly bonded to a pressure-formed core for the best possible accuracy, Clean, fast burning propellants produce less flash and more velocity for greater accuracy and energy transfer, Early on, these rounds may have issues with the primers, The Sierra MatchKing bullets have performed better than any others in rifle target competitions, The ballistic coefficient of these projectiles is very hard to beat, giving the best in long-range accuracy, The unique primers have been designed for greater sensitivity to produce the best in consistency and accuracy, Federal - American Eagle Ammo 224 Valkyrie 75gr Tmj, Federal Premium .224 Valkyrie 60gr, 20 Rounds, Federal Fusion .224 Valkyrie 90gr Ammunition, 20 Rds, Federal Gold Medal Sierra Matchking .224 Valkyrie 90gr, 20 Rounds, Best .224 Valkyrie Magazines of 2020 – Complete Review, Quality rounds at an affordable price are ideal for target practice, Completely designed, sourced and manufactured here in the USA, Built with quality components including non-fouling primers and powder, The lightweight 60-grain bullets give you minimal pelt damage, Nosler's thin jacket helps to provide massive energy transfer and quick kills, Ballistic tipped and boat-tailed bullets contribute to the greatest possible accuracy, Each component is carefully vetted to ensure uniformity and accuracy, Bullets are engineered for minimal drag and an ideal ballistic coefficient, Loading process adheres to extra-tight tolerances for consistent accuracy, Every case is annealed to ensure strength and consistency, Clean, fast burning powders give you less flash and more velocity, Each jacket is molecularly bonded to pressure-formed cores for greater accuracy, The ballistic coefficient is hard to beat for long-range accuracy, Sierra MatchKing bullets are the most successful in target competitions, The primer is designed for sensitivity, giving you consistency and accuracy. $12.99. The .224 Valkyrie is a huge breakthrough in ballistic technology. It serves to show how well the projectile handles air resistance and is inversely proportional to negative acceleration – deceleration, in layman’s terms. Now owned by Vista Outdoor, the company is based in Anoka, Minnesota. Each case has undergone an annealing process that is verifiable thanks to the coloration.These rounds are ideal for medium-sized game like deer and pronghorn. Buying bulk ammo has always been the most effective means to save a few dollars when purchasing ammunition. We like the Palmetto State Armory (PSA) .224 Valkyrie Upper for its accuracy, comfort, and affordability, but tons of manufacturers are making .224 Valkyrie uppers these days, so if you have a preferred manufacturer, be sure to check what they have too. Accuracy: .224 Valkyrie. A 6.8 SPC mag will typically be more reliable since they’re made for the same thick cartridge casing that .224 Valkyrie has. Follow our guide for the best .224 Valkyrie ammo. For both moving and standing targets, it also means that there’s less time for external factors like gravity and wind to affect the bullet’s trajectory, so once again there’s less for you to compensate for. Because it’s a ratio, ballistic coefficients can never be greater than 1. Then there is the 100-grain option, which is perfect for medium-sized game. The one we used for comparisons, this particular .224 round is one of our favorites. Polymer tipped V-MAX ® bullets deliver match accuracy, high ballistic coefficients, wind defying trajectories, and rapid fragmentation upon contact. The ideal subsonic/full-power platform for hunting and tactical situations. 224 Valkyrie ammo for sale with free shipping on bulk ammunition orders available only at Target Sports USA. But why does .224 Valkyrie perform so well? Unveiled at the Big 3 East Conference in 2017, a new ammo, the 224 Valkyrie, emerged from a 6.8 spc case necked down to accept.224 caliber ammo in 2017 by the Federal Premium Ammunition. The .223 loads used 62- and 69-grain projectiles while the .224 Valkyrie projectiles were much heavier at 90 grains. Featuring. On the other hand, if you never shoot more than a few hundred yards, you could probably skip .224 or would at least be well served by waiting a little bit until prices decrease and your options, both in terms of rifles and cartridges, increase. Federal Premium has created a wide range of .224 Valkyrie rounds in a drive to popularize the revolutionary cartridge. The ballistic coefficient is a good .400 for this light bullet. As the developer of the .224 Valkyrie, Federal is pushing the round heavily and producing a wide range of cartridges for it. Specifically, the .244 is designed to be as high-velocity as possible, to reduce the time between muzzle and target. 300 AAC Ammunition 230 Berger Hybrid OTM SubSonic Regular Price : $78.00: Qty. At the same elevation and temperature, the speed of sound is roughly 1,125 f/s. Ammo Freedom . The ogive and boat-tail are optimized for concentricity, accuracy, and consistency.Hornady uses Doppler radar to verify these bullets have the optimum ballistics. Hornady BLACK ammunition is designed to be reliable, accurate, and functional in most any style weapon. Sixty grain bullets are great for varmint hunting at any distance. Aside from years of existence, they differ in accuracy, size and weight, bullet design, velocity, rounds, hunting capacity, and price. Add to Cart. Shooters will find American Eagle Centerfire Rifle choices very suitable for precision practice … Read … The medium contour design offers the right mix between weight and performance, plus the threaded muzzle allows you to add compensation and suppression devices. The thin jacket produces a massive energy exchange without any over-penetration. As with all rounds, there are dozens if not hundreds of ammo options to choose from. Be the first to review this product. Home; About Us Contact Us Log In; Register; Home; About Us Contact Us Home › 22 LR. As a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff! Hornady .17 HMR 17gr V-MAX - 50 Rounds. 540-809-5098 Email Us Facebook/VelocityAmmo. Search. Weather you are buying bulk 224 Valkyrie ammunition for target shooting or personal protection 224 Valkyrie ammo, we've got it all!

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